Escalator accident in Rome subway station injures soccer fans


An escalator collapsed in a Rome subway station Tuesday evening, injuring at least 20 people. Most of the injured were Russians in town for a Champion’s League soccer game.

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  1. miguel rodriguez lorenzo says




  3. James Barr Gaming says

    That 1 kid on the escalator was like:

    Weeee, faster, faster!

  4. Mohamed Hamdan says

    No pleeisNoo

  5. Peter Dirks says

    It's football, no soccer!!!!

  6. Fasak Bad Boy says


  7. babu babu says


  8. Aditya Raniwal29 says

    Enjoy the ride🤣😂

  9. Octavius Augustus says

    Football fans 🤦‍♂️ rarely use their brains

  10. Engineer Waqar Ahmed says

    I thought it was a final destination movie scene.

  11. You Make Me Laugh says

    Ah Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom😬

  12. Nanda Das says

    Its not soccer. Its football

  13. Samarth chaudhary Chaudhary says

    I love you.

  14. Dhaval Padhiyar says

    That escalated quickly!

  15. Tintu Joby says

    Oh my Jesus oh my god

  16. Stephanie Rivera says

    that is horrifying. It is concerning that there are so many people on it and they were dancing and jumping on it. I know it happened quickly but people were not paying attention to the horror at the bottom.

  17. Emanuela Brescini says

    NON È ROMA!!!

  18. C.G.C says

    Soccer fans are allways troible makers

  19. со ю says

    Что это было?

  20. Metal drugs says


  21. IrishSavage87 says

    I laugh harder every time I watch it

  22. u n peace Dr Albert Einstein sze wei Tan陳士偉博士 says

    Google topdoctor Yola
    Education video

    Y human like crowded place

  23. justice is served says


  24. Sabbir Rahaman says


  25. Maria Teresa Renales Montalban says

    Va b.

  26. Ninja samuray says


  27. mx1233 mxmx says


  28. ロロノア says

    There seems to be a fatality… the body is on the ambulance… oh my god

  29. MOHAN BHAI says

    Nice Game 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. bolobolo bolo says

    What if the bottom tile of the escalator open up like in china…

  31. 김순배 says


  32. Alluka chan says

    reminds me of final DESTINATION

  33. Journey to God J2G Vlogger says

    Overload and conjusted

  34. Journey to God J2G Vlogger says

    Educated ppl doing like this bull shits

  35. Kinto Awomi says

    Boy am I glad that we don't have any Escalator at our town

  36. das datics says

    We tried to campaign to have all machines to have an emergency stop accessible from any part of the machine but the Tory government decided against it because it would cost the escalator company too much money, meanwhile the government's continue to block roads to cut the grass and fill the pockets of its friends.

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