1. 97davd says

    I think it's clear we have now our main XI. Super Frankie's choices are really logic and accurate, I appreciate and admire that. London is blue!!! ?

  2. Okafor Promise says

    Big win for our boys

  3. Squinjine says

    Poli freaking tics everywhere. Kneeling for what? Worship?

  4. Alejandro Bustamante says

    Bien ganado carajo

  5. Muslim Alias says

    Padu jirod

  6. Filip Grzyb says

    these fukin vids creep me out. random ass clips through out the vid and the at the end some weird ass PES gameplay with the most random music….. im scared, send help

  7. Ezekiel Ehuike says


  8. Mark Osei says

    Good to be back in the top 4

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