1. DJAB87 says

    I remember this game! Its amazing that EA have used THAT intro for their sports games for so long. that never gets ols XD

  2. Equirojo says

    Yo lo tuve para Sega MEgadrive lo maximo!!!

  3. daedralord1 says

    brian plank was my best player

  4. Oerg866 says

    @sirbargearse Mine was one of the earliest with a higher sound circuit still present 😉

  5. Brian Costelloe says

    @Oerg866 Sorry my bad. Changes to the circuit board. Still. You either had a good Mega Drive and a slightly inferior one as a result of the change.

  6. Oerg866 says

    @sirbargearse Wrong. The chip was the same, however the amplifier circuit in the later models were the cause of the bad sound. Get your facts right.

  7. Brian Costelloe says

    @Oerg866 Not all Mega Drives had the same sound chip. If you're lucky enough to have the original Mega Drive then the sound chip was a higher quality one than the ones coming out after which made the beat in music sound sloppy and choppy. Go to the Wikipedia Mega Drive page to hear the difference.

  8. hurnus says

    i still play it.. at least this game is authentic!

  9. KaroBarca7 says

    @UncleGNM haha the same guy still 🙂

  10. Guilherme says

    OMG that game was my childwood!!!

    I have the original cartridge, when my father bough t sega genesis for me in 1993 (i was only 5), THAT game was inside the box!

  11. Oerg866 says

    very nice song but the emulator you're using is very, well, crappy, because I've compared this to my Mega Drive and it sounds nothing like that…

  12. demiante says

    This song rocks!

  13. Christian Acosta says

    i played this game,it was very good

  14. djneme19 says


  15. arjan snijder says

    awesome game one of my first.

  16. DJgaZman says

    yeeeeeah, FIFA 94!!!

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