Family Reunited After Over Three Decades (Cambodia news in Khmer)


A Cambodian family has reunited after being split by the Khmer Rouge more that 30 years ago. Their reunification is like a dream come true, family members said. VOA Khmer’s Mony Say reports from Phnom Penh.

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  1. Thy Da says

    សោកនាដកម្មនេះក្រួសារខ្មែរជាច្រើនបានឆ្លងកាត៉ គ្រាន៉តែខ្លះបានជួបជុំទោះបីជាយូរឫឆាប៉ ចំណែកអ្នកខ្លះទៀតក៍បែកជារៀងរហូតគ្មានថ្ងៃត្រឡប៉ តួយ៉ាង លោកឳពុក បងប្រុស ប្អូនប្រុសខ្ញុំជាដើម។ នេះមិននិយាយដល៉ មីង ពូ អុ៌ ដែលឃ្លាតទៅទាំងគ្រួសារ ត្រូវស្លាប៉ផុតពូជតែម្តង។ ខ្ញុំស្អប់របប ខ្មែរក្រហម អាវខ្មៅ បាតដៃប្រលាក៉ឈាម

  2. bunthy nou says

    Ah ! Bo make me cry too man I've seen all this just today on youTube . What's a life .

  3. Rithea Tls says

    nzdncn z ⛍🏝⛍⛍🏝r🏢yť⛍🍅yu õ 🏝ing

  4. Sochee Ly says

    My mom is in search of my dad mom’s sister, name vann chom! My mom name is kaatong(from battambong khao-ee-daung) moun us my dad’s name! 🙏🏼 in hope to find love ones 🙏🏼

  5. Sarady Kim says


  6. Srey Nep says


  7. Julie Lach says

    This video is really emotional n sad

  8. 100% Human says


  9. DNM KH says


  10. bernie says

    I didn't understand a word but I didn't need to how sad and happy god bless

  11. Mongkul O'dom says

    Such an amazing story, happy for them..

  12. Cub Tiger says

    For someone who lose relative during the war. You can contact " It not a dream program" to find them. They did lots of amazing cases. It is free of charge. Why don't you try.

    type "it is not a dream Bayon" and have a look

  13. Snaehbongmouy says

    very choking for me this reuniting has brought tears to my eyes i too lost an eldest sister since 1973 and when 1975 she disappeared i dont know how to begin searching for her it would be a dream come true for my mom if i can locate my sister in cambodia her name is Chheang Prem

  14. 9011combo says

    Wow brings me tears….happy ending!!!good video

  15. GoneDead3 says

    dam khmer rouge

  16. HydnBB2 says

    Very touching.

  17. sunnisa says

    So sad and touching!!

  18. Thoeun Lim says

    I just want to know about how he had been servived when the khmer rouge tried to kill him two times. Can you make interview him again and post it as public ? It was a terrible story when i saw this family reunion .

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