1. prajwal poojary says

    hello brother i have ipad pro 2020 11" and i have 6 in 1 usb c hub but it wont allow more thn one device at a time so do u have any solution or setting is to be chnaged?

  2. Brandon Plain says

    Can you download files to an SSD?

  3. Prosenjit Ghosh says

    Ipad 32gb 10.2 ipados13.1 is good for students ?? & Diff. Btw ipados and iOS , which is better ?? Please say

  4. Soumen pal says

    useless apple ipados.only few file format the just supports,apples developers are far old than any other operating system

  5. michbest says

    Can you install apps and games on externall storage? Will they work from externall storage?

  6. oso fine says

    What about optical drives like Apple’s SuperDrive? I have a ton of old files backed up onto CD-ROMs that I would love to be able to access on my iPad. I understand that iOS and iPadOS don’t have any software for watching movies on DVDs or Blu-ray Disks, but can Files grab files off a disk? Thanks!

  7. Valentino Luggen says

    “Everything you should know” and forgot to say if you finaly can offload files from the ipad to external drive…..anybody?

  8. spidennis says

    What is said is some devices won’t power up. I have a few external enclosures that I put hard drives in from dead computers. They have a power jack on them. So if I plug in the proper power supply I could be in business?

  9. Orosz-Léhner Máté Máté says

    I connected my camera and the whole app froze up, when I copy to HDD drives (exFAT) it copies the stuff, but after they can’t be seen from the iPad only from my PC Can someone help me please?

  10. David Lane says

    Ok, looks like apple finally converted me from Android, at least partly. I'll likely never get an iPhone, but since I'm able to freely move files to and from an iPad, Android has finally lost the single most important advantage it had over apple, in my eyes. That coupled with the fantastic drawing and musical aspects of the iPad makes this a must have for me

  11. Josh garcia says

    Random question, but what size iPad is this?

  12. Michael Maurer says

    Does this mean I can use a hub to transfer .raw files between an SD card and an external hard drive?

  13. tasmin says

    this is wonderful but i cannot handle how you say "external" with the emphasis on "ex" and not "ter"

  14. Anne Liang says

    HI! Hope you can answer me…. How much Volts/wattage/power did you use or need to be able to use 2 external hard dive at the same time? Planning to buy the 8in1 uni hud too…. do I need to buy a more powerful pd charger?

  15. Howard Send says

    Can you copy files from iPad Pro to an external drive? Video wasn’t clear.

  16. Evy F says

    Great video! Some ssd work with iPhone 11 and iPad and some don’t work! ssd we passport works well on iPad but not with iPhone iOS 13! That means I need to get another ssd for iphone

  17. TEAM WEIRDO -by Ted Nemeth says

    QUESTION FOR THE GANG HERE: i have the iPad Pro – how do you find out how much storage is left on an external drive? I checked everywhere and does not display. THanks

  18. Bizybee says

    You don't really mention what format the hard drive needs to be, I'm guessing NTFS works then?

  19. Bruno Soric says

    Great video! However my LaCie Rugged only shows a "LaCie Share" folder in the files app, cant access any media? Any suggestions?

  20. zeel patel says

    Will a Seagate slim hdd 1tb work on my ipad air?!!

  21. Most Known As Perú says

    Please link for all accessories you are using, so we can buy them

  22. q keyy says

    can we move word documents, pdfs and stuff now??

  23. Anders M. Johansen says

    can you install apps on the external drives?

  24. Stefan Triffitt says

    How do you create a folder in the “on my iPad” tab?

  25. Iron Cladzmen says

    Does SuperDrive work on iphone

  26. Nick G says

    Can I edit videos on iMovie on my iPad on a usb device?

  27. Joseph Lozada says

    Can you show me how to export videos and photo from IPad Pro to USB Flash Drive

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