1. GDILIVES says

    the worthy games..mine: https://www.roblox.com/games/5584540167/arsenal-tycoon-realsimp: https://www.roblox.com/games/4996412464/Simpmulator-Players-Edition-GDILivesmurder mystery 2 but not garbage: https://www.roblox.com/games/4572253581/MURDERbattlefield for poor ppl: https://www.roblox.com/games/4716045691/Polybattle

  2. Kia XD says

    i can telll anime simulator is true

  3. ramil dolor says

    In 2:02its a universal time not anime fighting sim

  4. ً says


  5. zerotwo says

    i want to play SIMPulator

  6. zerotwo says

    i want to play *SIMP*ulator

  7. Akatsuki Tennzo says

    Why no R2DA John?

  8. & Hiro Kun & says

    I dont have better words for adop me

  9. Asian Satire says

    He forgot about Football Fusion.

  10. The Boi says

    2:03 mistakes anime fighting simulator for a universal time

  11. Alpha Named Rezi says

    can i add some:AHEMTower Heros: tower def but GOOD LUCK FINDING SOME PEOPLE THAT ARE GOOD

  12. Razergames says

    What is the name of the song that he used

  13. AJS Tand says

    0:57 really fun but it has the worst Ragdoll physics

  14. LlamaDuck says

    You forgot "noobmasters64's place"

  15. Mondze King says

    Hey check out dday it’s a real pay to play

  16. Darren The gamer says

    So we ain’t gonna talk about how at the beginning of the video he said he played these?

  17. • NotRealBtw • says

    What its your bg music lol

  18. marcelo de lima says

    i love how the video is so badly madehe enters a game for 10 secs looks at it leaves and says a word for each 2 secs of game play

  19. marcelo de lima says

    weeb simulatori love this scene so muchthe games anime fighting simulatorthe game play is universal timeand the thing john has been doing with his channel for a big while is just make jokes about simping for an anime girl.john ur the king of irony

  20. Noriaki Kakyoin says

    The picture showed anime fighting simulator but he was playing universal time

  21. Slash DabXD says

    Furry sim i luagh so much

  22. NoahsPetMonster says

    How the hell did u know i play this 2:06also 2:03 thats a universal time not anime fighting sim

  23. Heckingh says

    2:03 The name and the game is different Lmao

  24. SimplyLando._. says


  25. Rowan Gait says

    hey nerd i made a inspired vid about urs but extremely low quality lol

  26. Nikola Simic says

    Pay-To-Win Simulator is My Restaurant

  27. Nusrat Anny says

    I stopped my work because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  28. yo momkma says

    "The Streets" I used to play it a lot, and let me tell you its full of toxic teenager low lives n exploiters

  29. Can ı get 20,000 subs without videos? says

    Where is army simulator and as2

  30. Maks Bozovičar says

    Hmm where is r2da

  31. doge is asome says

    you should of said on adopt me the scammer game

  32. Esa Ansari says

    Where The Frick Is A Bizarre Day?

  33. KingPiplupI says

    U explained adopt me in six words. Because a lot is two words

  34. LazyStevey says

    Bad Business: Polyguns but it was never abandoned.

  35. Azoraw says

    picture: anime fighting simulator. game: a jojo game called a universal timejohn: w e e b s

  36. mr tafarely says

    john:puts anime fighting simis playing AUT

  37. ciberkid22 says

    Bee Swarm Simulator: How is this still alive?Da Hood: Belongs To The Other StreetsMy Restaurant: Pay to Win TycoonWork At A Pizza Place: Another immortal gameRoyale High: These faces are nightmare fuel

  38. Deleted Channel says

    1:10 MiniToon: are you kidding me

  39. Euphoria ツ says

    0:11 "ayy dude wassup"

  40. ZeroreX X says

    don't hate adopt me that game is reason why other games have -600k kids in them

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