Ep 23: Weekly News, WeChat, Bankera + Global Events


Ep 23: Weekly News, WeChat + Global Events

— NEM Australia News –

— Intersekt,

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  1. Kostya Miracle says

    Recently the blockchain found a site under the name TokenGo. The command of developers works on unique and relevant projects with the interesting concept. Also at them very attractive bounty the program. I bought tokens on long period, I think will fly up.

  2. Кирилл Тимофеев says

    Have you any proofs about Wechat crypto wallet?

  3. Asim Nazar says

    What time is the announcement?

  4. Relax OrIWillSmack says

    If its just a mini-app there is absolutely NO NEED to mention transend nor how large of a corporation they are. Youre VERY close to losing any/all credibility than can never recover. Slow down, you showcased it as a partnership… im paying super close attention to NEM.

  5. Alex Domanovic says

    when 1 bankera = lambo then ill sell . until then, ill just sit back and collect . i can actually buy some bankera once every 13 weeks after receiving about 11 cents per week lol.

  6. jr says

    I've been holding on for a year now and yesterday was such a good feeling to see it spike up.

  7. Josia Engelbrecht says

    Great work, once again. Agree, big shout out to NEM helpdesk!

  8. Inside NEM says

    Hi everyone! I landed in Japan after a 16 hour flight only to see that there was some crazy FUD and speculation. To be clear, the WeChat app isn’t a confirmed partnership with Tencent. It’s a 3rd party app and the first ever crypto wallet on WeChat but not partnered WITH Tencent as some folks assumed. Thanks!

  9. Andrey Mikhin says

    What do you think will be realized Catapult before the end of this year?

  10. JM K says


  11. Yiannis Kteniadakis says

    Great news…Really like today's ''spike'' towards the sky !!!!! Goooo team

  12. shima sager says


  13. 김캐리 says

    뉴이코 가즈아~!!

  14. jondo says


  15. The Bulls Insider says

    Tencent actually passed Facebook in market cap recently.

  16. Al WaySlate says

    A lot good stuff in the making again!!! Good episode!!! Neo is a gem! 😀

  17. Muhaha says


  18. HeavyPhoton says

    So exciting! NEM will really benefit from the exposure it gains from WeChat. Great work team!!

  19. Harold Bear says

    Love your videos!

  20. Иван Авилов says

    Есть те кто купили nem по 1 центу ?:))

  21. Louie de Pointe says

    To the mooooon guys

  22. T4NK0rN0T says

    wow this is finally happening.. insane! Thanks for the update!

  23. Prodigy Defender says

    Looking forward to NEM exchange in Australia. Keep the down under updated with this please Alex, great work!

  24. lalalal says

    Can you write here source with news about Nem wechat wallet?

  25. PenarikBeca says

    What a great news

  26. Explore Crypto says

    We chat news is huuge! 🙂 Great episode. A lot of good projects. And yeah, NEM helpdesk is the best!

  27. flow_mang says

    woah. so cool.

  28. 葉乃維 says

    This is really big news imo

  29. M Dawhipwhipwhip says

    Dimcoin interview soon?

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