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Fiji – One of the world’s most unspoiled beach destinations, with the friendliest people; it won’t disappoint paradise seekers!

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Any #Fiji #tour will highlight its magnificent, unspoiled waters and lush landscapes. While on #vacation here, go snorkeling, swimming, diving, and sailing on turquoise waters. If you’d rather stay on dry land, you can zipline through rainforests or explore the windy plains of the highland area. Travel to the interior and learn about traditional Fijian culture, or visit the capital city of Suva and wander through its colonial buildings, bazaars, and the quiet harbor.

Two-thirds of the Fijian archipelago are uninhabited, and your Fiji #sightseeing should include a stop at Denarau’s marina, where you can book a boat to take you to some of these pristine locations. From family-friendly islands to romantic getaways, you’ll find something to your taste amongst these scattered isles.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. vatafu aurel says

    Safe and sound

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    Great for finding fiji water

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    I just came home from a trip from Fiji

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    Halo Fiji… how are you to day? Because thin video is from 7 years ago…

  6. Crystal Fa says

    I read need to go there

  7. Rajeev Gandhi says

    Nadi to Suva is not a 2.5 hour drive unless you are overspeeding and driving like crazy. It takes a good part of 3 hours drive from Nadi to Suva.

  8. Mochamad Djumali says

    not recommended….
    fuck country.

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    Very Nice country….

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    Nice, nice film. The questions is: who has to work there for shit conditions for the tourists?

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    please watch my video about Fiji through my channel

  20. World's countries دول العالم says

    please watch my video about Fiji through my channel


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