1. poiewhfopiewhf says

    It was all a dream

  2. Rec Manyeah says

    The guy that goes missing, is actually an experimental super soldier gone wrong, that was created by the nazi’s. That is why when the sniper guy shot him he disappears so fast for him to even notice he is gone. The experimental soldier is actually terrifying and deformed. And the rest of the film is about the American sniper trying to kill this monster of a soldier before it kills him.

  3. Brandon Hurd says

    They all switch positions. The Russian retreats still not knowing who shot him. He isn’t mortally wounded. Maybe change the bullet wound to a non dominant-side shoulder or arm. Something he can patch up and still operate without a limp. He circles the area to get away from who he assumes is the Nazi. The American is now in the valley. Looking for the Russian armed with the ability to tell who’s who. He needs the information and will offer a lift home or to the nearest doctor. The Nazi is now above the valley stalking the American. The only one of the two men that knows what he looks like. But as he stalks the American, he gets a feeling he’s being followed. The three have officially shifted places on the board. The Nazi pulls back to find who is following him. A gunfight ensues. The Russian is mortally wounded. The cat and mouse game nears its end when the Nazi gets into position to kill the American next. And does. He turns the body onto its back and notices something off about the man. He’s not American. He’s the Russian. He immediately begins looking through the trees. We hear a click. Boom. VO of the radio “Is that confirmed?” “Yes. Both are dead. Mission failed. Requesting immediate evac. Gonna need a medic. We let that bastard win.” “Roger that. Can win em all.”“Does that mean?”“EG out.”

  4. BunnyBombastic says

    Have a flashback where he was in a conversation with his army buddy, talking about a battle that had happened at the time. Stories of a commander who in realizing that an unknown force was moving counter-intuitively with a force that was pursuing his battalion, used them as bait to lure the pursuing force into the open and launch an ambush. Using this maneuver he saved his battalion and ingratiated themselves to a group of rebel forces thinking they'd been saved, not used as bait. On the same principle he uses diversion tactics and flanking maneuvers to position himself. Now here after a tense sequence of dodging sounds and finding a way around you could have him take out the guy and climb up, arms high as an ascending wide shot ends the movie. Or you could have him realize he was herded into position by the nazi who had infiltrated the battalion to kill the commander, dying mysteriously in his sleep. The Russian could see the fallen American and call in the information from behind cover before he was killed as well.

  5. TAN MAN says

    Max can I actually write this script and send it to you to read?

  6. Cheapshot 28 says

    I would have changed it so the "stalker" was the Russian thinking the American was the Nazi. Then the Russian and American come to blows thinking they each are the Nazi and the American wins. Confident that he's safe, he walks down to meet the guy walking around and when he approaches the real Nazi looks at him, and just pulls out his pistol and shoots him for a tragic ending. Nazi never speaks

  7. Pizza Rat says

    This sounds like a Tarantino

  8. yugytomm says

    The American gets killed by the paranoid fatally wounded Russian. There was no Nazi in the valley.

  9. Felicia Johansson says

    This sounds dark but what if all three of them die at the end

  10. Slide Killer says

    This should be a book

  11. Quentin Cyrus says

    The “Russian guy” is the American’s future self who is stuck in a pocket universe. The German guy is also lost in this forest looking pocket universe and believes he is being hunted by the future American guy.They’re all just very confused and are gonna die without anybody ever knowing of this.All communication with our universe is cut except for the short instant during which he gets the info about the appearance of the Russian guy who actually got shot by the German guy a couple of hours before the American guy got there. The german guy got in the pocket universe an hour before him and this parallel micro universe is filled with time loops and putting our 2 soldiers in an eternally repeating battle royale where its contestants are destined to never know of the identity of the other players.

