EXCLUSIVE iPhone 12 Pro & iOS 14 Leaks!


EXCLUSIVE! Massive iPhone 12 Pro & iOS 14 Leaks (feat. Max Weinbach). 64MP Camera, Night mode on all lenses, 4,400mAh battery, Macro Ultra-Wide mode, No Port iPhone confirmed & so much more!

Last iPhone 12 Pro Leaks.

S20 Ultra Giveaway (3x)
3x S20 Ultra Giveaway link:


Max Weinbach (Leaks Source).

2021 iPhone design & scene inspiration (@apple_idesigner)

AR7 Wallpapers used in scenes.

Vivo Apex 2020 Concept.

Source: https://cyrrion.com
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  1. EverythingApplePro says

    Our highest quality renders yet, hope to only keep improving ?

  2. Levente Harmos says

    Keep it short from apple: we are android now

  3. Joni Heemskerk says

    Creates new iPhone, still hasn't fixed a huge issue for my fellow Dutchies. THE SWIPING. I want to use the standard keyboard and just swype away. But nooooo, only available for the English language settings.. I have to use a app to use Swype. Sucks!

  4. Ashley Underwood says

    I love your videos can I please get the iPhone

  5. Blanca Cortes says

    Soo cool

  6. Salman Salim says


  7. Ash Lee says

    When is the iPhone 12 being released?

  8. Teal Rabbit says

    yuck. You don't even own a Tesla and you pretend things!! no information! sicko!

  9. Sage Metzler says

    “iPhone 11 Pro entry”
    Why: Current Iphone screen shattered and got it replaced with an LCD at the mall and now one of the corners is dark RIP.

  10. Kyle Antoine says

    Leaks are really crazy this year

  11. ali abbas says

    Hey love from INDIA.. iphone 11 pro entry completed. Want this i phone coz everything i heard about apple starts from ur channel.♥️

  12. Prashant A says

    Apple all set to bang on Indian market… ??..can't wait..!! Giveaway entry

  13. Adish Sonthalia says

    I love iPhone 11pro

  14. KC Gangte says

    Thank you for the iPhone 11 pro giveaway and thank you for the leaks. I really enjoyed your video I get to learn more about the upcoming iphone. Thank you so much. iPhone is my dream phone and I really really need it for my online classes. I swear to God I'm not lying. Please help me?

  15. DBrasco96 says


  16. Alexander Beck says

    iPhone 11 Pro giveaway?

  17. Lovey Mander says


  18. Hariz Hazirah says

    "iPhone 11 Pro Entry". "Done". why: Because im just using the old iPhone6 with a cracked screen. Im also your big Fans from Malaysia.

  19. Amer Alchama says


  20. SPT says


  21. Klajdi Allkanjari says

    lets gooo iphone 12.yessss 120 hrz display in the end.urraaaa

  22. AhSaN KhaN says

    Hyyy love from Pakistan

  23. Cubing is Everything says


  24. Umar Qazi says

    "iPhone entry"
    "Why: Because I have been using s6 for over 4 years now and never owned an Apple device so if i get this it could be my first everrr apple product and I really wish i win one of thosee"

  25. Bruno Gravena says

    I phone 11 pro entry done

  26. Techno Gang says

    I always really excited about ur content u made if anyone wants to know about the apple u r the pro

  27. lorenzo tomasi says

    Giveaway gang hahaha

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