This is our first ever trickshots video so any support is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for watching!

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1) Wet Paint – Gold Lights (our edit)

2) Dj Now – Smoke weed Everyday (Hold Up twerkit Remix)

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  1. Ryan Knight says

    Haha, 1:10 was amazing. Great video mate! 🙂

  2. PolandKickerz says

    Nice shots ! hehe sub4sub ? :>

  3. LetsKickIT says

    One of your best videos! Great Job!

  4. Adeel says

    Nice Vid! Keep it up! 😀

  5. FreekickTakers says

    sick video isubbed sub back?

  6. Mo7nd says

    Awesome video bro 🙂 I subscribed to your channel please subscribe back :)and I promise I will keep in touch with each video you upload if you subscribe to me :)and keep doing what you're doing !!

  7. EdwinFootballHD says

    Great vid mate!

  8. Zac Poueriet says

    i love your channel im a great fan of yours. i love your work, keep it up. but aye im new on youtube, i was just wondering if you could check out my channel. maybe you"ll like it. i make comedy videos.

  9. Dylan Kimberley says

    sickest videoever, liked the sitting down shot and jacks shot. i should come round soonand show you how its done.

  10. Goggsy99 says

    This is Quality.

  11. N10CHO says

    this video is really epic subbed sub back?

  12. Cameraman Curt says

    Great stuff mate! Well edited!

  13. . says

    Nice video mate! 🙂

  14. EABskills says

    Haha this was sick! Great editing! 🙂

  15. Kieran Brown says

    Haha! Nice trick shots mate! – Keep it up! 😀

  16. FSTV says

    Great video 😀 I liked 😛

  17. FortunaPaulinho says

    very nice video 🙂 I SUBBED  , sub back?

  18. Jed Hockin says

    Nice Trickshots mate! 🙂

  19. Five-Star Freestylers says

    Sick video! Loved the intro ??? and at 1:04 that was just pure swag!

  20. Michael Bliss says

    Great video! I just subbed! Sub back?


    great vid pal

  22. BullFootball says

    Awesome Trickshots!

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