  12. iunary says

    heres a tip, if your movie is set in WW2 and you are american, scrap it and start from the beginning in another setting. because with your cultural awareness and world view, you always just make cringy propaganda everytime, you just cant help it. sorry about that but almost every single WW2 movie made by americans is horribly dumb and has the historical awareness of a saturday morning cartoon

  13. thedani4 says

    If you want a "happy" ending, I'd go for a misdirection – America sets it up so that the Russian will think it was the Nazi who shot him earlier, but do it without really being seen himself (because exposing yourself to a sniper with an itchy trigger-finger is bad form). America covers for the fuck-up, uses the opportunity to get buddy-buddy with his contact (finishing off the wounded Nazi or some such, could be whatever), and the baddie takes a dirt nap.Keeps tension high until the resolution (since the hunter-hunted-hunter triangle only ends when someone is shot, and it's free-for-all until then), and provides about as good an ending as you can have. Not everything needs a depressing twist, right?Question – how does one RECEIVE calls (or signals for incoming calls) on a hand-crack radio? Is there a battery?

  14. gplechuckiii says

    Hmm…Ok So American is in the town trying to find the Russian. When he realizes the Russian is shooting at him with a sidearm and swearing at him in German. The American yells back in English he doesn't speak German, another shot is fired and the American finds cover inside of a partially blown out building. As soon as the American is inside the building he hears machine gun fire and the nazi yell out, "I got you covered, that nazi bastard is on the run" in perfect English with a midwestern accent. So now the American is yelling "THAT'S THE NAZI DON'T TRUST HIM!" out the window. The Russian yells "stop" in English followed by, "Who won the world series last year?". The American yells out quickly "St. Louis, I lost $5 on game 6" while the Nazi simply yells out "The Cardinals". The Russian then just says "It appears someone is not who they seem" and goes quiet. So now the American is yelling again trying to get the Russian to reply and getting nothing. He doesn't know if the Russian is dead or just planning. So now the American and the Nazi have a back and forth about who is the real American. The echos between the building make it difficult for anyone to pinpoint where anyone else is. So the American realizes his only chance is to take out the Nazi. So he looks around and sees the tallest building that is still standing and decides to make a run for it. He runs through the street hears more machine gun fire and jumps through the blown out window of the building. So now the American sets up his sniper rifle in a window and is searching for the Nazi through his scope. He keeps talking to the Nazi to make sure he's still out there and hasn't tried to get the jump on him. So they start talking about their lives, the American his real one and the Nazi the made up one about being an American growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania. The Nazi talks about wanting to defend his country and how he didn't want to go to war but he did it because he thought it was the right thing. The American plays along and gets that he's telling the truth about his feelings even if he isn't telling the truth about where he is from. Sunset starts to come and the American knows that once that happens his sniping ability will disappear. The American makes a plea to the Russian one last time still unsure if he is even alive. Finally the Russian replies in English, "I'm sorry Errol Flynn" then in German he says, "We fought you before the Americans got here, and if they leave they we'll still fight you. Millions of my countrymen have already died. One more sacrifice for mother Russia is very little to ask" then we hear a gunshot. .The American yells out "Are you kidding me?" and then hears movement. It's the nazi coming out to grab the information. The American catches him in his sights but it's not quick enough to get the shot. So he runs downstairs trying to figure out which way he went, carrying his rifle with him. It's now full dusk and the shadows are long, The american can't really get a mark on where to go. As he's running he sees the first building he hid in and at this angle realizes there is only one building that the Russian could have seen him from and heads to that building. He runs up the stairs and finds the Russian lying motionless in a pool of blood still clutching a small bag. He slowly walks toward it saying to himself, "god damn it" for killing this guy that is helping him. He leans over to grab the bag and the Nazi tells him to stop from behind. The American turns to fire the single shot sniper rifle but misses. The Nazi shoots him in the shin with a Thompson gun. The Nazi then says, "the problem with you Americans is…" and as soon as he says that the Russian jumps up pistol still in hand and shoots the nazi with a full clip. Nazi falls down deader than Dillinger. The Russian says it was a ruse because he couldn't be sure. American asks him about the blood and The Russian says, "no I really am bleeding to death. I just smeared some blood on my chest to look like I shot myself." The American gets the plans and says that if they hurry he can radio in for an evac ambulance before it gets dark. They hobble to the radio and call in for an ambulance. It ends on 2 notes, first the Russian explaining that he too was from a small town and listening to the American and Nazi go back and forth he just wished the war would end and that they could all go back home. They are smoking and laughing and see the ambulance coming down the road. He looks at the ambulance coming toward them for a few seconds and turn back to the Russian to see that he is dead, for real this time. No pathos, just bleed to death waiting to be saved.

