EVERYTHING i eat in a week! (healthy + realistic for weight loss)


I’ve done plenty of “What I eat in a day” videos, but I’ve never shown you how I eat throughout an entire week… so today I’m changing that 🙂 I’ll be sharing with you super simple, delicious & healthy recipes that I’ve been cooking at home and been eating for the past 6 (almost 7) years to maintain my weight loss.

beef broccoli:
(just a tip – i don’t use the ginger or honey!)
cANADian fluffy pancakes:

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  1. Megan Margot says

    hey guys! i've done a bunch of what i eat in a day videos, so i thought i'd spice it up and show you everything i eat in a WEEK 🙂 i intuitively eat and am not trynna lose weight anymore, but if you guys are trying to i hope you can use some of these as inspiration. ok.. maybe not the burgers. or pancakes. or reece's. but you get what im sayin hahah

  2. Malen Andino says

    Love this kind of videos! ❤ do more weekly vlogs! ❤❤❤

  3. Amanda Alvarado says

    What I eat in a WEEK video is where it’s at! Love your videos ❤️?

  4. Destiny B says

    Food inspiration

  5. Shanah Z says

    Girl, I loved this video. You should do more of these!

  6. Leticia Bertrand says

    Am I the only one taking note of the "allrecipes" page?

  7. Lori Nichols says

    I love how your so realistic with your meals! A lot of other you tubers eat meals that I’m just like okay I’m not gonna get full with that, but these were awesome! ???

  8. CaliCookie says

    I love how a hamburger is a cheat meal but pasta isn't ?

  9. cynth bird lover says

    for me if i eat these foods I gain weight…too many carbs rice, pasta, bread, burger bun,fries, reeses

  10. Leslie H. says

    Thanks Megan for this video, everything looks so yummy :B ! I wanted to address something though : we all know how much you love Reese's Pieces, and damn I do too, but it's actually full of really nasty chemicals (like polyglycerol and butylhydroquinone)which are quite bad for you, especially when taken regularly. >.< Here's a link that explains it, AND with it a great recipe to make some at home ;), quite simple and absolutely DELICIOUS. If you wanna try it sometime ! (same for anyone reading this!)https://edrugsearch.com/reeses-peanut-butter-cups-warning/ good day to you and Carl! ^^

  11. R says

    WAY to many ads–not worth it.

  12. Kristen Halliburton says

    I love the week-long videos and omg I’m hoping for vlogmas again this year??

  13. Mika Minji says

    Yeeessss Girl!!! ❤️❤️ Thanks for more ideas ?✨✨, please more videos like this ?

  14. Kassandra says

    I don't know what it is but I LOVE watching your cooking videos. They're peaceful and humble to me lol ?

  15. Love Like a Hurricane says

    What kind of skillet is that?

  16. Mandie Barker says

    You must spend all day washing up?

  17. HollyBoggie says

    14:02 no butter? ? Did you run out or do you choose not to eat it? X

  18. Skylar Cerceo says

    Great video I love your videos! Btw that wet ingredient pour in the beginning was ASMR?????

  19. Amanda Wages says

    I look to you for weight loss inspiration! I love your channel!!!

  20. frazee1 says

    You always make the best stuff !! ?

  21. Kayley Tube says

    I know youve made a video before with how to make the zucchini pasta but I can't remember which one it is! Please remind which video it is. I really want to try it!PS loving this content x

  22. Pretty Thing says

    Giiirl, you spilling everywhere???

  23. AssaultedPeanutt says

    Ooh girl, try adding a bit of peanut butter to your oatmeal recipe if you haven't already, you'll love it. Also, I eat pretty much the same exact thing for dinner as your salmon meal most nights haha. I always grill lemon slices alongside my salmon and eat the lemon with my meal it's soooo good.

  24. Bavo Beuselinck says

    That blink is not good i saw a video eye infections and I think it is a sign maybe go to a vet to check it out

  25. Rosie C says

    So excited ? love your videos x

  26. April Peter says

    How dare he disrespect your oatmeal like that! ?

  27. Daniela says

    I really like that you eat healthy but do deprive yourself of foods that you want to eat ? I’ve been on my weight loss journey since January and so far I’ve lost 30 pounds ?? I sometimes feel guilty for eating “bad” food but watching this video reminds me that it’s okay to eat these food in moderation and depriving myself of it won’t do me any good

  28. Crystal Rocha says

    Your are by far my absolute favorite Youtuber. Your personality is the best and your so real and funny and freaking cool. I need a friend like you in real life lol. Love ya girl. ❤

  29. Kirakira says

    Youre really nice to your boyfriend you cook almost every meal for him hahah~ <3

  30. Ava L. says

    This is sooooooooooo fucking good and relaxing to watch

  31. B. Petrova says

    My favourite youtuber!

  32. K Star says

    I also wanna start eating healthy if only my food tastes/looks so good

  33. Maria Aguirre says

    YAY ??? love these videos

  34. Diana Castelan says

    "Obviously, we're not in quarantine now." cries in US

  35. Chikahちぃか。 says


  36. Saran Sandhu says

    Megan: it’s gross?Francesco: yeah the way you make it DEAD ?

  37. MariaTheTortilla says

    You’ve quickly become one of my new favorite youtubers. I love your videos❤️

  38. K 2020 says

    What kind of rice is that?!?! Looks yummy

  39. inosingenglish says

    You good at cooking, Francesco is a lucky man.

  40. Saran Sandhu says


  41. inosingenglish says

    Random question, who washes their fruit even though it has skin on it that you're not gonne eat, like an orange. I always do, like cos if its dirty on the outside, you gonna touch it and then touch the fruit on the inside that you're gonna eat. But people think I'm weird or dim when they see me do it.

  42. Leafy Lady says

    Does Francesco ever cook or help you?

  43. Zee Marie says

    I made a egg with cheese, tomato, avocado, sandwich for lunch today and ate it while watching your video! All of your meals look delicious ☺️ thanks for sharing!

  44. ThePfannkuchen says

    Love your what I eat videos! Everything's looking so good, girl ❤

  45. Kristen Halliburton says

    omg YES

  46. jellyrockabean says

    Galaxy! One of my favourites growing up! Used to be difficult to find in Canada, but they carry it now in some bulk barns and specialty stores.

  47. Mariela R.Martinez says

    Hey girl ! Thank you I love the video!

  48. garbjuice says

    u should try the Boca Veggie Burgers its soooo good! doesn't have that gooey stuff either 😀

  49. KAY SHANTEL says

    I love these videos, I’ve got so many new food ideas from them!

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