FASHION WEEK CELEBRITY ROAST 2020 (who dressed charli d'amelio and emma chamberlain like that??)


Fashion Week is an important time for fashion brands as they are trying to get as many eyes on their collections as possible and having their celebrity ambassadors show up and show out in their latest looks is a critical part of the fashion show system in the modern age. So as always, we are digging into the best and worst looks from this recent fashion month covering New York, London, Milan, and Paris!

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Those Mentioned:
Angela Bassett – Valentino
Anya Taylor-Joy – Miu Miu
Bella Hadid – Balenciaga
Bianca Jagger – Dior
Billy Porter – Richard Quinn
Emma Chamberlain – Louis Vuitton
FKA Twigs – Burberry
Florence Pugh – Louis Vuitton
Gigi Hadid – Chanel
Gwendoline Christie – Loewe
Gwendoline Christie – Rick Owens
Hailey Bieber – Saint Laurent
Hunter Schafer – Burberry
Jacob Elordi – Burberry
Janelle Monae – Balmain
Janelle Monae – Chanel
Janelle Monae – Jean Paul Gauliter
Karlie Kloss – Brandon Maxwell
Kate Hudson – Tom Ford
Kim Kardashian – Balmain
Kourtney Kardashian – Balmain
Kylie Jenner – Tom Ford
Lil Nas X – Tom Ford
Lisa – Prada
Liza Koshy – Dior
Lucy Hale – Fendi
Margaret Qualley – Chanel
MJ Rodriguez – Etro
Odell Beckham Jr – Burberry
Paris Hilton
Rihanna – Fenty
Rosé – Saint Laurent
Saweetie – Moschino
Storm Reid – Longchamp
Tessa Thompson – Bottega Veneta
Timothee Chalamet – Haider Ackermann
Yara Shahidi – Gucci
Zendaya – Fendi
Zendaya – Rahul Mishra

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  1. G P says

    I feel bad for Rose because she probably did not even pick that outfit out.

  2. Chumbeni J says

    Black pink Lisa is the best ❤️❤️?

  3. Chumbeni J says

    Queen Lisa ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Arya Nair says

    Half of them look like Indian clothing (like kurta/kurti) and stuff

  5. mintaellectual says

    you know i am not a fan , but one thing I know about blackpink is they seem to pull off fashion pieces that would otherwise look questionable in general.

  6. Stella Conlon says

    I love Florence Pugh but her skirt looked like a car seat in a sports car! Hahaha

  7. Stella Conlon says

    Why did Charlie have 2 bags?

  8. G. R.C. says

    “It’s very Angela’s ashes” ooofff true, I love that movie tho.

  9. Tiyas says

    Everyone's hating on Emma Chamberlain's makeup, and I couldn't disagree more. It looks so cool and stylish and editorial-esque. I mean, I pretty much clicked this video cause I was so struck by her eyeshadow in the thumbnail.

  10. Araluen says

    Why is Emma Chamberlain still famous though? And why does her make up look like she saw something really scary and is trying to recover from it?

  11. JJoy225 says

    can u pls make a blackpink fashion video ?

  12. maricz4 says

    Emma chamberlain looked like she is from the Adams family

  13. Pastel Juney :3 says

    Hailey Bieber looked like she walked out of party city and went straight to the carpet

  14. The Man in the Chicken Costume says

    I clicked because of Lisa, but I literally love this channel now

  15. Lily Mia says

    Lisa ??

  16. Chukiat Sinsook says


  17. Maria Zuñiga says


  18. Polly Pocket says

    Am i the only one who came for Lisa

  19. Sythia Cao says

    is it just me or did that florence pugh photo look like lele pons

  20. Maria Nunez says

    For charli D’Amelio, she closed her outfit herself. I agree with you tho, there were so many other beautiful outfits she had tried own, and she ended up choosing that one. Not hating, just saying.

  21. Megan Ward says

    First thoughts seeing Hunter: “I want a girl in a short skirt and a loooooooooooooong jacket”

  22. Valerie says

    This is why we say that Rosé’s stylist and make up artist needs to step up their game. There had been a really big controversy regarding that. They had always do her make up and clothes very boringly. What pissed us off the most is that they really had to give all the good clothes to the other blackpink members and leave her out with these boring clothes, the “no makeup” look and the same old hairstyle. I’m blaming all this to the entertainment company and the stylists, not the members.

  23. Luis Navas says

    ‘She looks like she about to ask u “Sir would u like ur withdrawal in 5, 10s, or 20s”

  24. Victoria’s Secret says


  25. Victoria’s Secret says


  26. María Sol Heinroth says

    I do agree what you said about Rosé, her stylist is always mean to her? We always complain about how her company treats her

  27. Zara Nazim says

    I see Lisa (from Blackpink) i click. Simple as that!

  28. Ershad Wilson says


  29. Jolly green says

    Before this video, I was like ‘If you ever roast Lisa’??

  30. Nicole Mouser says

    I started watch your channel. I don’t know too much about fashion. My stepmom owns an online fashion magazine so a grew up with it always around me. Photo shoots, models, and getting a little gift bag when she would return from New York Fashion week. I was such a tomboy that honestly couldn’t care less at the time. I didn’t understand it, why ppl paid the prices they did. I started watching your channel and I’m getting it. I personally liked the Haley Bieber dress but it’s a dress that’s upwards for $1000 maybe. The dress looks like something I at Windsor where you can get it for $40. That’s the difference. It’s about getting something that is so unique and with a purpose behind design.Also the last look was my favorite

  31. aisha saddique says

    Some designers mush stupid ugly clothes together and say it’s’InTeReStInG’

  32. aisha saddique says

    I think some designers drink before they choose an outfit so it makes the outfit InTeReStInG

  33. aisha saddique says

    28:02 SHE LOOKS 40

  34. Dark Røsé says

    I just come here for Lisa?✨?

  35. lauren jauregui is perfect says

    omg prada why y'all do charli like that,,

  36. Joshua Manalo says

    Does anyone really take this guy's "opinions" srsly? Huh? Who is he?

  37. Ella KX says

    Srry but what is Charli D'Amelio doing there… sis… I'm not a hater I don't know her irl so I don't judge her, but ..? All she is famous for is TIKTOK DANCES and she goes to the same events as Bianca Jagger? Bella Hadid? Lisa? What's wrong with people nowdays?Edit: btw they did her wrong seriously girl is pretty they could've done her so much better at least

  38. Sudden Influx says

    We all know Karlie Kloss never served looks in her entire life unless she was in an editorial.

  39. Larski says

    'Bieber couldn't of done any better,yikes' IM DEADDD JINKIIESSSSS LMAOO

  40. fathia febriani says

    yeah still dk why charli even invited to the show, she just another tiktok famous brat

  41. laiba intizar says

    Lisa looks wasn't just it

  42. cuttingwedge says

    I love Elordi's fit. I want it. I like the subtle sleeves.

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