1. ananya aparajita says

    I want to name my daughter Megan. But Megan gave me an idea. It could be juts Pinoe.

  2. Flat Earth Facts v's Brainwashed mathdebaters says

    Twitter are controlling information and delete accounts that tell the truth… the virus is a hoax

  3. Megan M says

    Pressy is the sweetest

  4. Joaco Luchi says


  5. Eman Wm says


  6. Eman Wm says


  7. Hello Bye says

    I would like their signature tattoo on my arm tho 😂

  8. cartman'sadumbass 34 says

    I think instead of Mal the person was talking about Tobin because Tobin got punched in the face during a match in the NWSL

  9. Sarah Vu says

    A drinking game should be made, every time someone says bad ass the person playing should take a shot.

  10. lo says

    Badass women right here. Also Ashlyn harris is tooo cute

  11. Skylar Collins says

    They are all amazing. i love them so much. And Becky is mainly known for her rolled up sleeves.

  12. Cecil Treadwell says

    Christen Press IS cute and bad ass at the same time.She makes it happen while having the brightest smile.Same things hold true for Tobin Heath.

  13. Adam Ramirez says

    Alex=GOAT 🐑🇺🇸💪 Hope I can meet her someday.

  14. Matilde Manzetti says

    I'm definitely in love with Christen Press

  15. aarioch2 says

    Grrreat ! Thanks for uploading, thanks for reading US-Team and especially @alexmorgan13 (killingly funny – all thumbs up) annnd…   …thanks kELbEL !!   :-))

  16. i’m outside ur window says

    No Tobin?? Idk how to watch this vid properly now

  17. Joshua Tree says

    Mal Pugh is WCE

  18. gjaddajg says

    SO BADASS!!!….. to lose to a bunch of schoolboys :PUS Women's National Team vs U15 boys squad: 2-5
    US Women's National Team vs U17 boys squad: 2-8

  19. Samantha Slocum says

    All I can say BADASS

  20. Stephen Richey says

    Okay, for a more creative change from "badasses," I'll go with Amazon Gladiator Goddesses.

  21. Anita MilanLovatic says

    This show how badass Tobin Heath because she's not in the video but people keep asking about her..

  22. Lost On you says

    Ohh christen press the sweetest badass ever without competition , I mean look at her 🔥🔥🔥💗

  23. Zina says

    I'm at that point where I have a crush on everyone in the team. Literally everyone

  24. Lara Hansen says

    Press can you stop being the love of my life?

  25. ADCxoDPC says

    Christen Press is just stunning 🥰 I have a strange urge to be kicked in the face by her 😂😂

  26. P 1 says

    " Your mom is gonna kill Me " 😂

  27. Ciara Ramirez says

    Omg I love you guys I wish to become one of you some day you are the people that inspire me to play soccer and keep dreaming and never give up

  28. m tompkins1441 says


  29. KAG Trek says

    Alex Morgan reading those tweets 😍😍🤤🤤

  30. Haleigh Miles says

    I had Ali Krieger sign my arm and got it tattooed 😂 one of my fav tats i have!

  31. Vivian Echo says

    “are you gonna name her Megan? i wouldn’t but you can- maybe just Pinoe 🤷🏼‍♀️” AHAHA I LOVE HER

  32. amanda cck says

    please do a thirst tweet video with them SKDHSKDH

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