  15. Gremsen says

    At the point of self-revelation, the viewer discovers that he is the nazi operative and the american soldier is a a figment of his imagination as he has a split personality. The flashback scenes are put into a context where we understand that he really is a highly trained by the germans to hunt down spies. – then the Russian kills him.

  16. Jess. says

    the russian kills the american and the nazi but bleeds to death because of his but-shot wound

  17. Lucky Yogs says

    Plot destroy : 4/5 The Russian is hunted by the Nazi. 5/5 in the end of, The Russian caught the Nazi off Guard, but Nazi claim to be an American. The Russian shot him anyway because he realizes that there is no Such a single meeting information to win a war or if there is He doesn't care cause the Nazi tried to kill him..

  18. Lootbox says

    i thought maybe the american was the nazi in disguise after stalking, killing and taking the americans uniform, tricks the russian into telling him where the holes in the defence where the americans should strike than reinforcing those parts, holding back the americans only for the russians to make their way through the newly formed holes in the defence and win the war. the russian knew the whole time that this was the plan to beat the US to berlin, not a word was said in the exchange so no accent of the german was heard

  19. vasatbey says

    They were all americans but they were test which they didnt know. Each guy tested for their own mission. First one was tested about manupilation as a spy and he called the sniper to manupilate. Second one tested about relaxing and working in high pressure. Third one also tested about spy but his mission was infiltrate to ally army becuse of that he wear russing coat. just first soldier succeeded because he manipulated the sniper. Second one failed. He shot he wrong guy. Because he didnt listen very well. Third one failed because he couldnt walk properly in battlefield

  20. Rogue Virgo says

    So here’s my idea: American calls in saying he has accidentally shot the Russian. Radio tells him he has to either finish the mission and get the info, or make sure the Nazi doesn’t capture either of them or intercepts the radio (aka run away). He shuts he radio off so it doesn’t give away his position. He has to find the Russian and decide them to run or not. So then as the American travels through the burnt down town trying to track the wounded Russian. The American has to deal with the Nazi trying to find him and the Russian. is having to peak behind every corner, every piece of cover. He finally finds the Russian a few yards away laying against a wall with heavy blood loss. The Russian sees the American and doesn’t do anything as he walks towards him saying how he is not the Nazi. The Russian commands him to turn on the radio to prove that he is working with the Americans. He does so and tells them that he found the Russian. The Russian believes him and the American goes to help the Russians wound and tells him that they must run. Boom. A gunshot rings across the whole valley and the American is lying on the floor clutching his abdomen where the Nazi disguised as the Russian shot him. He is gasping for air and his vision become blurred. Then the real Russian comes into the room limping. The Nazi turns to fight the Russian and they fight for a min but the Russian gets taken to the ground and as the Nazi is about to finish him off he is killed by the American. The Russian then goes to the Americans aid but is unable to save him. He cranks the radio and starts to tell them about how he Nazi and American are dead. That he is wounded and incapacitated. The Americans don’t trust him. The Russian looks down at his wounded leg and understands that he isn’t going to make it and just tells the secrets through the radio and the Americans take it with hesitation. Last shot is all three men laying on the floor dead.

  21. Max Eliaser says

    Well obviously the Russian has to save the American from the Nazi in the end. The American is in some kind of struggle with the Nazi, ideally hand-to-hand, the Nazi gets the upper hand, and is strangling the American, when an amazingly precise shot from the Russian (who is completely hidden and off-camera) takes the Nazi's head clean off. The Russian then slumps to his death from his wounds, and the American locates his body and gets the needed intelligence documents off the Russian's body. The Russian is never seen close up and alive through the whole movie.

