Fashion Moments | The Versace Dress


Moments of Fashion: Episode One, The Versace Dress

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  1. daiana bianco says

    Curvy power ?

  2. Tacita Morgan says


  3. katllyn R. says

    How could she look so gorgeous even while crying!?


    Jennifer sabes hablar español verdad ??

  5. Erika WJ says


  6. Djansel Queen says


  7. Harry Perry says

    She is a goddess ❤


    Very beautiful women !

  9. Joshy Pearce says

    U don’t need clothes u prettier forsure ask all the men

  10. emad slam says


  11. Yvette Torres says

    Bottleneck murmur heard round the world for decades Ms. JLo…woo-hoo!!!

  12. Dione Warck says

    jlo. is a SUPERWOMAN has it all and is very elegant always well dressed impeccable

  13. Andrea Downing says

    J Lo looking gorgeous in that sweater

  14. Faranak Peart says

    Yes, you made me cry <3 It was the dress BUT it was the woman and her beautiful body too!!

  15. Sonja R says

    I am a fan! Jennifer Lopez seems like a genuine,sweet, intelligent, etc. person. However, when a young, beautiful woman wears a dress not just low cut, but wide, wide open where just the nipples are barely covered, and it is showing tons of thigh, and pretty much only her crotch is covered, I do find it hard to believe, that if she had looked in a full length mirror, she wouldn’t know what all the fuss was about! It was one of the most revealing dresses I have ever seen!

  16. GAYA BEN TZROYA says

    She is the literally the cutest

  17. bvg83 says

    Before that dress I didn’t know much about jlo ?

  18. J’adore Alexis says

    Jlo made that dress hot. Anyone else who wore it before it nobody knew ?

  19. Kaylee Gridley says

    Seeing jen cry makes me cry


    Her smile is infectious ???☺️

  21. Buket Güngör says

    Türkçe alt yazi istiyoruuum…

  22. heather Phillips says

    Love xoxox

  23. green leaf says


  24. julie rollins says

    So sorry for your loss!!! R.I.P.?

  25. julie rollins says

    Bottle neck, never heard that term!!! I was thinking crowded, i love that dress to!!!

  26. Angelous Dixe says

    So sad for Luigi

  27. Kevin M says

    I would eat the corn out of her shit

  28. Spice Girls Net says

    Even though I'm a massive fan of the Spice Girls and Geri, who wore the dress before J.Lo, she definitely MADE the dress iconic and Google images was created. Congrats J.Lo

  29. Juwita Ita says

    She's an profesional person

  30. BassByTheBay says

    Let's be frank. It wasn't the dress… it was the body underneath the dress. I'm not much of a J.Lo. fan, but good Lord, she just ooozed sexiness that night.

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