Ex-Mob Boss Rates 13 Mafia Movie Scenes | How Real Is It?


Michael Franzese, a former New York mobster and ex-caporegime of the Colombo crime family, rates classic mafia movie scenes on how accurate they are. The US mafia is featured in many classic movies from the 1920s onwards. We discuss the cultural significance and accuracy of famous crime scenes in movies and TV shows, such as “The Godfather” and “The Sopranos.” Franzese also points out inaccuracies in scenes from mob comedies such as “Analyze This” and “The Simpsons.”

Franzese discusses true stories and real-life characters featured in “Goodfellas” and “Casino.” He talks about his proximity to the events of Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman,” the Oscar-nominated movie starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

After Franzese was released from prison in 1995, he became the only high ranking official of a major mafia family to ever walk away, without protective custody, and survive. Franzese is the author of “Blood Covenant” and “I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse.” He now works as a public speaker and motivator.


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Ex-Mob Boss Rates 13 Mafia Movie Scenes | How Real Is It?

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  1. Markovicsable says

    I killed like 500 people, or ordered some assasination, but I'm a mob guy, so I can analise movies on youtube. Legit, if this guy truely a mob guy, we live in a crazy world. And by the way Youtube, is this content family friendly, really?

  2. Jack Meens says

    Mob boss? He’s a glorified capo!

  3. Camera Punk says

    Great vid

  4. Camera Punk says

    Geez, i wonder how many people he iced…

  5. BK Arnhem says

    Michael is basically saying that Travolta was in the mob. If there is any prove of that please tell me but i dont believe it

  6. Nuwan De Silva says

    Next: ex-pirate rates pirate movie scenes

  7. Dennis P says

    3:14 not unrealistic, had to think about that for a moment.

  8. Greg Smith says

    When you have been doing whatever you want it's therapeutic and good for the aging process.

  9. Jack Levis says

    He was on Netflix lol

  10. Acey Deucey says

    10:05 actually capone died at age 48. He did look a lot older than he was for most of his life though.

  11. Patrick Fanandis says

    Next: sadistic murderer rates sadistic movies

  12. TheIrishGamerGuy says

    David Chase has said Tony Sopranos is based off David's father in terms of his narcissm. Tony's mother is also inspired by David Chase's mother in terms of her manipulation and outlook on life.

  13. Kat Welham says

    Pesci did know mob people in New Jersey weirdly enough I know this because of the jukebox musical Jersey Boys because he knew the original Four Seasons and they knew mobsters especially Tommy De Vito.

  14. Shartune says

    Tbh, with the godfather shooting kinda reminds me of the same concept with the Bonnie and Clyde shooting but instead of mobs it was the government

  15. Raoul says

    Ex-dead guy reviews death scenes in movies

  16. Ken del Valle says

    He's still around and living tranquilly. Smart guy.I've always thought the mob fell apart because they stated to believe their own group myth.

  17. Mimi Paw says

    To Much Work ?

  18. Dttkku says

    is this guy really almost 70 years old… he looks early 40s

  19. Pedro Henrique de Oliveira Amaral says

    Alguém legenda esse vídeo em português !

  20. John Long says

    Jesus Christ…. were is the departed?

  21. F. Astorga says

    Talks down to Henry hill ?that’s crazy.

  22. Dustin Harford says

    So sad that Michael's father died exactly a week after this video 🙁

  23. Why you mad says

    I never seen the Irishman but now I already know Al Pachino dies. Thanks.

  24. Nate Dorney says

    Capone was sent to Chicago in the aftermath of a hit on a rival Irish gang leader on coney island. I wouldn't exactly say he was run out of Brooklyn.

  25. Sjtx Texas says

    Gangsters wore know for using Tommy guns how can he say that's not realistic

  26. Cruz Nieto says

    I’m gonna go get the papers, get the papers.

  27. Jeremy C Kaunang says

    "Italians eat a lot."Me: Remembers that one time.

  28. vMercyy says

    They have no idea what there talking about that’s a lie. Rating 8/10

  29. Charles Thomas says

    The Godfather hit was sort of a good L shaped ambush.

  30. Lorraine Amico says

    Like @lorraineamicothemakeupartist

  31. Francisco Garcia says

    The first scene never happened? Stupid, he doesn't know nothing about mexicans or latins cartels or real drug Lord's, they kill all your family with military weapons in front of everyone! In those countries is not like a Hollywood movie!

  32. Muhammad Kazi says

    Al Capone was actually 47 when he passed away…

  33. Tiit Tuud says

    Hahahaa, the mob boss who goes to shrink, will end up at the back of the car, but this guy himself goes to youtube 😀

  34. RifqiMirza Feros says

    The fact that his father sadly passed away 7 days later is kinda saddening but his father lived up to his 100s

  35. Dennis Cassley says

    Michael, I LOVE your books & presentations. But, lighten up; that hit on Sonny was a FANTASTIC piece of film, regardless of its veracity.

  36. Puddin says

    This dude is still cashing in on his “experience” as a mob boss. Lol

  37. Zajin13 says

    YouTube decided to show me an Barilla Pesto ad before that video. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!1

  38. thejanusproject32 says

    This…can't be a good look doing this, right?!?

  39. Damjan Krivokapic says

    teflon rat….fuckn stoole

  40. fire user says

    what would never happen is someone acknowledging "their thing" exist.

  41. Smartass Birb says

    The first scene needed context. They tried to kill Don Corleone with five shots by two guys with handguns but still survived. To make sure that a Corleone was dead for good, they went all out with the machine guns, riddling him with bullets, and kicked his bloodied corpse in the head for good measure.

  42. Dario Mendoza says

    pretty cool reviews from a former member!!

  43. Shapeless_Abomination says

    How is this guy not getting wacked? lmao

  44. whylekat says

    Damn Netflix hired him too!

  45. RooooK says

    ''He would be dead in a back of the trunk alog with the psychiatrist'' xD

  46. ExoticToeNails says

    Who’s here from "New York Vs. The Mafia? This guy was the real deal

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