FIFA 19 | 10+ Current Football Players who will Become ICONS ft. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar| @Onnethox


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Showing you guys 10+ of some current famous football players who will become FIFA 19 ICONS!! ft. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar! I also include all 3 of their versions! (new, prime, end of an era)

Comment who else will become a FIFA 19 ICON!! 😉

Here are all the players featured in the video:
1. Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid)
2. Andres Iniesta (Vissel Kobe)
3. Harry Kane (Tottenham)
4. Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)
5. Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain)
6. Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
7. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)
8. Neymar Jr. (Paris Saint-Germain)
9. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)
10. Luis Suarez (FC Barcelona)
11. Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus)

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  1. Onnethox says

    ?Fifa 20 version with better ratings!!

  2. Saul Torres-Nasher says

    You mug Messi and Ronaldo are 97 to 99 rated and neymar is 95 to 96

  3. Kevin Sjöholm says

    So mbappe is 94 and i’ll bet that Ribery, Robban and Ibra won’t even be 94 rated, mbappe is sooo overrated

  4. shrek !! says

    Why tf does kane have an icon card?

  5. pes var says


  6. Blaithin Watson says

    Neymar 97 messi 98 cr7 98

  7. Johannes Game play says

    Neymar only 93 prime

  8. nick name says


  9. Vinicius Da Cidadezinha says

    KDB, Van Dijk, Marcelo and Dani Alves

  10. Salem Nwachi says

    How can you be rating Mbappe better than Neymar or Lewandowski

  11. I’M Guidman22 says

    Haha hahah Where’s Benzema? Legend of Madrid

  12. Pentagon_DrK says

    That guy really has no idea what he is doing?

  13. Shaker JF says


  14. ChemikOfficial says

    Phil Jones?Chris Smalldini?Jesse Lingardinho?

  15. tiger bolt says

    Messi98 neymar 95 ronaldo 98

  16. DALAL SOKARRA 2 says

    I think van dijk can get icon

  17. Dudu says

    Lewandowski 2020 rating: 93

  18. Karina Alonso says

    Some like aguero deserve it more than griesmann

  19. Kid Oooo says

    Neymar 86,89,93 what is wrong with u he needs 90,93,95

  20. Daniel Caballero says

    Bruh it’s way too early to put mbappe an icon card, and u seriously think messi and Ronaldo will be 95 ?ur silly bro

  21. Brian nguyen says

    no 2010 for iniesta 🙁

  22. Guinea pig Ollie says

    Zlatan Imbrahomic will be an icon aswells as Alphonso Davies and jadon sancho

  23. tomer 4321 says

    What Harry Kane did to deserve an icon?

  24. Riyhad Mahrez says

    Ibrahimovic 87-91-93Rooney 86-89-91Salah 87-89-93Aguero 86-89-92

  25. Mr Finlay says

    I think Messi and Rondo must have higher ratings even though there probably will be a Prime ican moments card of them.Ps: Nice video

  26. Patricia Rocha says

    Neymar is better Ethan mba7

  27. green angels says

    Emiliano sala is a legend

  28. green angels says

    Di maria

  29. VxnHxtxn says

    So your telling me Zidane was better than Messi.Ok mate…

  30. Adiyat Rahman says

    Where is Neymar's 2026 year icon card. Where Maybe Neymar would be 97-98

  31. Adiyat Rahman says

    Messi 98Ronaldo 97Neymar 96Mbappe 92

  32. Soso Tsintsadze says

    Messi & Ronaldo 95?? And BR. Ronaldo 96, Pele Maradona 99 and Zizu 97? Nice one ???

  33. Gaming eiland says

    Hazard 92 De bruyne 92

  34. Mark Games I العاب مارك says

    Messi and CR7 should be 97 because if they won the WC they had to be 98 Like if you agree

  35. DarknightRaid says

    Messi end Ronaldo's prime need a 98

  36. Spongy says

    I would switch neymars 2016 to his prime icon and his psg card to the mid icon

  37. irangika ambagahawita says

    Griezmann 95

  38. Titouan Coadic says

    Messi and Cr7 99

  39. Hossam Mohamed says

    Salah 93 or 4

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