Fate/EXTELLA Link (English) Ver.1.0.2 Android & iOS Gameplay I Offline


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New anime fate series based game “Fate/Extella Link” now on both Android & iOS! (game is also available in nintendo switch/ps4/ps vita/pc)

The released version had the problem of force closing that’s why I couldn’t show it before, this is version 1.0.2 which works totally fine

Gameplay of the Fate/Extella (if you wanna compare both):-

Total size of this is about :- 2.58GB
While size of the fate/extella is 1.68GB

Cost- 2440 yen = 23$~
Works fully offline! (Play without internet connection)

*Game is available currently in Japan only but after download it’ll automatically translate into English no need to do any settings (with japanese voice over)

Download Links:-

Fate/Extella Link (Global version coming soon):-

Thanks for watching! As always I’ll keep you updated with all mobile games in every genre, stay tuned!


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  1. VinIsHere says

    They have released two games "Eate/Extella" & "Fate/Extella Link" the released version of Fate/Extella link had a problem of force closing because of which I couldn't show the gameplay before, this is version 1.0.2 which works Totally fine
    on android.
    Fate/Extella Gameplay (if you wanna compare):-https://youtu.be/LeQYIIWvYN8

  2. Nobody really nobody says

    Just so you are a little bit confused Fate/Extella on android was released for low end phones because of its low graphics and fate/extella link is for high end devices you can see that link has much better graphics so if you have a low end phone(like me) you should play fate/extella (like i currently do)My phone has 3 gb ram and it works fine (more than playable) i also tried fate/extella link and it also works fine but i went for fate/extella.

  3. Crisjohn Yordan says

    Can't play it in a fullscreen in my phone ?. Help ?

  4. Ahmad Aidil says

    I played Extella on PC. Is this a port or brand new mobile game?

  5. KzCde says

    Wow works on my phone 4gb ram And mobile gaming is on a whole new level

  6. Zack Jr. says

    Is will run on smooth on SD625 ? please tell me.


    Hi vin ?? Can you do a story based RPG games for Android part 2 Or top story based RPG games offline? If you've already done both can anyone pass me the link thank you. I greatly appreciated your recommendations I've never download so much mobile games in my life so thank you so much VIN ??????

  8. Darwin Cruz says

    Another rich person game… Not even compatible with pie devices on kirin chipset.

  9. Shinichi Kudou says

    Android users like me be like, "oh a paid game" XD dl crack wait for it!!

  10. LazyExe says

    Hey someone is impersonating you in rpw as Katsuki Bakugo and if it you.wtf

  11. pede ange says

    Is it support gamepad?

  12. najla badi says

    App not available this app is currently not available in your country or region. What a luck ?

  13. Ігор Ярошенко says

    Finally offline and cool game now on smartphones!!!You the best VinlsHere!Thanks for giving us good games!

  14. anh tran says

    how to buy it on appstore?

  15. Renacchi Izumi says

    When you don't wanna waste your money 😉

  16. You says

    The sad part is not available in my country.

  17. Just browsing Don't mind me says

    ME: Finally! I found good offline game.MY PHONE:Are you trying to kill me?

  18. Wiz Camato says

    THIS IS 1gb ? VINS ?

  19. Aris says

    Vin can you please make a top paid games or ported games to android, thanks ♡

  20. Hein Sat says

    I can't download itIt say this game is not available on your country

  21. Chakeyy says

    Thanks for the gameplay

  22. The nameless dreamer says

    when did the game came out?

  23. Garox Ashoemethink says

    https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&confirm=wUpj&id=1-azHAq6BYG0Lbv6ZKw50w7_C-WxwWKhmPw : ye shall be as god

  24. Giany Jhon says

    0:43 wait This is Greek Athens and Italian Rome?

  25. Twice SaiDa says

    It isnt full screeeen 🙁


    Hey, may i ask something? Does this game support controller?

  27. Sentet Sodex says

    That characters like a characters from unlimited blade work

  28. Eren Yeager says

    Brave shineeeeee

  29. Laser eyed Patrick Star says

    still waiting for global version

  30. Ci says

    To help those who may ask this:1. Is it offline? Yes2. Minimum ram for the game? 3-4gb ram 3. Size of the game?2.76gb and more4. Is it free?No, it is a triple A paid game5. Why is it not yet released when the video is in English?Because it has an English option and that it just got released in Japan so wait for a few weeks or days til global gets released.6. Dlc?Yes it will contain costumes and such7. Is it Android 10 compatible?It may not work on Android 10(may work on some) devices but it could get fixed after release week.8. There are two versions of this game. Umbral star and link.Umbral star is the first game and Link serves as a sequel.Umbral Star has lower spec requirements since Link has higher graphical improvements

  31. Cháu Phùng 389 says

    Link app free

  32. Mohd Danial Akmal says

    Hooo seems like we can finally get this kind of ported game on mobile device. Nice2…

  33. tops drod says

    Buen vídeo

  34. SNIPER says

    Its a really good game enjoy it keep it up

  35. Amir Gaming says

    This game is so Stunning ❤️?

  36. NooBxGameplay s says

    Woah nice graphics

  37. sudheer295 says

    Anyone loves anime ? Type their favourite anime in here

  38. Caronne PLAYZ says

    I wish I had a high end phone

  39. Gaming Mayhem says

    Plz make video on another topic. But plz don't make on anime .

  40. Nekotico says

    disappointed, u used to give external links, most games of the play store says my device can't run games, when in fact it can run all games….

  41. Arthur Aldric says

    This game so beautiful, i hope i could play this game ini my Cell phone, but i don't have enough money to buy this game:(

  42. Kevin Stuart says

    I really love this gameplay. I hope I could play too

  43. Kevin Stuart says

    I'm really excited for this game. Omg it's really beautiful and the best game ever I seeOffline game

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