  22. Swain Lee says

    It ends with the American tracking down the Nazi in a building and killing him. But, the injured Russian sees this and thinks it's the Nazi killing the American. The Russian has a gun fight with the American as the American now thinks he just shot the Russian and the actual Russian is the Nazi. The American shoots the Russian and ultimately realizes he's not the Nazi. The final scene shows the American lying to the other Americans through the walkie talkie, saying that the Nazi killed the Russian and he killed the Nazi.

  23. Cole Hultman says

    Turns out the American was the nazi the whole time.Turns out the Nazi was the Russian.

  24. dacealksne says

    you look like Ronaldo on thumbnail

  25. SilverKM03 says

    After the American shoots the Russian, the stalker starts firing on the American. The American narrowly gets to cover but isn't able to make contact with the Russian. That's when he learns the radio was intercepted and he shot the wrong guy. (They do something to prevent any more interceptions) He's pinned down with the Russian and the stalker both gunning for him. The stalker makes his way over to Russian who thinks the American is the Nazi and the stalker is the American. And the American is firing back at the stalker trying to protect the Russian. The stalker gets to the Russian but the Russian dies within a few moments. Now it's just the American vs the stalker.The American gets a call on the radio. There's a fourth person in the valley. He's British Armed Forces and he some how managed to get the information from the Russian. So, he starts looking around when he can. Eventually he locates the Nazi, but he knows if he takes the shot the British guy will take him out since he's unable to convince the British guy that he's the American. The American sees that the Nazi is getting ready to take out the Britsh guy. He knows he has to salvage the mission by protecting the information. The American kills the Nazi. The British guy kills the American. The information was saved and we win the war. And it's directed by the Coens, probably.That's what you get for saying "As far as they know, there's only three people in this valley".

  26. The Variety Vendor says

    The American looks for the Nazi. He finds dog tags that say "DOC" on em. As he's wandering in the hot desert. He finds a group of meat-head scavengers. And they try to gang up on him. He shows off his gun. They back off abit. The leader says "Hey if you were really a man. You'd let go of your weapons and fight me. Unless….you're chicken". The American smiles. And they have a fist fight that's pretty much one sided. "Marty?". The American turns around. And The Nazi is standing their grabbing his wounded shoulder. "Doc!". The whole time, Doc Brown has been infiltrating The Nazi HQ to find out about his ancestory. Because, of the amount of time jumping. He started to lose alot of his bloodline. So much so. It started to kill off some of his relatives. And Marty keeps chasing him. Trying to get him to stay here he belongs. In 1985.Back to the future IV

  27. jinx topia says

    it was the japanese, setting them all up against each other.

  28. Ryan Ziebarth says

    You got 3 and a half million for selling Bright. Fucking hire someone.

  29. Billy Chapman says

    The American and the Russian sort it out and the American gets the information; however, just as he gets the information the Russian is killed. The American (who has dropped the radio in panic) then has to escape the Nazi in order to get the information to the other Americans. It gets to the point where the American is stuck between a rock and a hard place and can't escape the Nazi, and so is forced to somehow outsmart the Nazi and kill him. He does this and the movie ends with a jump forward in time where the war is won and the American is celebrating with no one aware of the part he played (which he is perfectly content with). I think the fact that the American didn't get any recognition for what he did but still be happy anyway will show him as a soldier that didn't do it for the fame but for the cause (which is a lot more meaningful)

  30. Casey O'Connelll says

    Turns out the Russian he shot actually WAS the nazi and the intercepted call was the Russians not the nazis the Russian who he thought he shot was a nazi spy

