Everything Wrong with Minecraft Lava! | The Science of… Minecraft


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The world of Minecraft is vast and right now we have plenty of time to explore it. Today, Austin is diving head first into the hot – or maybe not so hot – pools of Minecraft lava! Lava is one of the craziest things in the Minecraft world because when you look at it closely it makes NO SENSE! Get ready to have your brain melted!

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    I love his use of theater music

  2. CoordinateShiv says

    4:25 So we live on slabs? Is that why mobs don't spawn in real life?

  3. DragonMaster1707 says

    Lmao he didn't talk about striders

  4. Alan McGhee says

    Why does he need to shout haha?

  5. Rebecca Hunt says

    Wow he was angry this vid lol

  6. Jcknight7996 says


  7. ThatLEGOBoi says

    So they weren't really thinking about the science of stuff when they designed the lava in Minecraft…kinda like how they weren't thinking about the science stuff when they made the Minecraft world FLAT


    austin married wonder what his wife thinks when he rants into a microphone loudly

  9. aaron snuggs says

    8:49 fIf-teen hundred degrees

  10. Elyan The Minecraft fighter says


  11. Elyan The Minecraft fighter says


  12. CEO of Criticism says

    This is bulshit i whant my iron armor back

  13. melonenfisch207 says

    Top 10 rappers even Eminem is afraid of : 11:35

  14. Peejay Anderson says

    Dear Austin, It's me, your Therapist. Time to take your pills and visit my clinic.

  15. BenAtomic 123 says

    11:33 umm your hearts aren’t the hardcore hearts

  16. Archidiot Crazy von Weirdo VVX says

    It's called meat bag, not meat sack.

  17. SyruMustardYT says

    there should be glass around lava pools in the dessert biomes

  18. Ssmjan says

    How can the bucket that was just holding lava!!!! BURN UP IN LAVA!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  19. Adam DoesYT says

    What about Steve being able to PUNCH ROCKS TILL THEY BREAK do you think he won't be able to swim in some stupid lava

  20. getto spungebob says

    We're is the other guy

  21. NoobsareNoobs 2 says

    to everyone who want there stuff back after death in minecraft /gamerule keepinventory true

  22. Shadow says

    I love these idiots trying to bring sense to a world with magic armor, upside down floating animals and rainbow pulsing sheep that was made in the span of A DAY in a Basement do you honestly whole heartedly think that markus person was thinking about the science of lava when he was speedrunning a game creator app on his computer

  23. Water says

    This has nothing to do with this theory but the minecraft water ruins build up some sort of cool little society and i am trying to figure it out

  24. a filthy lizard person says

    Sure you run out of wall space to go write your crazy ramblings on but what about the floor and the ceiling it really is untapped potential I'm considering I'm crazy enough to try it the end enough for the crazy rambling thing as well when I'm saying doesn't matter

  25. Coomer McGee says

    Did you know putting a netherite block inside a shulker prevent it from burning when drop in lava?

  26. Josh Buhl says

    I am convinced now that Austin is a man of culture. I mean, he had motherfriggin HABANERA playing in the background

  27. Jeff Giles says

    2:05: unless you have a fire resistance.

  28. Luke Johnston says

    Subscribe to technoblade let's get to 3 million

  29. Daniel Madrid says

    Everyone:Netherite disappears in cactiMe:how does astrider walk in lava

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