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Kia Sonet HTX+ Review – we share the details on it. Check it out. What the features, what is price it is offered at? We check out all the details on it.

0:00 Introduction
0:57 Design
5:43 Interior
12:15 Drive
19:00 Verdict

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  1. Harsh Patel says

    Sir 7 lakh me best car ek video bandijye pliz

  2. nikhil jain says

    which color is this?

  3. Kunal Yadav says

    Bhiya yea gadi scorpio se jada powerful rahegi kya……????

  4. Kunal Yadav says

    gadi ke Sunroof se kya bahar nikal kar dekh sakta hai ?…… please reply

  5. Suraj Verma says

    श्री राधाकृष्ण जी🙏🙏❤️❤️

  6. Ds World Ringtone says


    Gtx+ ka manual review

  8. shobha naik says

    Sir make video in kia sonet GTX+ diesel MT

  9. ضیاء الرحمٰن says

    It is objective of my life to help others…. When I help others i feel happy.

  10. honeydudeify says

    Chahe kitni mehengi car le lo..chalani wahi gaiyya aur gadhdho ke beech me hi padegi😅

  11. ELECTRA 99 says

    Kia is good

  12. Biopics 123 says

    Literally the 1% people who reading. May your family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Live more than 100 year with good health💖💖..

  13. Ramsakhi Kushwaha says

    We got a smart watch of kia sonet

  14. Kreative Captures says

    Why nobody is talking about the 1.2 Lt naturally aspirated engine? All the low and mid end variant would come with this engine option so do you think it's VFM compared to Nexon which is already offering 1.2lt turbo and all the safety features like ABS, EBD, Traction Control, Hill Hold Assist etc from the base Variant itself,Since every one is covoring the Tech line and GT line variants, I believe this is a misleading information to those who are relying their purchase decision on YouTube videos

  15. Chandravadan Kamat says

    Boss what about maintenance cost, diesel/petrol

  16. 350_subscriber for No reason challenge says

    🔴 That random person ,,,,, ''''who liked my comments ! I pray """" may you and 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 parents ☑️ live more than 100 year 😥😭

  17. Vishal S says

    To @motoroctane, 1.5L diesel comes with Torque converter automatic gearbox which is 15ps more powerful

  18. Sridhar Vinod says

    I've not checked but I think, that loudness you mentioned as lacking in the sound system, should be adjustable in sound settings. Because, Loudness ON/OFF setting is available in even the very ordinary sound systems back in 2010 Hatchback cars. And, here we have a BOSE.

  19. Ak Sud says

    Sonet Vs nexonLike for sonet comment for nexon

  20. giften eapen says

    what is the cost price of kia sonnet

  21. Prasanth Raj says

    Kindly mention the global ncap rating for every review as well

  22. Amol Gore says

    Rachit Pls Do HTK+ Review After 18 Sept

  23. Yogender Quantum says

    ज़बरदस्ती तारीफ़ … ये पेड रिव्यू है

  24. Steel Be says


  25. Tanisha Singh Admission no. 756 says

    Engine kon sa hai

  26. Hussain Basha says

    bucatti 🚘

  27. anil gayki says

    I want know about built quality..

  28. Rahul 04 says

    Sonet gtx or htx petrol imt driving video bano

  29. Vinamra Soni says

    Please upload Tata Nexon diesel top model review

  30. manish jain says

    Rachit, 1 word in comparison to nexon diesel plz.

  31. Sushil Thakur says

    Disappointing! without TCS and ESP

  32. Arihant Mehta says

    Nexon is much better 🔥🔥🔥

  33. Techno fan says

    Literally the 1% people who's reading May your parents live more than 100 years with good health💖

  34. manish bhardwaj says

    Ab yehi car ya creta ya thar hi lunga

  35. manish bhardwaj says

    Rachit Bhai aaj tata altroz ne bahut dukhi kiya….plz complaint registered krne wala no batana mere Ko 🙏🏼

  36. SokkaNaathan says

    Rear seat comfort is very important than the idiotic features. Given importance to boot space instead rear seats. Important should be given to passenger sitting comfort. Leg room and thigh support is very bad in rear seats. Cosmetic is more in this I feel. 😎😎. Colours are also Not impressive..

  37. Astro Anuj says

    Ram Ram BhaiyonApne Bhai Ko Support Nahi Karoge, Subscribe Kar Lo Yaar……..

  38. Manas Das says

    How does it look in the silver color?

  39. विश्वामित्र universal friend says

    Mumbai walo ke liye second top model is lower ,,,,

  40. laxman k says

    Kia sonet is same like twin brother of Hyundai Venue car.No changes in engine, extra some features are there in Kia Sonet. Kia Sonnet is looking like Maruthi Suzuki Ignis from Back side. Even after kia Sonet car Launch Tata Nexon, Ford Ecosport & Mahendra XUV300 better than these twin brothers cars in this compact SUV cars. Bcoz Kia Sonnet & Hyundai Venue seating positions are like Sedan car or Hatchback car bcoz under thigh support is very poor but not like C.SUV like Ford Ecosport or TATA Nexon Or Vitara Brezza in Driver seat, passenger seat and back seat. if we want turbo charge engine we need to pay extra money & we have to go for middle model or above that in kia sonet & Hyundai Venue ButTata Nexon is offering turbo charged engine from its base variant only

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