  31. GhostMan says

    In the burnt down village the American sees that one house is still standing.Inside is the Nazi unconcious with blood all over his uniform being cared for by the Russian.The Russian explains that he and the American can squeeze information out of the Nazi and they both decide to tie him to the chair he's sat in.The Russian starts to make a cocoa or some sort of beverage for him and the American while the American watches the Nazi.Slowly the American starts to have realizations thatA) There isn't a hole in the Nazi's uniform where the bullet should have beenB) The Russian isn't carrying a Russian gun but rather the gun of the NaziC) The Nazi is wearing Russian boots, but so is the RussianThe American holds the Russian at gunpoint and starts to question him. Just as this happens the Nazi wakes up.The Nazi begins to struggle with his bindings and the Russian demands the American kill the Nazi. The American thinks that's suspicious and steps towards the Russian, and hears the sound of a gun loading behind him.The Nazi tells the American to get out of the way, which makes the American believe that the Nazi is actually the Russian.He's about to step back, but before he does he asks the Nazi to sing Russia's national anthem.The Nazi then shoots the American who then accidentally shoots the Russian as the Russian pulls out his gun and shoots the Nazi.The Nazi is dead and the American and Russian are bleeding out on the ground. It's night and snowing, so they both know their chances of survival are dim.The Ad merican asks who the Russian really is, and the Russian laughs, pulling out a pistol and shooting the American.The Russian stands up revealing an armor plate that protected him from the American's bullet, and exits the building to a small group of Russians, to whom he begins to speak Russian with. We fade to black as he begins to sing Russia's national anthem.

  32. Grant Smith says

    The American is distraught after the call and looks around then rushes to cover. Once in cover he is trying to rationalize to himself the pros and cons of what happened. At worst he wounded an ally at best he wounded an enemy. While he is doing this back and forth with himself that Nazi creeps up to the American from behind. The American hears the racking of his bolt action. He turns to see the Nazi who says "Hello comrade" pointing the rifle at him. The Nazi plays the part of Russian agent and convinces the American they need to track down the wounded Russian and kill him because he is the Nazi. The American falls for this trick till he notices the radio blip from the Nazi's bag as they hunt for the Russian. This all culminates in a stand off ala Sergio Leone in town square. The Nazi was given a unloaded gun by the American and dies in the duel. We end with the Russian and American still pointing at each other signifying the start of the cold war.

  33. Zion Wood says

    I'm gonna direct that movie

  34. Naxvid says

    I believe it would be unique if at the end of the movie the Nazis are the ones who win the world war and because of the mix up the Russian and American both kill each other and the Nazi gets the information on where their week points are and by enforcing them they win. i don't know tell me what you think.

  35. Noah Smith says

    Why doesn't the nazi who's stalking the American kill him? If the nazi can disguise himself so well, he should kill the American and take the Americans place in the meeting.

  36. Asa Fisher says

    The American is able to catch up to the Russian in a abandoned bar after a few minutes explaining everything and putting some alcohol on the Russian's woundFearing there won't be much time left for the Russian, he agree to write down the information, just then the a two gun fires goes off hitting the Russian in the back just missing his neck and the American in the shoulder the Russian falls behind the counter knocking over a few drinks that he and the American had not finished the Nazi appears from the back of the bar who pulls out a hand gun which he points at the American, meanwhile the Russian grabs a few bottles of beer and through them over the counter before throwing a match lighting the place upThe Nazi destacted by the fire his then hit in the face with a empty bottle forcing him to ground, the Russian screams at the American to run, which he doesThe American runs down the street towards the forest but then sees the Nazi chasing after him as the bar goes up in flames leaving the Russian character's fait unknownThe American then runs into the forest, he is almost hit by one of the bullets but it hits his radio instead which he throws at the NaziA few minutes pass and The Nazi and the American are now far into the forest, the Nazi is walking about then he hears a noise and investigates it he sees a ditch and slowly walks towards it believing that the American is there but then suddenly the American jumps out behind him and stabs him in the side of the neck. He falls to the ground having what looks like a fit with blood oozing out of his mouthThe American looks in horror before running off leaving the Nazi to die. Eventually he makes it to his truck and drives off still disturbed by the the fact he may have left two men to die but driven to get the mission done.After a few hours the truck runs out of fuel leaving the American have to take the rest of the journey by foot The American finally makes it back to base and gives them the information The Russian had written downHe falls down and looks back the way he came and then closes his eyes and dies THE END

  37. Pokemania says

    The Nazi american and Russian end up in a reservoir dogs esque situation and the American gets shot in the foot by the nazi and it is revealed at the end that the nazi switched the radios so the Russian is on the ground with them both at gunpoint the nazi declares that everyone must reach out to their command and see who responds he gets the Russian and American to kill each other

