EYANRE 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2020 Adebayo Salami| Lateef Adedimeji| Ayo Mogaji|Aduni Ade| Kokozaria|


The concluding part of the lovely movie Eyanre starring Adebayo Salami, Olaiya Igwe, Lateef Adedimeji, Aduni Ade, Binta Ayo Mogaji, Koko Zaria, Funsho Adeolu, Muyideen Oladapo, Ayo Adesanya, Faridat Olanrewaju Ola Oriki and many more

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  1. Raliat Offaleke says

    Allihamdulilah, it only God that can judge This is a mater piece and a great lesson to us all especially our religion leaders Libratv adupe ooooo

  2. fajobi Opeyemi says

    Interesting movie ???

  3. Anny babe says

    What an interesting and educating movie truly is only God that know good person…. Don't judge anyone God is the only one that can judge.

  4. Temitoro Talabi says

    Very interesting movie,God bless u sir pa adebayo salami.

  5. Omowunmi Juliana says

    Abeg who is waiting to watch last straw just like me….?????

  6. Kejiola Shade says

    Allhau Akbaru olorun lo mo eyan ree

  7. Hajiah Rofee'ah Harnikeola says

    What an Excellence movie… Olorun lo m'eyan re ummKudos to all cast ??

  8. Princess Msk says

    Wow interested fantastic educated, saheed ifeareye I can feel yr voice ,kudos to you all thank for uploading

  9. Olabisi Fadairo says

    Hmmmm…. sheikh olohunlo mo eeyanre ni awijare tie but there are lots of tgose we call scholars dat are deep in all these wrongdoings dat u will be ashamed to be a muslim or Christian sef. We know those alfas dat will travel to dubai and book hitel rooms with girlfriends. Even those dat didnt travel to exercise their adultery, are practicing theirs back home. They av tasted all their mureedah finish….mtcheeeew. olohun lo mo eeyan re looto.

  10. Adejoke Dorcas says

    Olorun lomo eyanre great work much love to all d crew and cast interesting movies great work thanks for uploading libratv

  11. Kehinde Toyin says

    Here watching

  12. Adisa Tajudeen says

    This is very interesting movie,kudos to the crew

  13. Olamide Adeola says

    ???… ? ????? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?????????… ??? ????? ?????? ?? ???????? ???? ?????????…?????? ??? ? ??????*

  14. muftau mariam says

    Alhamdulillah…..In this life don't judge a book by it cover…..Is only God that can judge us…..I love dis movie……There are alot of moral lessons in this movie ….

  15. Olatunde Olaosebikan says

    So touching…. Only God knows the good person.,… Kudos sir daddy bello…

  16. femi gentle says

    Evangelist Shehu Olorunlomeeyanre

  17. Obafemi Adeleye says

    This movie?….?????

  18. Nassirath Adjoke says

    This part got me ? SHEU with that Skinny girl ohunlor otitun lor???? very interesting end olorun Loma eyanre kudos to all the crew and cast Job Weldone thanks for uploading the concluded part Libra TV

  19. Islam momtwin Salawudeen Atolagbe says

    Alihamdlahi, mashallah ????Riyadh Saudi Arabia

  20. Thom sapurcel says

    Allihamdulilah, it only be God

  21. mary sokoya says

    Hey guys!!!. Let’s stop this fancy of ‘ I’m here bcos of my favorites, first to comment, where are my darling partners’. The comment section is not for all the fancies. Thank you ??

  22. Ramat Adebisi says

    Hmmm olohun lomo eyan re

  23. Hamdalat Taofeek says

    This interesting

  24. Augustina Tina says

    Wow so interesting

  25. N_ Alexx says

    Jesus is lord intresting movie

  26. lawal omowunmi says

    very educating .i love this movie .part 1 and 2 100%


    Such an intresting and educating movie #omo #ologo #didan with #melody voice OLAORI more wisdom by God's Grace

  28. Gsf Fav says

    Kemi Akinola very interesting movie kudos u all

  29. Ibrahim Justina says

    Very nice movie….. thanks for uploading

  30. derbs kts says

    great movie Love it love it love it! Thanks for upload

  31. Morufat Akeula says

    Nice one mammi @olaoriki

  32. Oyenike Banke says

    Interesting movie ???

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