Eversong Woods – Burning Crusade Music


This zone is so beautiful! The colors of the trees, the music, the buildings…. I wanna go here for real!

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All credits goes to Blizzard for the making of this music.

Composers: Russell Brower, Neal Acree, Jason Hayes, David Arkenstone, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Jeremy Soule, Matt Uelmen, Edo Guidotti

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  1. Wowmusicable Warcraft Music says

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  2. Jiri Mazanek says

    WoW always sucked as a game. Just the music is nice.

  3. Aurelia says

    I'm an alliance only now, but the first character ever that I created was a belf like 5 years ago. I had no clue at all what I was doing and I spent most of my time just running through the north of eastern kingdoms. I remember enjoying the game more when I didn't know what I was doing

  4. Elvis Garcia Torres says

    Quel'Thalas, home of arcane magic and prosperity.

  5. kreid Wtr says

    God my beginnings in WOW always horde and Marin blood elf

  6. hello. com says

    hey nice vid

  7. 111lolwat says

    I love eversong woods

  8. Maya Lewis says

    I remember doing a quest for the mage teacher (near the pond) and getting exited when he said one of. His students was fawning over me, only to make me jump in the lake and treat me like an idiot after I did so. Lmao….. Bastard

  9. Milos Popovic says

    Rest in peace Byron Bernstein.

  10. Nicholas Cox says

    Let us fly blizzard!

  11. CatsRevenge says

    Creepy ass Bloodelves…

  12. Summerdayz says


  13. Condruz George says

    Ahhh brings back memories from leveling like almost all of my alts…yeah I love belfs

  14. André Hugo says


  15. Rubywing4 says

    My first Alliance character was a Draenei, as well as being my very first character.My first Horde character, as well as being my very second character, was a Blood Elf.I love how the elves have two different jumps while all the other races only have one.Night Elves may somersault, and Blood Elves may spin around. XDElf power!

  16. mindermine says

    "I don't have a target"

  17. MetalRAGE230 says

    I wish the High Elves controlled silvermoon again and not the Blood elf traitors

  18. BRAYDONIAN 101 says

    Finally…it might not ever be the exact same, but I cant wait to make my blood elf hunter in upcoming tbc servers…just to hear this song and have that feeling again 😉

  19. Sixtø says

    This land was and still magical to me…like a beautiful picture book adorned with golden trees and emerald,endless plains…truly a wonder.

  20. runSerrano says

    Anu belore dela'na

  21. Max Cranston says

    Who's Here in 2020 after TBC classic speculation?

  22. TheHset says

    I like how they managed to make it sound beautiful and sinister at the same time

  23. Rafael Mikoski Rosa says

    My first character was a blood elf hunter.I remember the sensation of seeing a whole new world of the mmorpgs while listening to this music.

  24. Ale Z says

    It's wonderful how music can bring back all those fond memories. 13 years now and every time I hear this music I remember those wonderful days playing this game and all the people I've met online. This magical theme will keep those memories alive even long after the game is gone.

  25. Nate Penber says

    2020 and this theme still stucked in my head after 10 years

  26. Léo Siry says

    Thank you wowmusicable for putting wow's musics on YouTube, I really feel nice listening to those ^^ Anu Belore Del'anar ( I play alliance btw lmao)

  27. Céline Fiszbin says

    That legendary cello part though

  28. Hyominparks says

    Always find myself coming back to this video it’s like a time capsule

  29. Manuel Rivera says

    95 High elves disllike this.

  30. Axle says

    An enchanted world of green eyes and eternal sunlight; of golden days and pink nights. How fortunate we are that we've such a place in our memories that the mind can hide in.

  31. Eirena Ly says

    신도레이에 영광 있으라

  32. rapperu1994 says

    The eternal sun guides us!

  33. warchief ultradeath conan barbarian terminator.... says

    i just want to experience leveling in eversong and ghostlands again..with other players running around everywhere. very nostalgic zones…like some forgotten ps1/ps2 game from childhood

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