  38. Matt Beutner says

    The American guy hears a shot somewhere else in the town and ducks for cover. He hears a return shot but can't see anything. Then another shot from the original direction followed by a scream and then silence. Someone got hit, but with the emptiness of the valley and all the echoes he has no idea where they are. He just knows the Nazi and Russian were just shooting at each other. The American radios in and tells them everything, that he shot the Russian, the Russian is after him now, then as he got to cover the Nazi and Russian have fired on each other and one of them might be dead. The connection is bad, very static and he can't make out if it's the imposter voice but they say "If the Russian got hit you need to find him. We NEED that intel. You find him and get it before he dies." He's like "he thinks I'm the Nazi." "Not if the Nazi just shot at him. Go." As the American gets ready to run for it the radio cracks to life again with a Russian accent. This connection is crystal clear. "Is this the American?" He doesn't answer. The voice asks again. He decides no reason not to come clean so he responds, "Yes. Who's this?" The voice says it's the Russian and to stay put. He hit the Nazi but he's still out there. The American asks his condition, "I'll live. No thanks to you. But we need to work together to get out of this. What's your position?" "He's listening in I can't tell you that." "Fine. Stay on the line and stay put. Tell me if you see him." "How do I know I'm talking to the right guy?" "I guess you don't. But what option do you have?" So they wait and they watch. A night passes. He hears nothing from the radio or around him. The next morning the radio cracks to life and it's CLEARLY the American command, they say there's a German battalion approaching from the North, it just passed a scout, they're coming into the valley and he has maybe 1.5 hrs till they're on top of him." The American curses and before he can react further his radio EXPLODES as a bullet strikes it. He dives for the ground and covers up behind the little wall as two more bullets strike the wall uselessly, he's fine. Then he hears the crack of a return shot. Whether he was talking to him or not the night before the Russian is still alive. Knowing he has no time the American makes a break into the street. Bullets are occasionally firing back and forth and he spots that one of the snipers is in a bell tower. (Real cliche but it works). Good vantage point of the whole town.He stays hidden, not knowing if that's the friendly or not, and not wanting to reveal himself, but he does see the bell tower sniper fires toward another. building closer to him—the other sniper' gotta be there. They have a line of sight to have been firing at him earlier as well. But it's much lower to the ground, lots of cover around. Whoever that is, he can sneak up on em much easier. So he does. He makes his way there, gets inside and gets the drop on someone dressed just like the Russian he shot earlier. Looks like him and everything, even the bullet wound in the area the American shot him the day before. But remember the German is a disguise guy, AND supposedly he got shot as well. The American has his gun on him and has this guy drop his. He starts questioning him, the Russian has all the right answers, the reason they're there, the intel drop. All the while this building is getting occasionally hit with sniper fire from the other shooter, these guys are in cover but the other shooter is keeping them pinned down. The Russian hands over the intel and its gibberish, he says it's a cypher and the American will need him alive to decode it, but it's got clearance codes or whatever on it that check out. This is the guy. The American decides to help him take out the other shooter. The Russian's plan is for the American (because he isn't wounded and is mobile), to go outside and get around behind the bell tower and take out the other shooter while the Russian sends cover fire. So they do it. The American gets into the bell tower, gets behind the other shooter, who is dressed very similar to the Russian and looks just like him, and The American blows him away. The guy falls out of the bell tower to the ground. The American comes over to look at the dead body and as he does he sees some papers sticking out of the pocket of the jacket. He bends down and picks them up…it's the information he came to get in normal English, the same clearance codes, he's been played. Before he can react the German blows him away still from cover and The American dies as the German battalion enters the town.

