Film Theory: Why Your Favorite Movie Theater Won't Survive 2020!


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With the state of the world at the moment, there is a lot of mystery surrounding what the world’s new normal is going to look like. What businesses will make it, what ones won’t. One that looks poised to go under and likely not survive is your local movie theater. You see, in a world of streaming, direct to home releases priced like a theater ticket, and the possibility of large scale gatherings being put off for longer yet – it’s not looking good. Will movie theaters survive the pandemic? Well, let’s talk about it.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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  1. Max Jonak says

    Another problem is technology for theaters can’t keep up. All they have is bigger screens and more speakers. Dolby Atmos is readily available in home systems from separate speakers to even a simple soundbar. The image quality from a QLED tv or even from Dolby Vision is unrivaled by almost every theater. Why would you pay more to somewhere when you have that same technology in your living room.

  2. Billie Eillish says

    I am mostly in the back and well it‘s the same maybe some are kissing but just a kiss and they don’t make out or something (It was really weird to write that)

  3. xXGalaxy and Ocean playzXx says

    Trolls is scary my sister forced me to watch it it haunted my nightmares it's like my sleep paralysis demon's Demond

  4. Carried Thunder says

    IK Im late, but im a back row man and I see not of teens making out in the middle of the movie. No matter how shoddy the theater.

  5. Maximus Epistophile says

    I'd really love an all-in-one stadium where it could hold sports, movies, and concerts at once.

  6. Daydreaming Bug says

    Did anyone else think that in the opening steph was going to pick the the obvious scariest movie? Cats??

  7. Totally Tori Videos says

    I feel that movie theatres will become like drive ins. Where they just play movies that have already come out or older movies for people to get the experience

  8. Cyanskull youtube says

    I thought that at the intro, they were going to see the fnaf movie ?

  9. Aidan E says

    I’ll take NordVPN but these videos are entertaining by themselves

  10. Squi_shyz says

    My hometown movie theater closed permanently this year. 🙁

  11. Bruce Grubb says

    If Matpat is being serious (and not trolling us) stadiums have the same key problem that one screen movie theaters have – limited showings. Then you have the issue of the majority of them being open air so bad weather and potentially inferior sound become potential problems. Also there is the upkeep and cleaning issues. Drive-in have these same problems that they have effectively imploded as an option.

  12. Hunter Lisle says

    Ya making out in the back of the theatre is a thingThere’s a lot that goes on back there Mat, I’m glad you don’t know the truthI’d recommend to keep your eyes on the screenWe go to the back for a reason

  13. Ginger Foster says

    I'd be sad to see movie theatres go away. Working at one for a few years now makes me appreciate them more. But they are a way to get out of the house, go on dates or hang with friends. Hope they open back up soon.

  14. Saiyan G4mer says

    The intro gave me denis vibes

  15. The Sorrow says

    12:35 the "Strong Independent Women" reference was classy ?

  16. Twezerz The 4th says

    I don’t know how but I still don’t know how endgame ended

  17. EchoSlayerGaming says

    9:45 lol

  18. potato head says

    Well we'll well would you look at that but no my dear children there is a better option for those whos parents don't trust the internet and also fear covid (like in my case). Allow me to introduce you tube movies the new free way to get movies ?

  19. Ian Nicol says

    You pick the worst movie at an early time on a weekday and if nobody else comes to the movie or sits far enough away you can sit in the back corner with your date and do some freaky stuff… so I hear…

  20. caitlin pechman says

    I work at a theater and I have never seen people kissing and or doing some…."other" things

  21. Jacob Auricht says


  22. Butterfly 72002 says

    Yes, making out in a movie theater is a real thing. Coming from an overly strict family where I had siblings who watched me like a hawk in school and my only option for dates were to the movies, kissing in the back row of an empty movie theater was one of my only options that didn’t result in my parents hounding me. (Just in case someone criticizes me, I’m in my late teens)

  23. Jimbo Slicedya says

    There isn't much that'll survive 2020

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