1. Pablo Jorge says

    El mejor juego de fútbol que jugué en mi vida. Recuerdos que emocionan.

  2. Jean Lafitte says

    Tortelloni & Orietta forever

  3. Lee Coulbeck says

    What a game! As the previous poster said it was the best game of its era. I edited every single team and players into a Scottish league, it was so much fun! Correct me if I'm wrong, but did it first come out as a cartridge? I might have had that version I'm not sure, but I definitely had the cassette version too. 

  4. Andrew Costello says

    Use to play this game for hours and hours back in the day on my 64. Great to see it again.

  5. wwaarrddy says

    The animation was lightyears ahead of it's time.

  6. Gil1976 says

    i always thought i was the best at this back then, great game

  7. bluetonic78 says

    Excellent game – one of my favourites without question. In the 8 bit days i had the Amstrad version which I personally prefer although I did play the C64 & Spectrum version too which were just as playable.

  8. PlatinumCactus says


    Nice comment!!!!!

  9. pjm012345 says

    i loved this game back in the day!!

  10. cuco1989 says

    it´s pes 2010

  11. tetentikov says

    why does the goalscorer always make a 'dickhead' gesture in celebration? Seems rather unsporting to me

  12. Michael Dodd says

    Are you on smack?

  13. Michael Dodd says

    One of the greatest football games ever. Once you mastered the controls it was unequalled. Also 2 player co op mode, fully editable teams, total control over passes and shots. Great game.

  14. Peppe Colicchia says

    FANTASTIC! SUPERB! i used to record some matches with a VCR 😀

    c64 rocks!!! and this is one of my favourite game

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