EXCLUSIVE iPhone 12 Pro Max Design Leaks! It's HUGE


EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7-in Design CADs! Flat edges, 2D glass, smaller notch, HUGE camera, Smart Connector, wider antennas, relocated sim card tray & more. Insane leaks (feat. Max Weinbach)

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Max Weinbach (Leaks Source).

AR7 Wallpapers used in scenes.

Source: https://cyrrion.com
Read more all post IOS Technology : https://cyrrion.com/ios/
  1. Shockate says

    It sucks, same shit as before

  2. Markus Lundamo says

    Smart connector —> finger print scanner💁

  3. TIMOTHY REEL says

    Some of the pictures I see in this video is true

  4. TIMOTHY REEL says

    Omg I just watch the event

  5. SonicBooom96 says

    There's literally no difference other the phone being larger in length. And maybe a new color or 2. No one is going to tell the difference from 2 rear camera to 4.

  6. sali77able says


  7. angie says

    not a fan of the box-y, iphone 4-like design of it.

  8. Shadow ivy says

    What about the dark purple color🤔

  9. yuvi says

    Im buying this phone lol

  10. tube96000 says

    I love this design with the angular edges

  11. Diogo Castanheiro says

    "done""iphone se entry"color "any"

  12. Leo Liu says

    new iphone pro just getting more expensive and uglier lol

  13. elson de Saantana says

    not iphone 12 is totally different from your video

  14. online Girls says

    When will the iPhone 12 Pro Max leak? Please😢

  15. Tuna Girit says

    “iPhone SE entry”
    “Color: red“Why: I want it because my phone is going to die so i want a phone that i can use for nearly 4-5 years."

  16. Ritushan Naguleswaran says

    so u know-how u say it has a square battery wouldn't it blow up if gets hot or like increase in size.

  17. #24 Goated says

    Done iPhone se entry Color red

  18. nasri Marc says

    The iPhone 12 be exactly like you see in this video

  19. jair martinez says

    Extremely boring however if they improve their weight I would def upgrade my 11 pro max for it. I find the 11 pro max extremely heavy and have been waiting to replace it with a new lighter phone version.

  20. Bách Lâm says

    4 months later and…so much of this has been changed:/

  21. Beyma Mejia says

    Que chafa hasta cuando apple va hacer algo diferente!!! Deberian de ponerle touch id, con el cubre bocas no te reconoce el face id

  22. yipeeyaya says

    I'm so excited! It will be my first iPhone!! But I'm sure gonna costs a lot. Zzzzzz

  23. RS165 rblx says

    hope i win an iphone se i would love it….

  24. Balvir Singh says

    Me: bought IPhone 12 pro max with my dad credit card Me: YES Dad: breaks the door open Me:😦😦😦 I'm toast

  25. Fred says

    This video just got mentioned in a big Austrian newspaper.https://www.derstandard.at/story/2000119474198/etliche-infos-entwischt-beim-iphone-12-baut-apple-drastisch-um?ref=rss

  26. Stephane Cote says

    Thank you your leak just convinced me to stick to Apple instead of moving to something else. Like Pixel one

  27. Wendy Lopez says

    Love this video

  28. Elon C says

    Portless Solution ? How are you going to charge it while using? Like everyone does laying in bed. This is just dumb

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