England Travel Guide | 10 Best Places to Visit | Discover Fantastic Things to Do, Places to Go


Explore historical-turned-trendsetting London, marvel at the stone circle at Stonehenge, or hit the beach in Brighton — here’s some of the best places to visit in England.

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    Some advice for travelling in England from someone who is English and lives in England:

    Don't use public transport, hire a car. London is an exception though. If you visit London then park at Woking Station and get a train into London Waterloo Station and use the London Underground. Apart from London, I wouldn't recommend using public transport since its unreliable and often pricey.

    I was surprised that Brighton was included on this list, but can understand why. It shouldn't be a priority.

    If you want to go to a football game, go to Anfield (Liverpool) for a Champions League knockout tie if possible. Spend a day in Liverpool.

    Newcastle, go there. See the angel of the North and go to a Newcastle United Premier League match at St James Park. That's probably a day trip but could easily be spread for a weekend depending if you want to do anything else.

    Maybe go to Manchester? Never been to be quite honest but want to ASAP.

    Apart from that, there is nothing else. He included everything on the list. After 2 weeks in England, go to Scotland. Then go to Ireland. Then go home.

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    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.what3words.android (This app called What3Words is app which tells where in the UK you are in 3 meter squares and you say what 3 words thee are so you can identify where you are, highly recommend you get this if you are going into the woods or somewhere like that there are ads explaining this one

    Foods you should try:

    – Cornish Pasty
    – Scones
    – Fish and Chips
    – Sandwhichs (Sarnies)
    – Shepards pie (Has LAMB only)
    – Cottage pie (Has BEEF only)
    – Toad in the Hole
    – Sausage and Chips
    – Bangers (Sausage) and mash
    – Pies
    – Pot Noodles
    – Super noodles
    – Bounty
    – Cadburys
    – Wine gums
    – Haribo
    – Irn Bru
    – Victoria Sponge

    Tips when Visting:

    – Try to avoid doing the posh accent, it might be the first time you do the accent and might be funny the first time but people in the hear it alot and wont laugh as much as they might do.

    – Try to venture out from London, every capital city is going to be made to look good and tourist spots too, try venture to other tourist spots and you'll see some actual British people like Brighton, Manchester, Brighton, Blackpool etc…

    – Train travel can take you around the country, the longest train journey is 12 hours and that's from Scotland to South-West so they are quite quick and you generally wont need to spend that amount of time doing that amount of travelling, if your going around the country then train will be the quickest way (expect delays tho).

    – Use common sense, if you know you shouldn't do something don't do it.

    – Sundays won't be very busy and lots of shops like Sainsburys and other shops close at 4:30PM so make sure your prepared for Sundays

    – I used to live in the South-West and it's got some really great things, take trains if you can around the South West and go to places like Falmouth (Retuarants, cafes etc), St. Ives (Beaches), Dawlish (Beaches and trains).

    – (I know alot about trains so I can help in this aspect) Don't be nervous by some announcments they are just there to warn you, you'll be perfectly fine travelling

    – Most UK trains (unless it's an express) will generally just get you seated and will go and wont have buffets so if it's not an express train your going on (So Crosscountry, LNER, Virgin Trains, Grand Central, GWR certain routes) then don't expect a long journey or a buffet service. Also try to make sure that if your going on London Underground you get an oyster card as it's easier and most people will get annoyed if you are trying to use your paper ticket and get confused as the stations can pile up real quick.

    – On hot days, expect people to be there, Brits like getting sun too.

    – If you do get people talking to you slower then their natural voice then it's simply them trying to help as lots of people from the UK dont know other languages and just want to help you.

    – As mentioned above, not alot of people who live outside of London (and people who live in London too) speak another language. Maybe a little bit of French and Spanish and maybe some German but that's about it.

    – Know some slang but you dont have to use slang every second, you can drop it in a little bit but dont use it every single sentence because thats not what people mainly do in the country.

    – When you arrive in Scotland, Wales or England as long as you are taking train you wont need a passport, I am not sure if you need to show it when leaving by driving but I dont think so, its just better to keep it with you just in case but on train and on bus you wont need passport I'm 99.999% sure.

    – Make sure you are referring to the right country when your in that county, it wont affect much but it's just better to just use the right country when you are in that country (what I mean is say your in Scotland and you say "I love being in England" it might not be the best seen but people will understand you, it's best to maybe just stick with UK or saying the right country)

    – When in London stay with big crowds at night like when at a club, take a group of maybe 3+ just so you have backup just incase you need it and maybe carry a first aid kit.

    – Our non emergency number is 111 and our emergency number is 999 .

    -Make sure you know where you are if your in the woods or something like that so that you can call 999 incase you need it

    – Carry your passport, Visa etc… Just in case you need it.

    – GUNS ARE NOT ALOUD IN THE UK. If you bring a a gun your in deep doodoo. No guns aloud.

    – Not everyone is posh in the UK or says 'Hello Governer' anymore

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