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We had NO IDEA how awesome Vancouver, Canada is! Great food, Asian influence, strong coffee, kind people, and today it was all topped off with beautiful fall weather! We spent the entire day biking around the city for the first time. We drove from our campsite in the middle of Vancouver to Stanley Island and drove along the beautiful coastline. Next we went to the Granville market for lunch and had a scary encounter in Chinatown. Lastly, we quickly checked out Gastown, then booked it home before the sunset on our bikes!

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Travel vlog 560 | Vancouver, Canada | Country #82/100 | This beautiful fall weather was filmed at the end of September 🙂

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  1. Kara and Nate says

    Thank y'all so much for the love and support! We are so excited to give back in this small way to show how big of a deal y'all are to us ❤ Anyone from anywhere can enter to win! We'll choose the winner randomly on Sunday Dec. 2 and announce it via e-mail! ?

  2. Yhasmine abubakar says

    Hello guys s0 amazing

  3. MJ's Vlog in VANCOUVER says

    I love Vancouver!!my second home. Thank you for sharing. KEE SAFE GUYS!

  4. Tremain Kendrick says

    You should have tried Lee’s donut shop on Granville Island. It’s sooo goooood!!!

  5. tarny11 says

    Canada sounds great

  6. billionaire dox says

    The steam clock is fake lol it’s not “tHe fIrSt eVer sTeAM cLoCk”

  7. Nino Paulo Escara says

    Love your vlogs. Was able to reminisce some of the place that i have been. Like copenhagen and this vancouver. Really missed those places

  8. Melinda Underwood says

    So, I have been binge watching you guys for a few months now (at work) and I absolutely enjoy watching the two of you. It's just so nice to see how excited and grateful you guys are when you reach a certain amount of subscribers. It's cool to be seeing this video from 2018 and seeing now that you have 1.62 Million!!! WOW!! Keep up the amazing work you guys are doing. Stay Safe. Peace.

  9. S.M Abbas Ali says

    This girl is beautiful ♥️

  10. Katie Coates says

    I live in Canada, you should've gone to the capital, Ottawa. Ottawa has amazing bike lanes and you can go to lots of museums and you can go to parliament as well.

  11. Elmer Sidaya Vlog says

    Hug to hug here from Philippines

  12. Hendra Sleep says

    want to have this many followers, very extraordinary ,I am indonesia ??

  13. ah kkaebsong says

    "We're going to Chinatown!"Immediately knew you guys are gonna end up in East Hastings

  14. LauraLitherland says

    I'm from Ontario and have traveled to Vancouver multiple times (I'm in love with the place, just not the cost of it). It's so strange watching a video of yours go through places that I'm familiar with! Like you were in English Bay, which is beautiful and rode right past Cactus Club Cafe on English Bay, MY FAV PLACE TO EAT!

  15. James Namgoong says

    400K back then and after about 1.5 year it quadrupled…. pretty impressive.

  16. Carl Guineapig says

    Welcome to my home town

  17. Aesha Fazli says

    Y’all should join amazing race Canada

  18. MR. & MRS. GOLD says


  19. Alison00 says

    watching this video, thinking: "they could have taken the seabus!!"

  20. Jessica Henderson says

    It’s called the Hollywood of Canada because there’s a ridiculous amount of movies and tv shows filmed here

  21. hukshot says

    asking for a friend…what is your monthly coffee bill?

  22. Elya 777 says

    He looks like Christiano Ronaldo!

  23. Prasanya Gangadkar says

    ?????..?????????..?.. ? ?? ???? ???????.. ????? ?? ? ????.. ??? ??????? ??? ???? ???????? ??????? ?????? ??????? ?? ????? ?????????.. ?????? ??? ???? ????????? ?? ?? ???????.. ?

  24. House Soap says

    I was on my way to the downtown Harbour Centre campus when a homeless guy threw a soggy bag of popcorn at me

  25. Soundaravalli S says

    Don't miss to see Grouse mountain and Whistler

  26. Himav Singh says

    9:33 karen and Richard were looking at you like you took Karen’s coupon collection

  27. Muhammet İşin says

    Check this website guys ! İ am sure you will love it

  28. Brent Kruger says

    Please get a realistic view of Canada than just Vancouver …there is so much more to Canada!!!!!!

  29. Grateful MedHead says

    Please, stop saying "Hip"!

  30. William Fulmer says

    You could not have described that sketchy neighborhood any better. I am from Alberta and the DTES (downtown east side ) or East Hastings has a well known reputation. During one visit to Vancouver we did have lunch and shopped in Chinatown without any incident. One of my favorite views is from Prospect Point in Stanley Park. Granville Island and the market is always on our list to visit when in Vancouver.

  31. Lisa Eveleigh says

    Did you like Tim Hortons Coffee?

  32. trevorj79 says

    Taking the Seabus would have brought you from Gastown back to your campground

  33. Kit Hikkari says

    Go to Richmond if you want to experience the Asian community in Vancouver.

  34. Addi Boykin says

    Watching this video makes me desperate to go back to Vancouver again.

  35. jhun Dizon says

    I enjoyed all your videos. This Vancouver to Calgary trip love it, its close to my heart. Be safe guys and keep making more videos. I love you guys.

  36. BSBSPSensGirl88 says

    8:41: Who else immediately knew that they had probably just peddled through the Downtown Eastside?

  37. Kelvin Ho says

    lol….Chinatown…. just tell everyone it's actually 3 Rd in Richmond.

  38. halcncod says

    Both of you people are fucking worthless.

  39. James Bondable says

    Canada is FULL of IDIOTS U will fit right in.

  40. pau bayal says

    I just came back from Vancouver to my home country and this made me emotional

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