Fauci Wants YOU to Wear Goggles to Keep from Shooting Covid Death Rays from Your Eyes


It’s quickly descending into farce at this point.

ABC article

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  1. David Schultz says

    Did you know that Fauci baseball shirt on the back had # 19 on it ?

  2. John Nelligan says

    Please Scott tell Me where I can see the video with the how dare You speak without covering Your face ?

  3. RJG 71 says

    Of course, Fauci is saying a flu vaccine is "a must" this Fall. Type in "flu vaccine" on Google News and you get headline after headline about the need and benefits of getting a flu shot the Fall. It's the prequel to the Covid vaccination campaign. I expect most, if not all, governors to be mandating employers require proof of flu vaccination for employees working in public spaces.

  4. RJG 71 says

    A full hazmat suit will be the next measure after the googles and face shields. I can agree that would do the job of stopping the spread of microbes among people. Not that it is a desirable goal to attempt to achieve. It's far too potentially destructive to be robbing people of immunity by way of exposure.It is only fitting that the nonathletic old man who is perhaps most responsible for a baseball game being played in an empty stadium is invited to throw out the first pitch. The anti-social, germaphobic Brave New World Fauci is helping create won't be producing quality professional athletes anyway. Lock yourself inside your home, disinfect it and stare at a radiation emitting screen all day.

  5. Chow Fun says

    Andriod joke had me rolling??

  6. Helen of Destroy says

    wanna bet Fauci is invested in the company that makes these? https://twitter.com/mashable/status/1261299545968910337 they won't rest until the Pod People are literally walking around encased in pods

  7. LittleMonster Pants says

    Knowing all the Karen's in my neighborhood I'm assuming there is a long line now at the goggle store! ?

  8. Paul V. Montefusco says

    I have not masked and will not mask, let alone goggle.. This asininity is absolutely predictable. I have no need to reclaim my time, for I will not let these jackasses have any of it. Trader Joe Stalin's lost me permanently as a customer for overstepping the line, and I warned them verbally, then told them in writing. The farce that they are participating in must hit them directly. Many people now afraid to register their discontent with this antihumanistic physical abuse, will eventually be forced to do so, and strongly so.

  9. debess says

    Mirrored on BitChute in case this goes missing https://www.bitchute.com/video/Bgq2KiqCmC5R/

  10. Aunt BB says

    I've seen a few of the face shields. Looks like it's easier to breathe in them.

  11. Aunt BB says

    Fauci wants us all to become "The Invisible Man." https://twitter.com/jmullerhome/status/1288885438304854017

  12. Aunt BB says

    The goggles are supposedly to keep you from touching your eyes & spreading the virus that way. That was the original idea behind facial masks in Asia. Only those who were ill wore them.

  13. Carol Ann says

    Fauci and friends are laughing their asses off – I guaranty that.

  14. T M says

    https://www.bitchute.com/video/IB3ijQuLkkUr/Plandemic Documentary: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19



  16. T M says

    Thanks so much for your work with these videos. However I think youtube will be banning you shortly because of the language you’re using.

  17. Book of Ours says

    Well it’s already happening in Pittsburgh. When we told our local co-op that anything on Julie’s face causes her to become dizzy they suggested a face shield. We see lots of people in Pittsburgh wearing face shields

  18. game n chill says

    Next week it’s ear tampons so the spores don’t float in.

  19. Cynthia Eng says

    30-50 milliin Americans are about to be evicted to the streets…That's just the first wave ?….How many millions of Americans have to lose everything before they figure out this game and learn to screw in that light bulb ?

  20. Jennifer La Fontaine says

    This is hilarious i swear this is a Darwin experiment lol no need to worry about the fact that more people are dying of suicide and overdoses than COVID that information came from their precious CDC but MSM won't touch it I wonder why insanity

  21. Justine DeVoe says

    So if you wear glasses and forced to wear goggles… you just have to walk around blind too!

  22. Justine DeVoe says

    It’s not about protection… it’s about power!

  23. Tina Marie says

    They see us as useless eaters! ?

  24. warfist says

    Agreed!!! If you happen to have an IQ under 90, get the f@ck outta this country!

  25. Julius Skoolafish says

    Dr. Fauci Admits to Lying About Masks

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