Fashion blogger & travel TV host interview: La Carmina on Urban Rush, Shaw TV Canada talk show


Fashion blogger LA CARMINA – – on Canadian TV talk show, Urban Rush. In her 8-minute interview, she chats about Tokyo shopping, New York Fashion Week, speaking at IFB Conference, and her adorable earless cat.

Do you like her Nurse-Punk outfit? For more PHOTOS and details about what she’s wearing, see this blog post.

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LA CARMINA – – is a pop culture / travel / fashion TV host (Travel Channel, Food Network, CNN), prominent blogger, author of 3 books (Penguin USA and Random House), coolhunter and journalist for AOL Travel / Huffington Post.

TV HOST: La Carmina has appeared on The Today Show and co-hosted an
episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern for Travel Channel, which
airs in 75 countries. NHK Japan filmed two documentaries about her work;
recent TV hosting and arranging credits include Food Network, Dutch Pepsi, Sony Australia, Canal Plus France, Belgium TV, Norway TV, Fuel / Discovery
/ National Geographic, and CNN International. Presenting reel:

TRAVEL SHOW: She hosts, writes, arranges and field produces a “Coolhunting America” travel TV show for Huffington Post / AOL. La Carmina travels and scouts out underground attractions and bizarre subcultures, starting with Wisconsin. First episode – La Carmina has debuted a new series, “Travel SOS,” where she answers travel questions with celebrity co-stars.

COOLHUNTER : She runs a trend consulting / TV hosting and arranging
company: La Carmina & The Pirates. The crew specializes in Cool
Japan, style, music, art, design and youth subcultures. (

BLOGGER + JOURNALIST: Her popular blog – has been featured in major publications (The New Yorker, Washington Post, WWD, Cosmopolitan, Vogue Italia, LA Times). She is a travel and pop culture journalist for CNN, and Huffington Post / AOL. La Carmina was one of the world’s top style bloggers invited to LuisaViaRoma’s Firenze4Ever, in 2011 and 2012, and will speak at Independent Fashion Bloggers conference at NY Fashion Week.

AUTHOR: She’s written 3 books about Jpop culture for major publishers (Random House, Penguin USA). These include Cute Yummy Time (about decorating food to look adorable) and Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo (maid cafes, cat cafes, vampire and ninja restaurants). La Carmina is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School. More about her books:

FASHION DESIGNER: La Carmina designs clothing with various fashion brands. She recently released the HOPE t-shirt collection, and Soho Hearts Swarovski panda necklace, with funds going to Japan’s earthquake and tsunami victims. More:

CONTACT: For more info and to work with her, please visit La Carmina’s website –
EMAIL – gothiccarmina at gmail dot-com

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  1. Fred K says

    This fashion video is cute Sklyfashion22 😀

  2. MissLadyYuki says

    I love japan too… Cn I get a makeover???

  3. Celiala says

    Aw she seems so nice!

  4. 8blackemo says

    luv ur style just luv it 🙂

  5. shauku77 says

    wooohoo! I really enjoyed the interview. You did a great job there =D

  6. Saskiax says

    @Nightberrii thats exacly what I thought!

  7. Saskiax says

    This is so awesome! I wish that we can express ourselves all over the world without bei ng judged! Here in Holland there are a few lolita's and they always get yelled at and stared at. Normal is just boring

  8. Matthew Madden says

    amazing interview! ^_^

  9. JustAPrayer says

    I wish I lived in Canada so I could've seen this on TV. Will definetly be checking back when you do the makeovers. Can't wait for that. 🙂

  10. theREaLFRiCTIoN says

    lol! i got so happy when i saw this on my subscribe list XDD
    yay la Carmina! you look wonderful and this is a great interview, you seem so comfortable

  11. DarkR0ze says

    @lacarmina I would like to see that! You could give them Before and After transformation video clip 😛

  12. Theminniemalice says

    basil farrow use to be Mia Farrow's cat?! WHUT? O_O

  13. Perry Jakobs says

    @lacarmina Alrighty! I can't wait! ^^

  14. La Carmina - travel TV host, presenter @ says

    @GRRR4WR Yup I'm coming back maybe in March to do the makeovers!

  15. La Carmina - travel TV host, presenter @ says

    @boredcow Thank you!!

  16. La Carmina - travel TV host, presenter @ says

    @DarkR0ze Nahh it's a TV positioning thing – all the guests sit there. They were wonderful and invited me back to give them Goth makeovers!

  17. La Carmina - travel TV host, presenter @ says

    Thanks for your kind words!! to see more photos of this outfit, pls visit my site — LACARMINA dot comm

  18. DarkR0ze says

    what's with the gap between them? Are they afraid of her?
    Sigh… we are still a long way to go to close such gaps.

  19. boredcow says

    great interview! 🙂

  20. Perry Jakobs says

    Ooh! Did you ever do the make over? :O If so, can you post the video?! I would love to see that xD

  21. BleedingMascara says

    Yay new vid!! 😀 love your style! ^_^v

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