1. A D says

    Make sure you click use same matchdays be quicker

  2. ORN KLY says

    Why does Vikk remind me of Ty from AFTV?

  3. faustianWhitney MamieBolton says


  4. Coroman says

    In terms of predictions, I'd say Norwich are doing the best!

  5. Eduardo Duarte says

    Manny, in games, I think it's better to put the league table at the bottom instead of "focus of attacks". Loving the consistency of this series, keep it going mate.

  6. 100k Without posting challenge says

    Can I complete my challenge? (Look at my name ??)Have a good day ?

  7. OyeFN says

    at first i didnt think this series would be exciting defo the best bunch of fm ive seen all year . Next season better be a maza

  8. big cocky says

    Vikrams head ?????

  9. Nathan Emery says

    U could add tobi next season as well and make vikram Ethan and tobi have the three newly promoted teams

  10. Peter Ansong says

    I swear mannys swear word is flip

  11. Madalitso Theo says

    Why is Vikram always laughing

  12. Vieri Adhitya says

    This series and sidemen's pro club series is god tier

  13. Paul Holban says

    I cant wait for behz to join

  14. PZWorldCup says

    Manny Ga

  15. John Ledy says

    stop doing football online that doesnt get view do video with your brother and the sidemen all love bro

  16. Just Javi says

    Ngl, Simon should join for Leeds

  17. TRENT PEPPER says

    Was hoping for a double upload I love this series

  18. Jacob Howson says

    how many times is arp gonna turn up for manny to start him

  19. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  20. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  21. Sando says

    You missed out a few games.

  22. joshua wiggan says

    Vikram so underrated

  23. Martin Abdou says

    31:33 my center backs don't score vikram. No one scores lmao

  24. Daniel Campbell says

    Lay off on Everton lad we know we are shit watch us bounce back next season, Bez needs to wind it in Ancelotti is a worse choice than Moyes you mad

  25. JayFundo - The Home Of UK Drill says

    Thomas’s one liners are too funny ??

  26. Darragh Buckley says

    Petition for Vikram to take over Man CityI just want to see how he does with them 🙂

  27. Leo Juhel says

    Petition for vik at UTR ?

  28. Simisola says

    Get Tobi to play on the 21 game

  29. Joe mama 457 says

    Is vikram that iridociclitis guy

  30. James Beasley says

    Best series on YouTube atm hands down

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