FASTEST Way to Lose BELLY FAT: Diet & Lifestyle Tips!


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Iss video mein mai aapke saath 9 diet aur appetite tips share karne Wala hu jo aapko aaj se apne lifestyle mien include karne chahiye. This video covers tips and lifestyle changes that you need to make, so that you can lose some of that belly fat FAST.
it’s the fastest way to lose belly fat for Indians. Speaking from both research and experience!

Fat kam kaise karein? Aur belly fat kam kaise karein, jaise savaal mere paas bohot zyaada aate hai. The other fat loss videos that I’ve made are all detailed bodybuilding cutting tips. These are fat loss tips that I have used myself & I can guarantee you that they will make the whole weight loss process much easier for you. Want to know the fastest way to lose fat at home?
Yeh tips ek normal insaan ke liye hai jise fit dikhna hai aur khudke baarein mein achha mehsus karna hai. Aapke lifestyle mein yeh 9 changes karne se aap 1 hafte mein apna vajan kam KAR SAKTE HO.

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  1. Nazish Alam says

    Saket bhai please explain role of genetics on body building and physique

  2. Hari Prasanth says

    Can u tell all this in English plzz bcz other language people are watching consider putting video in English

  3. C_C Ganju says

    Major respect brother, immediately clicked that subscribe button, looking at the thumbnail and being that skinny to this legit hard work.I was wondering wether you hit fasted cardio when shredding or not. Cuz I find I have a pretty good diet and decent gains but I still got a layer of stubborn fat

  4. Yasin Jamal says

    pretty usefuledit: whats the usual number of hours for which you have ur eating window or push off ur first meal?

  5. pa pa says

    Bsd k khud steroid leta or public ko chutiya banata h

  6. Shaikh Uvesh says

    Sabse achha he chwingum khate ramo pyaas bhi bohat lagegi or bhuk kam lagegi + face shape bhi mast ho jayega

  7. Anuj Singh says

    M sahi se deit nahi kar pa rha mere koi tip dedo m weight loss kar rha hu please help me I am your biggest fan

  8. Be Fit with Jay says

    Great one dude 👍

  9. Suhail Pop says

    Nice video man❤..Wats ur current weight by the way.??

  10. Krishna Singh Shrinet. says

    I try your all hacks and I am losing my weight and building my muscles Lost 7 kg in 25 days 👍👍❤️Thankyou sir 😊😊

  11. Darshan Rocks says

    Can You please make a home workout video for skinny guys.And Diet plan also pleaseeI am really struggling…………….❤️My weight is 47 and I am 16 years old now………And my height is 5 foot 7 inch !!!!!Please help bro❤️

  12. Vibhu Rajwansh says

    Bro please make videos on some chicken recipe also

  13. Zhitheアスリート says

    Bro agr koi village ka banda h, or wo sirf desi khana khata h to wo kyaa six pack bana skta h?

  14. Karan S says

    Where do i get sipper one u used

  15. Crazy Siblings says

    Walks toh humesha rehta hai mera

  16. Aniket B says

    bro plzz can u help me out i started my transformation 2months before i gained muscle but due to high intake protein pimples are coming on my face what should i do?.i drink 4litres of water daily and also eat veggies.

  17. Atharv Wadkar says

    Sir please tell us does egg whites gives us more protein or an omlet?

  18. Patel Kaushik says

    ketogenic diet pe video banao

  19. Nilam Pal says

    Dude, Is drinking whey(left over from paneer) the same as drinking whey protien, in terms of protien. Plss answer

  20. Yash Narute says

    Bhai teenagers ke wieght loss or fitness ke liye video banao pls

  21. Nimator says


  22. Garry Records says

    Veer g me pahla 5lbs da ek box use Kita c protein on gold USA,fr lockdown ho gya 1 Saal gym band krti.hun dubra gym protein start Kita per body vich khareesh bahut hundi h protein Len naal…….ki krna chahida h….me Pani vich use krda protein ki banana blend krke tray kra ya na lva protein

  23. Paul Sarang says

    Bro genetics bahoot matter krte hai apke genetic ache hai tabi leanbody hai …………

  24. Vivek Banasode says

    Bruhh what's ur height ❤

  25. Kanwal Gill says

    Your video so much motivated dear..

  26. ALI SHEIKH says

    Can we drink water in fasting? Intermediate routine

  27. Nitin Anwar says

    One small advice, eine kleines beratung für ihnen: Whenever you vlog with Aryan Khanna dont tell him: •Abhi soke uthana• tu hamesha late hi ata hai• terese nahi hoga EtcHe has his own channel and following, if you belittle him, it is damaging your friendship and Aryan's image and self respect.That's why sometimes he skips workout sessions with you.Ich wünsch beide eine gutes fruendschaft. Btw I'm your follower and would like too see both of you in each other's vlogs. #friendshipgoals

  28. Hassan Bin Haji Sherabie says

    I am using a pure&cure is it good for weight loss

  29. Hassan Bin Haji Sherabie says

    Which fat burner is good for weight loss

  30. Avishek Das says

    Bro have u tried calisthenics ? Its alright if u don't want to answer..personally I do not want to just rely on only gym equipments to build strength and great physique, u can do as much bench press as u want but u will never be able to do a planch push up in your entire life, I prefer both calisthenics workouts along with limited machinery to plan my daily routine. Check out thenx if u need to know more.



  32. Swaraj Kumar Sheet says

    Omg growling subscriber.😲

  33. SS Kratos says

    At 4:11, saket paani bolke protien pi gaya….chutiya bana daala bhaiii

  34. Sharat #2233 says

    Question of the day:Bhai I'M VERY CONFUSED!!I started my fat loss journey 5 months ago and I've gone from 89 kilos to 75 kilos…. And I had started eating at 2300 calories and by gradually decreasing my calories by 100…. I've reached 1800 calories per day…. But I'm still far away from my goal which is about 65 kilos… How low will I have to go eventually? PLS HELP BHAI WILL BE VERY GRATEFUL 🙏🙏💯❤️Great work on your videos bro ly🙌💯#3

  35. LokesH says

    Cut your hair dude, u look way better on short hair.

  36. Manas Shah says

    Do a vegan diet

  37. MOHIT BISWAS says

    Can we add fruits in our diet?

  38. Muhammad Sohaib Fitness says

    Always love your videos… Love from Pakistan 😍

  39. Abhijeet Shekhar says

    I am a teenager so should I take a this protein ?

  40. Rohit pandey says

    Mast video tha Bhaiya

  41. Divyanshu Raj says

    Who knows mad on pogo

  42. aniket chakraborty says

    thank you. you tell us everything in detail like a professer . can you please tell me that calesthenics is better than weight tranning or not. Love from West Bengal.

  43. Shreyash Bhanushali says


  44. Samar Pujara says

    Bro what’s your height please reply

  45. G B R U says

    Wait wait…. You yes u u r soo cute 😍 💓


    Bhai apne black coffee ki recipe dal do

  47. Aryan fitness streak says

    #aryanfitnessstreaka 17yrs old indian boy is doing bruce lee exercises and calisthenics

  48. DΞV PДΓΞL says

    In simple words" apne brain ko chutia banao"🤣

  49. NOT RAJ FF says

    Leagend bro😍

  50. rahul panchal says

    Bhai mera kiyo chutiya bnara h duniya ka steriod use kra h tuna saf dikhra h Teri body se..

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