  39. Justin Lourenco says

    American: Who is he? I'll just imagine for now because you've given us no information on character that the American is someone who has trouble "trusting" people in his life — if this is the major conflict that's happened all through the movie (it seems like it is esp with the lowest point being him shooting the wrong guy). THEN it's obvious the final confrontation will have to have to involve him losing his "weapon" his ability to kill the Nazi and he will have to then GAIN trust of the man he shot — IF he even can — it's really hard to know if this will happen — if it doesn't it could be a tragedy where no one changes. Bottom line: The climax of the film is Reservoir Dogs in a burnt out village/valley where there are no guns being pointed at anyone and it's just PRIMAL tooth and nail (using nature somehow – it would be great if the Russian was great at building traps or was great at something that gives him a primal edge in combat) — anyway, the final climax is a fight to the death tooth and nail –AND the 3rd act reveal is the NAZI telling them potentially to trust him as he wants to make a deal and can get them to where they need to get — The tragic version of this ends in violence where the American never learns — the more exciting fun version leads to a surprise double reversal where they work with the Nazi and as a team go toward the goal.The name of the film is operation he needed the information about.'You still need to tell us who the Russian and the Nazi are — but there's your ending. Roughly…Nazi: Who is he?Russian: Who is he?

  40. Angry Scotsman says

    Before the russian dies, he calls for back-up, other russians are on the way. The cards turn. Seeing an easy prey, the german attacks the American. But the American tricks him, disarms him and they fight. The German destroys the documents he was to give to the Russian, so the American realizes he must take him alive. German gets the upper hand and is about to kill the American. Russian back-up gets there, they see the german, and a Russian sniper takes the shot, killing the German, leaving no way of getting the plans.

  41. Phill says

    I think it would be interesting if you drew out who the Nazi was until the end, perhaps it could end similar to the end of "The Thing", that let's say the American has been temporarily disabled and he must make the decision to believe that this other person is Russian or the nazi.  Or if you like plot twist finish the way I interpreted the way you were saying it, and during the climax of the film, the American believes he is killing the Nazi but is actually killing the Russian. After a few moments, the Nazi kills the American. And if none of that helps then I would say that this such a distinct point in time where the second world war is about to end, and the Nazis are losing. along with the uneasy friendship with the Russians. the whole film could be a metaphor for our relations with the Russians or the way the war ended.

  42. napppstar0 says

    Here's my 2 cents. You pitched it as the American was talking to American Intelligence the whole time and then the nazi intercepted but what if it wasn't the nazi by himself but nazi intelligence. The whole operation was a honey pot, the guy in the village was unware was a POW and the sniper just shot a POW. I don't know where to go from there though.

  43. Mattman Comics says

    Stone Cold Steve Austin comes outta nowhere and gives a Stone Cold Stunner to everybody but the American. Then pulls out some Stevewisers and they crack a few cold ones over the bodies. The End.

  44. Maxwell Marte says

    Change it just a tiny bit, do a Doodlebug type thing where they're all the same guy so when he shoots the guy in the burned down village in the back he too gets shot in the back, boom now it's sci fi

  45. CJ Cruz says

    Your audience is expecting the twist to be that somebody is not who we've been lead to believe he is, so we can't do anything like that. So I think you introduce a new fourth party that's like "I'M the Russian", so then the main guys like "then who the hell are the other two?".

  46. teth_ official says

    why not end it there? the soldier runs out to see the body, realizes he shot the wrong guy, and we leave him there screaming in paranoia and fear. He's now a nervous wreck, crying, screaming, and we end on a shot of a sniper' s scope looking at him.

  47. Count Heratic says

    final flash back completly in Russian reveals the American was actually the first russian sleeper created from a nazi, set up in world war two brain washed to believe he was american so as to collect plans from america for russia to stock pile, the "russian" in the town was actually a suspicious american soldier trying to figure out who this out of place "american" is doing and the nazi in the woods is just the brain washing manifestation of paranoia. the first "american" voices where the russians using code words to keep him believing in there lie, until america actually intercepts breaking his trance, causing fir a split second violent reaction until russia can gane control again. ending with an american bleeding out behind rubble as someone hes never met screams in a russian accent, which is the first time we hear his voice in the oppisite perspective, that hes the american hes sorry, while russian plays over his radio

  48. CJ Rocky says

    then they all poo on each others heads 🙂

  49. Supreme says

    What if the American was a sleeper agent and was nazi the whole time and the code word that changed back to a nazi was said over the radio message. What if the whole movie is the lead man trying to figure out if he's a sleeper agent for America or Germany and he doesn't know what's real and what's not

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