A bad day for the Blues at Stamford Bridge, as Chelsea took all three points from a clash of two teams seeking European football next term. Carlo Ancelotti’s return to his former club didn’t go as planned, with Dominic Calvert-Lewin narrowly missing Everton’s best chance, but in truth Frank Lampard’s side were the better team and won thanks to goals from Mason Mount, Pedro, Willian and Olivier Giroud.

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  1. Oyedele Temitope says

    The only reason I subscribed to Everton is because they lost

  2. Eden Hazard says

    thank you for uploading such a good highlights of 10 minutes

  3. hamza tahir says

    Zyech ⁦??⁩⁦??⁩⁦??⁩⁦??⁩

  4. Ra F says

    Totteli braziliyen maajiq

  5. Jan Pažourek says

    Thank you everton for uploading these highlights, class act

  6. Adoet Herculest says


  7. yrevli5 says

    Mad respect for uploading this

  8. Teguh Hidayat says


  9. Yashwanth G says

    Thanks for the video, Everton. No idea why Chelsea's channel doesn't have the detailed highlight.


    As a chelsea fan ross needs to get a move on with development.

  11. RED ACTORSES says

    Gilmour assisted the assist 3 times

  12. Akif_S.Rahman 12 says

    Ancelotti back to Stamford Bridge ??

  13. Roshan Gurung says

    Thank you everton football club for the video.

  14. FinnishPolitics And Play Channel_420 says

    When Ancelotti and Lampard hug each other. I almost cried.

  15. Paul Kath says

    always so funny to see giroud celebrate, he needs to stay

  16. battle creed says

    пуст такой счет случится против баварии

  17. IE says

    They should have stuck with Duncan Ferguson as manager.

  18. Jordan Wolverine says

    Zouma still doing some mistakes

  19. PCY EXO -L says

    0:40 I love this moment.

  20. Ars K says

    Please give Willy a contract extension. Hes still has got at least a year or two of top football in him.



  22. nii_amart says

    Rewatching this in preparation for the epl returning soon. Hope we continue with the form we had before the pause

  23. Taufik Hidayat says

    Willian ??

  24. Amit Ezuthachan says

    Toffees x Pensioners ??✌️

  25. Joey WHITE says

    Let's go CHELSEA Let's go!!!?

  26. Arabo Moni says

    Just watch the Video peacefully and be quite rubber fans, this is football


    Who else here Chelsea fan?

  28. Sj Antz says

    Barkley shouting at gilmour to get in the changing rooms for halftime instead of helping the everton player on the ground?

  29. Zenadine Al aufaa says

    I like mason mount celebration

  30. Benjamin Franklin says

    Zuma must know when to collect a yellow card 4 the team, that was the time. At 2:1, the game would have been different. Learn Zuma

  31. Lucky Glover says

    Whenever I was this match done I miss football

  32. Navneet Wadhera says

    0:40 Frank offers a handshake and Carlo's like, 'c'mere my boy, give me a hug'.. Love it!

  33. FinnishPolitics And Play Channel_420 says

    Thanks from a chelsea fan. Proper highlights.

  34. Sam Johnson says

    Michael Keane there with all the speed of a cruise ship in mud

  35. R H says

    I thought this was Chelsea's channel 🙁

  36. Dave Junior says


  37. 420Stoner says

    We need to keep Willam rather than sell him for a good 2 more years

  38. Neil Dickson says

    how good is Barkley serious id take him over jorginho any day

  39. Ose King says

    I love it

  40. Lisa Chelsea says

    Pedro married everton

  41. Perniya Ali says


  42. Prince Hamdan says

    Greetings from the royal family

  43. Tony J says

    Next season Billy kova kante ,or Billy kovacic mount

  44. George Fulton says

    Young Billy gilmour was the start of every goal

  45. Thato Sibuyi says


  46. Hrayr Harutyunyan says

    Come on Blues Come on my lifeCome on Cfc

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