Fashion Nova Thick Girl TRY ON HAUL | Dee Shanell


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Black Romper:

Brown Romper:

Biker Romper:

Strappy Romper:

Strappy Bodysuit:

Hoodie Dress:

Varsity Dress:

Cut Out Jeans:

White Biker Shorts:

White Cut Out Shorts:

Black Cut Out Shorts:

Workout Leggings:

Maroon High Waisted Leggings:

Striped Romper:

Classic Blue Jeans:

Burgundy Jeans:

Long Sleeve Black Bodysuit:

Black Cutout Bodysuit:

White Tie Up Bikini Set:

Fashion Nova Thick Girl TRY ON HAUL | Dee Shanell

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  1. Modest Gaming Pelican says


  2. luvenav says

    i hate that all the comments are thirsty ass men. where the girls an the gays at

  3. Christian Mason says

    Low key looking like ashanti

  4. Modest Gaming Pelican says


  5. Abdillh sd6715 says

    🌺 6:33🍑😍

  6. grownupkidzclub says

    This shit definitely woke me up

  7. marC2207 says


  8. eshay disdat says

    You remind me of kandee lixx…iykyk

  9. Ski Gang says


  10. FORGIVEMAN MacMola says

    Yep got recommended to me during Quarantine

  11. Q got your cooking questions says

    Damn she got some thick assHair, I really like it tbh

  12. Furious OG says

    Very bitchy

  13. Donchanli11 says

    U fine 🙂

  14. Micah Gooding says

    Her…..Clothes are so beautiful

  15. Mahty Maht says

    She don’t even know

  16. Cooki33._. monster says

    I'm a man of God

  17. weird girl says

    Her body is literally perfect omg😩

  18. steve gill says

    😍😍😍I watch a lot of your reaction video. I didn't know you have a nice body.

  19. ii JuxyPoosx says

    sis servingggggggggg .

  20. ???% / E&A says

    I don't know but y'all are SIMPSsorry

  21. john doe says

    youre sooooo beautiful. and you got a body? lawd have mercy my goodness my soul cant take it

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