Explore – Philippines – Manila to Mindanao 4 of 4 – BBC Travel Documentary


Explore – Philippines – Manila to Mindanao 4 of 4 – BBC Travel Documentary, recorded 05.03.2011

Simon Reeve leads a team of journalists on a journey of discovery in the Philippines, from the staggering scenery of the mountainous rice terraces in the north, to the war-torn Muslim regions of the south.

In the capital, Manila, population pressure has led to some surprising consequences. The city’s largest cemetery has become home to a thriving community, who look after the tombs of the rich but also have their own schools and shops. The country is still in some political turmoil and a long-running communist insurgence has led to allegations of illegal killings by the army. Simon meets a general known as ‘The Butcher’.

Simon also has a surreal encounter from the past – an interview with Imelda Marcos, who is marketing a new line in beauty products. It’s a stunning country with bizarre wild life and a population of tropical ‘Sea Gypsies’ whose lifestyle is feeling pressure from the modern world..

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  1. ayg vlogerz says

    Thanks for the news

  2. Gumamela Flower says

    This teacher is the one of the "dangerous person who promote hatred"..why don't we just live in harmony and peace…practice each other religion…

  3. The Truth says

    I am a Filipino Canadian and here in Canada there is a similar problem.  Its a difference of two cultures we call Anglophone and Francophone and yet although there are, there always will be and even at one time almost a complete separation from state huge differences.  Canadians as a whole have managed to stay together…  live together and being one of the G7, grown successfully together.  Had there been a division in Canada, we certainly would not be where we are today.  Just look at Britain now, with Brixit.  Their economy is suffering and its looking like its going to get worse.  The teachers should be teaching similarities instead of differences and yet, they would still be owners of their land.  A better investigative news segment would have asked, "why do the Mindanaons feel so threatened" to prefer war over peace.

  4. Rusty McNeal says

    What about the Christians and other Filipino minorities in Mindanao. Doesn't the Philippines have a responsibility not to abandon them to the revolutionists?

  5. Joseph Maestrado says

    BBC, how dare you to make a bias documentary about Mindanao. You have just uttered from your mouth that Mindanao is the second largest island in the Philippines. Only a portion of it is "dominantly occupied" by Filipino muslims and not all muslim areas are in war against the government. Therefore, do not make a report telling that Mindanao seems to be generally in big trouble because it's not.

  6. Freddie Domingo says

    how can one unite a country when people like that teacher exist

  7. jessa bodols says

    muslim teacher is headstrong

  8. brent craig says

    hypocrite teacher…she says, she doesn't recommend war but teaching her student to rebel. rebellion itself is equal war. the Philippines government is just trying to unit the whole country. why can't you live in peace.

  9. andrej cruz says

    I agree with Mrs. Abu bakr, Bangsamoro is actually not a part of the Philippines. it should be an independent sultanate. Philippine government has no right to claim Mindanao. history that was thought in school is full of deception and alteration.

  10. Albert Samuel says

    Did she say that their fathers are mujahideen?! A mujahideen by the way is a person who is engaged in Jihad–a war against non-believers!!

  11. kidzrod says

    I am a Christian from mindanao but I have many Muslim friends back when I was in college.. I just want to clear some things about this documentary, 1st mindanao has many Christians too, 2nd not all places in mindanao are at war, I am born and raised here in a certain province in mindanao but since I was born I haven't experience any war.. And I don't like what that teacher teaches her student that can only aggrevate the conflict between Christians and Muslims here in mindanao..I remember when I was a child my teachers taught us to love each other including our fellow Muslims because we are brothers and sisters because we are all FILIPINO.. I respect the Muslim history but that does it means Christians will get out from mindanao and Muslims will take over the island? Why can't that teacher teaches those children to love each other and set aside the religious differences? separating mindanao from Philippines does that means peace to you? I'm sure many Christians will not agree if that will happen and that can possibly start to another conflict between Chistians and Muslims so there's no absolute peace with that..Why not live peace together and set aside our religious difference because we are all human beings here and we are all FILIPINO.. If that's what her perspective is then it does not promotes peace, it teaches the children to be a future rebels.. I also personally don't like some of our politicians but I don't think that's the good idea to change it..

  12. Herman Nucleosis says

    That teacher was rather bigoted

  13. kudzaipe cana says

    She was my professor in PRINCIPLE OF ISLAMIC EDUCATION and ISLAMIC THEOLOGY… A GOOD LEADER and Truly mu'hminah…
    One among the wide thinker women of BANGSAMORO….

  14. Jove Tag says

    That teacher is an idiot. Her ancestors came from indonesia, malaysia or other part of asian countries populated by muslims which was influenced by middle eastern countries and turned them into muslims themselves. There were already native people that live on that part of the country way even before they came and/or arrived to that region. And yet, they're claiming it as their land. That's bull shit… And then there's this family who claims that the whole philippine country belongs to them and yet, my ancestors from northern luzon(Sierra Madre) where i was born, whom were called head hunters from long long time ago were not even related to them and there were no muslims even up to these days. Heck, if i'm the owner of a whole country, i would be spreading my seeds all over from north, south, east, and west. Just like the indians( native americans) do. America is one of the biggest continent and the native americans were all over the place. My point is let's just live in peace and let the philippines be the PHILIPPINES as we know today and keep improving slowly… And not seperating the country. Damn it!!! LOL!:-D

  15. Royal Balasuela says

    Can someone answer me from muslim? why we cant be united? As a christian in this country i dont care of religion, when it comes to nationality, and we are brothers, i just dont like the idea of separation in that land, its just stupidity,or selfishness by their leaders to have power. In the world now we are trying to be as one like UN. Stp this stupidity and be peaceful..

