Everything New With HomeKit in iOS 14, tvOS 14, & macOS Big Sur!


HomeKit gets even better with the latest updates from Apple including iOS 14, macOS Big Sur, and tvOS 14 for Apple TV! We walk you through all the new features and changes you can expect Fall 2020!

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  1. Ali Man says

    Question,I’m just starting to set up HomeKit and I’ve decided based on some feedback that I wanna set up an extra iPad that I have to run as the hub . I created a separate iTunes account and I added it to my family account, on the old iPad I was able to turn on the feature use this iPad as the hub, when I go on my original devices to see what hub I have for some reason the hub I created on the old iPad is not showing up, any advice or help will be greatly appreciated ??

  2. Jeffrey Lanters says

    Do you need to update your Apple TV to the TvOS 14 beta as well, in order to use these automations?

  3. Michael Tate Jones says

    How is Adaptive Lighting actually enabled? You show manually changing the light temperature but I thought Adaptive Lighting was supposed to automatically adjust the color temperature throughout the day. I can’t find anything in the iOS 14 beta where you enable this.

  4. Kevin Cummins says

    What Door locks work with Home Kit? And do they do Geo Fencing ?

  5. Jason Brock says

    Is this just a US update? I can’t find this on my iOS 14 update UK.

  6. Denis Marciniak says

    Does HomePod has to have os14 as well to announce someone detected by the camera?

  7. Khan Piesse says

    I remember seeing somewhere a few months ago that Apple joined a united effort with Google and Amazon to develop a unified system so that all smart home appliances, devices and lights, could work with any smart home system such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Homekit. I'm switching my phone tablet and laptop to Apple soon, but all my smart home stuff works Google Home and Amazon Alexa only. I have searched high and low, almost all popular smart home stuff in Australia only works with Google and Amazon. Apple is dead in the smart home market for Australia.

  8. Michael Wiseman says

    I wish that the HomePod would get some better software with iOS 14. There needs to be ability to change alarm sounds & to adjust alarm volumes separately from the music volume. And adjust Siri’s voice volume and no longer have tied to just the HomePod video. Too often Siri and alarms are WAY too loud. Also HomePod needs the ability to send audio messages which I know is coming in iOS 14 on iPhone/iPad so hopefully HonePod as well. It’s the easiest way of adding a Google Home Broadcast Message feature to Siri.

  9. Ded Ede says

    Why are light being turned in during the day when the bright sun is out and windows are opened letting natural light in. Apple should be shaming companies individuals burning natural resources and polluting to have lights on which doesn’t need to be on. Be more environmentally conscious. Summer 2020 is going to break another high temperature record and storm record, not to mention drought and wildfires. Think and be conscious when we are enjoying our tech… Don’t be wasteful just to be wasteful. That light’s energy is not magic, it’s coming from somewhere and that somewhere is burning and polluting the environment. ?

  10. Dale Moore says

    So, did you break any embargos with these feature announcements, just curious.

  11. ravindar boddu says

    I love it

  12. bertraminc says

    Did Apple fix the lock screen photo code that they broke with iOS 7.0 in 2013? Noooo. Apple programming is a disaster. They break more than they make.

  13. Michael Tate Jones says

    All great, but when will we actually get a HomeKit doorbell with HomeKit Secure Video that supports all these new features?

  14. Shane Whatley says

    Activity zones! Excited to see some of these new features for HomeKit. I’m loving the deeper integration between HomeKit, the Apple TV, and HomePod. Still a ways to go but definitely some major steps in the right direction.

  15. peter rasmussen says

    I hope I remember all these changes and added features once the operating systems come out in the fall and are available to us non-programmers. I see myself going back to rewatch many of these YouTube videos on the changes that have occurred.

  16. Brian May says

    Why am I only just now seeing your videos? Subscribed.

  17. Agis Kontoes says

    I need this wallpaper for HomeKit

  18. Agis Kontoes says

    Andy please this HomeKit app backround!!!

  19. Marc Teleki says

    Did you already test the AirPods features and if it’s working already I try but so fare not working yet do you know if work

  20. WEGO MIX says

    iOS 14 . Welcome the new updates for all iPhones 🙁

  21. Martin Tampír says

    Am I suppose to be able to set up motion zones in the first developer beta of iOS 14? I have Circle 2 cams set as HSV yet I have no such option you have in your video. M

  22. kazemi88 says

    What camera are you using for front door? Not a lot supported for HomeKit for front door

  23. craig robinson says

    What front door doorbells are supported with HomeKit?

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