Fate/EXTELLA LINK Mobile (ENG) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (Android/IOS)


Fate/EXTELLA LINK Mobile (ENG) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (Android/IOS)

◆好評発売中の『Fate/EXTELLA LINK』が、お求めやすい価格となってスマートフォンに登場!
いつでもどこでも『Fate/EXTELLA LINK』を楽しめます。

前作『Fate/ EXTELLA』に参戦した16騎のサーヴァントに加え、新たに10騎のサーヴァントが参戦!

・タイトル:Fate/EXTELLA LINK (フェイト/エクステラ リンク)
・推奨環境:Android 6.0以上
      Snapdragon 835相当以上のGPU

►► Total Size: 2.61GB

► Online/Offline: Offline


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► IOS:


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  1. Андрей Мельник says

    Where does English come from if the game is in Japanese?

  2. Perry Nguyen says

    How much is it in JP Store? Both titles?

  3. ꪖᤁᥔɾᥲ hᥲK᭘RꦌᎥ says

    No quiero ni ver cuanto pesa el juego

  4. Jake The Reaper says

    Imma outright say it charlimane looks like sigurd

  5. Enmanuel García says

    Para próximo dejo un link de descarga para Bronco descargar el juego

  6. The nameless dreamer says

    When is it going to come out?

  7. Barostyl says

    Device is not compatible dude, i am still crying

  8. Hendrik El Lider de las Yanderes says

    Vaya ya era tiempo un juego para celular aparte de fgo

  9. Tony Nguyen says

    How to guard?

  10. Fabianydh says

    when the game isn't available in your country, like mine??

  11. agung nugraha suprianto says

    my samsung s8 cant handle this game omg

  12. Усман Шахидов says

    ??????????????????????????????????????? Saber

  13. havidz alridho says

    What the different ?? Fate extella , fate extella link ?? Can somebody tellme the different

  14. 狂気I'm says

    not available in my country ?

  15. Dante ewe says

    where to download?

  16. Yogi Alamsyah says

    "Umu" ?

  17. Potato says

    This doesn't work on exynos8895 ?I have galaxy note 8…

  18. Ryan Praditya says

    Is there English ver?

  19. Hakushoku 0129 says

    One thing is for sure………WILL IT RUN ON MY IPAD AIR 2!?!?

  20. AINE SAMA says

    is this really an offline game

  21. Vincent says

    How long the app will be in google store

  22. Mohd Danial Akmal says

    Seeing this make me want to play basara game on mobile… Hope they port that game in the future

  23. Mohd Danial Akmal says

    The real question is not whether the game is playable on my phone or not, but instead how fast can it kill my battery since im using one w below 4000mah(1+ 7t) xD

  24. Sci-fi Sumanai says

    File size 2GB.And my FGO is running up to almost 2GB now…im so hopeless.

  25. My Name is Umi says

    RIP My Phone

  26. visarut mu says

    can i play as gilgamesh?

  27. Aziz dwi septori says

    Is this not suport wide screen like umbral star?

  28. Park Chanyeol says

    Ông này người VN à ? :v

  29. Two Thousand Island says

    I play this from psvita

  30. GhostlyFeline says

    So I have a question if anyone can answer it is the Eng version out yet? Cause I found it but its not available in my country(Im in US)

  31. Xena20 says

    Is the game actually in english or japan ?

  32. Z says

    Can u tell me what is this game system requirements

  33. Futaba Anzu says

    I can't download it from PlayStore

  34. Alice Bedford says

    Yeeeeeeey UMU

  35. kuchi ki says

    it looks cool but unfortunately its not available in my area so thats a big downer

  36. BathSalt says

    Why in the vid is music being blended in with the game's music

  37. Korbro says

    Oh wow, when does this come out?

  38. noun nail says

    so is this jp only game

  39. Tenshied says


  40. Febryan Tendean says

    This is have english subtitle?

  41. CloudertFinit says

    What mobile device are you using?

  42. Kenyi S says


  43. La Organiseichon says

    Oh wow, now the "umu" girl have a mobile game, that's nice.

  44. Yusei 5D's says

    This looks better than ps3 games. Wtf

  45. Regular Tube says

    Anyone has the cracked apk? 🙂

  46. Fajri Jr says

    Full size?

  47. Tatsumi Kenzo says

    What is the best phone specification for this game sir?

  48. Caenis says

    Spec Minimum???

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