  16. Ana Ligan says

    So sad,truly sad,we the parents should be the first teachers to our children the true value of life,peace and obedience. Teachers are our second parents and are expected to do the same. My closest friend is a muslim, a daughter of a Hajj, educated in Christian school but never ended up like this. Mindanao is multi-cultural and not pre-dominantly Muslim as it was described here. Even this mind-setting reach out in United Kingdom, and was denied British Citizenship because he declared himself as Bangsamoro as Nationality instead of Filipino. So awkward and yet sad. I was born and raised in Davao City, where Muslim and Christians live peacefully together. There's is no DELINQUENT CHILDREN, but only DELINQUENT PARENTS/TEACHERS. We REAP what we SOW. Always plants TRUTH and PEACE and You will HARVEST it. 

  17. Hannah Ventura says

    teach love not war.. it s better to humble ourselves, love, and respect each other muslims or christians… and respect your goverment… teach your students to live their life to the fullest  not waste their life on hatred and war.

  18. Vincent Edgar Lisondra says

    lol! the teacher teaches the students to rebel against the republic of the philippines. pretty choreographed 😀 haha

  19. Bloggins says

    Pretty one sided documentary.

  20. Alan Olandag says

    The teacher taught against the unity of the Philippines!

  21. Alan Olandag says

    very treacherous teacher!

  22. Homer Bulos says

    That teacher should be put to jail for rebellion.

  23. surfcasualms says

    bangsmoro are one of many peoples living on Mindanao and not the oldest. many tribes were around thousands of years before muslims arrived and other groups live in peace and contribute to there peoples heritage and honor. it was distasteful for lonely planet to allow a political agenda to taint there documentary, and the teacher was dishonorable to air such hatred, she exposed herself for her hatred.

  24. nexypointy says

    Not 100% muslim area would say 30%?

  25. Rudi Chinchilla says

    Same thing with Catalonia Spain, with the exception that Catalonia is rich and has most of Spain s industry within its borders and would like after getting independence from a country they belonged for over 400 years, to keep exploiting the rest of Spain

  26. zai says

    ha ???? ang guro rin pala ang isa sa may kasalanan kaya di matapos tapos ang PATAYAN SA MINDANAO!!!! 

  27. Servb17 says

    I am waiting for a student to raise his hand and ask the teacher why they could just practice their religion and live peacefully with Christians.. their religion is promoting peace and so the christians.. I am sure that the problem is not the religion itself the problem is these Bangsamoro fighters who dont fight for their own people but for their own benefit they are 10% of people living in Mindanao they dont have the right to claim it like a boss.. independence would not always solve the problem instead they should teach her student to live in diversity and unity and PEACE

  28. Servb17 says

    that muslim teacher is promoting hatred instead of peace and unity!!! what kind of human is she! Mindanao is for all people living on it not for a certain group of people

  29. arabelle gray says

    im from mindanao my jaw dropped when i heard the teacher teach her children about getting back the land…her face is full of hatred and she teach the kids to be hateful instead of teaching them peace..that is sad.

  30. bangwi a says

    wtf, no wonder rebellion never ends, they are teaching kids there to rebel against the country.  What is the DECS doing?  That is not part of the curriculum. 

  31. Botokoy Jaramillo says

    i am from Mindanao and i don't like the teacher who teaches her students about bangsamoro. she creates segregation among Filipinos.

  32. Jelemy Rin Karin says

    during the time of Spanish in the Philippines, Filipino farmers has to pay taxes and labor doesn't recieved just wages, that's why they revolt agains t the Spanish government. Revolution intensifies when many Filipinos able to study abroad. This almost similar to American Independence from England. When Benjamin Franklin went to London he noticed that English Government were enjoying the taxes from Americans. Maharlikans were already civilized before the Spanish came. Please read more history.

  33. Jelemy Rin Karin says

    how about the non-muslim native especially the bagobo tribes and tribes in davao down to saranggani.

  34. Kuya Kano says

    Salamat and THANK YOU! I am sick and tired of these over-dramatized propaganda-like documentaries about the Philippines. I try to watch documentaries about the Philippines, but about 75% of them are FALSE AND MISLEADING. My wife is of the Yntig family in Mindanao. Yes, there is occasional violence, but NOT so dangerous like this soap-opera like documentary falsely portrays. As a Kano, I still LOVE the Philippines. There is a lot we can learn from their cheerful and resilient culture.

  35. Cid Bunansa says

    Who's fault was that, that made Muslims homeless… Why don't they just live in harmony with the country's mixed religions and cultures. Muslim insurgents started the conflict, they will pay for it. Geez!

  36. fone dev says

    the woman is talking nonsense

  37. Kim Fox says

    That teacher is a fake she brainwashthose children for terrorism

  38. fundiver198 says

    According to the free online encyclopedia wikipedia 10% of the population in Mindanao is muslim and not 35% as claimed by some in this discussion. I have to site with those complaining, that this film is very 1-sited and lacking in depth analysis. How about the other 90% of the population in Mindanao? Where are they? And where is the concern for their rights and their lives? Also calling Mindanao a "war zone" is a huge exaggeration, when the world also has places like, say, Syria.

  39. edward scissorman says

    good point sir,that teacher is a fake i hope dep ed look up to that,and that bbc reporter is so dumb….

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