Fashion in the 90's


The 1990’s the years filled with mini dresses, flannels, platforms, crop tops and scrunchies. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Alice in Chains All of these bands had a huge take on the sometimes plain, sometimes bizarre 1990’s fashion trends. It is commonly known as the ‘anti-fashion’ era, as people seemed to take to minimalism in their clothing throughout the 90’s. Slowly, but surely, most of the trends from this era have made their way into the fashion of today…

The 90’s are making a huge comeback, but in a bit of a ‘glamorized’ way. Definitely not one of my favorite eras when it comes to fashion, but it was interesting.

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  1. dragonore2009 says

    In the 1990s, I would wear silver tab jeans mostly and any light blue jeans. I use to have a denim jacket also. Other than that, yeah, I had some plain clothes, which was very 90s like.

  2. TheSocialNetLurk says

    What a time to be alive

  3. •I'tz Taehyung ARMY• says

    jajajajja el chupón como collar jajajjajaa

  4. lleopunk says

    i'm proud to be a kid from the 90s hell yeah!!

  5. King Without A Crown says

    Hey Yank…there's a continent called Europe…google it, you'll find out how people were/are dressed and maybe you learn something about style.

  6. vincentx915 says

    Ah the 90's.We weren't HIGH yet, but we were getting there.

  7. Gen Ganes says

    still better that skinny jeans and leaving stickers on your hats

  8. Scherbyetz says

    good times <3

  9. minimmita says

    why does everybody criticize the present days, it's awfully annoying, 5-10 years from now everybody will be critcizing the future and will be saying something like "why cant it be like back in the early 2010's" people need to stfu with all that crap its quite annoying, learn to appreciate the present and enjoy what it has to offer, enjoy it to the fullest because it will not be here forever.

  10. Korey Brookhart says

    I STILL dress like these fashions most of time. I guess I just never grew out of it but give me people who dress like 90's rockers and rebels any day over this shit most of the people I know have started wearing.

  11. IBadGrammar says

    i want go to 90s =( i wish have time machine

  12. Jackal head says

    90's was the last decade that left it's mark in history concerning fashion, music, art etc. I lived throughout nineties but my youth starts directly at 2000's it's ironic that 2000's decade passed away without living any clue that's because all we do today is to remember other past decades why not? I mean they were great no dought but I wish I had my own decade to remamber  🙂

  13. Friendly Neighborhood Nigerian says

    Gradued 85, the 80s were shitty time too. Get off the nostalgia train. Every decade had its bad and good. You just had a shit life back then.

  14. Friendly Neighborhood Nigerian says

    leggings is 80s and flowy shirts are 70s. Trust me the 90s were much different look at high school videos from the decade. The reason why some people dress like there in the 90s today, is because its a trend to dress retro.

  15. Friendly Neighborhood Nigerian says

    probably till like 1998.

  16. Zahara Runge says

    I wish fashion would rewind back to this era

  17. Kit Bear says

    Kelly Kapowski, oh yeah!

  18. DC H says

    the spice girls

  19. impemt .gonzalez says


  20. Reuban Hart says

    the 80s and 90s were the same! Big hair was still around. I was a 90s kid and I remember pics up until 1997, where there was still big hair. The main difference is grunge.

  21. The9thknee says

    I like how you use a hip-hop song for this video…but only Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Alice in Chains…etc fashion pics…

  22. Whatsallthehooplah says

    Lol at the person that said the 90s were like the 2000's are people genuinely that stupid? Lololol

  23. Spazzy Xavier says

    The 90's was like a mix of the 80's and 2000's! It was awesome!

  24. MR. Chino says

    I just love that Decade

  25. Rodrigusificacionn says

    Of course. No one dress in any time as the artist did or as the most trendy things but there is an style going on, trendy things and cool things and it was like that.


    Not much has changed !


    That was more like late 80's ?

  28. Maggie Fleury says

    bullshit.. im a kid of todays generation and we dress the same, I was born in 2000 and people dressed like they did in the 90's! and nowadays people wear leggings and flowy shirts like they did in the 90's so you cant say ANYTHING… ps I enjoy being 13 and fashionable

  29. RosaAsora says

    Half of pictures from 80's.

  30. Ashlee Rodriguez says

    Clueless is the movie(:

  31. Megan Luminais says

    wow the clothes in the 90's were so amazing i hate what people wear today its so stupid atleast the 90's had way better cooler creative fashion love 90's fashion much better than what people wear today. i was born in 85 grew up in the 90's by the year 1995 i was 10 and im sure i had nice cute clothes better than what 10 year old girls wear today im lucky i grew up in a cool generation.

  32. collin cooper says

    0:31 what movie is that

  33. spaceylacey83 says

    I didn't see one shot of the teeny tiny shirt with the gigantic jeans and chunky shoes. That was my uniform! Jncos and baby doll tees with platforms so I could walk in the jncos.

  34. jetblackhair92 says

    my fav outfit was my levis straight leg jeans with the holes in the knees, a basketball singlet over a white tshirt, and hiking boots that cut off below the ankles. my hairstyle was shoulder length hair with a slight layer. and my schol bag was multi colored with slim handles lol…

  35. brainman67 says

    80.s were worse

  36. ChenelTran says

    -__- You had to be born in 2000…You jealous.

  37. Lucy milano says

    In 1989 i had a black and purple jacket with loads of pattens on it also there was a big madchester music seen wore bright orange tops with sun pattens on joe bloggs tops
    1993/95 wore my doc martins boots sometimes long skirts or short with them and flannel shirts two with 3 earings in each carrying my much loved striped rucksack bag loved all the colour of 90s and styles too and the body shop was always packed with us teenagers dewberry perfume and white musk was popular at the time!

  38. 647733 says

    Flannel Rocks! Yay 90's! I miss the 1990's…Much better then the 00's musically, politically, just an all around AWESOME decade!

  39. GameDestroyerXYZ says

    it* I mean. Wow, without my correction my last comment would have sounded really dirty XD

  40. GameDestroyerXYZ says

    2000-2004 was still pretty cool. But other than that yeah, id did suck.

  41. HikaruYamamura says

    Some of the "crazier" styles were only popular in the early 90s, after 1992, once Grundge was in, people stopped with the colorful clothes and shit. Though I could be wrong cuz I was born in 1995 lol

  42. WalkmanF1 says

    if fashion in the 90s is anti fashion than how could it be "anti fashion" when anti fashion is the fashion?

  43. animegurl says

    The 90s was a decade where it was perfectly acceptable to walk outside looking like you just got out of bed. We didn’t style our hair as much as we do now with flat-irons, or hot rollers. Our fashion was more “wear what you want,” or “shake what your mama gave you.” If you had super flat hair, that was fine. If you had super curly hair, more power to you.

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