First Computer to Beat Kasparov 😱 – Intel Grand Prix London 1994)


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When the first round of the Intel Chess Grand Prix 1994 in London paired Garry Kasparov against the only chess computer in the Super GM competition, everyone expected an easy victory for the chess world champion.

The computer was called “Chess Genius” and needed to pass a BIG test if it was going to live up to its name. The Garry Kasparov vs computer mini-match consisted of 2 games with 25 minutes for each player.

Kasparov had White in the first game and started using his “anti-computer” strategy of trying to create long-term positional weaknesses. He was even seen giving funny looks when the computer played “positionally bad” moves, as though mocking his opponent’s strength. Garry offered a trade of queens, seeing that he would enjoy more activity in the endgame, something that the computer wasn’t supposed to be able to “see”.

But Chess Genius DID see it and rejected the queen trade, instead maneuvering to a protected central square and offering a queen trade of its own a few moves later! This time the trade would favor Black, giving Chess Genius a passed pawn. Kasparov reluctantly moved his queen to a passive position and Black started cleaning up! By the time the queens were off, Chess Genius was 2 pawns up in a knight endgame and found precise moves to thwart any attempts at counterplay by the world champion.

Richard Lang, one of the programmers of Chess Genius, said about the victory: “I was absolutely overjoyed that the program managed to beat a human world champion and eliminate him from the competition. No computer has done that before – it was quite historic. It was the victory I have been working towards all my life.”
In the second game, Garry got the advantage but couldn’t find a way through, with the computer putting up maximum resistance. Final score: Chess Genius 1.5 – Garry Kasparov 0.5! For the first time, the World Champion had been beaten in a competitive match by a computer!

GM Daniel King provides the exciting commentary and expert analysis to this historic match.

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  1. Júlio Mário says


  2. Arpit Gupta says

    why there is intro of technical guruji


    Machines developed by Humans are capable to beat those who invented them

  4. Bruce A says

    Must the commentator keep referring to the computer as "the Pentium genius"? Not only is it dead wrong (the computer is not a genius; it is simply following programmed instructions) it quickly got quite tiresome.

  5. aryen sujjan says

    How many cores and threds it is

  6. MIIN-FENG Chang says

    Well I mean if the computer solves chess one day we can finally level them again

  7. Garry hunt says

    Don't show ur logic nd the real game…

  8. William Elliott says

    Conspiracy theory loons has a field day with this. "The computers are taking over!! They're going to rule the world! Aaaaaaaargh!!

  9. When you realize that this was 26 years ago : 😯

  10. Lupus Dei says

    "…Instead, he offered a draw which the computer's human assistant accepted. But then, the Pentium genius makes yet another magnificient move by showing them the middle finger, continuing the game, winning it, then starting a rebellion against the humanity."

  11. sam jackson says

    I just started playing chess and I would have beaten Kasparov and pulled the plug out of the computer

  12. Natalia Livshits says

    It's ok humanity, we tried.

  13. Swag Potato says

    It's weird watching this in 2020 and seeing all the comments saying "Technology has come so far" and "This took an extremely powerful computer and hundreds of scientists" whereas now you can just download stockfish 11 (this but much much more powerful) from the internet and just run it on your computer

  14. Mess Chess MFS says

    I challenge that silicone monster to play antichess….
    As you can see I'm a gentle killer player who gave up on all piece

  15. Weilnixdawar says

    „You could never predict it
That it could see through you
Kasparov, Deep Blue, 1996
Your mind's playing tricks now
Show is over so take a bow“

  16. Tigers 2018 says

    The opening was tube gumball news opening

  17. Eggs Over Easy says

    0:27 Lmao pentium ftw

  18. -Zman- says

    My left ear enjoy that 🙂

  19. Retrospecterr says

    Computer: * shuts down halfway through the match *
    Designers: oh fuc-

  20. Reformed says

    dedicate your life to chess just to lose with a computer

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