Fitrat – Episode 79 Teaser – 12th January 2021 – HAR PAL GEO


Fitrat – Episode 79 Teaser – 12th January 2021 – HAR PAL GEO

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The story revolves around a young girl Fariha who hails from a lower-middle-class family and aspires to achieve her dreams and goals through mending her ways by taking shortcuts. Her mother, Nadra is well aware of her daughter’s actions but doesn’t stop her from following her heart however Fariha’s siblings Haris and Rafiya believe in hard work and honesty. To achieve the luxuries early on in life, Fariha agrees to marry Arbaz who belongs to an affluent family however soon her married life turns upside down when Arbaz’s elder brother Shahbaz turns out to be Fariha’s, first love. As Fariha and Shahbaz have shared a significant amount of time in the past, will both continue to live under one roof or will they find a way to move on in their life?

Written by: Nuzhat Saman
Directed by: Asad Jabal
Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production house: 7th Sky Entertainment

Cast :

Saboor Ali
Ali Abbas
Mirza Zain Baig
Zubab Rana
Sabiha Hashmi
Seemi Pasha
Saife Hassan
Fazila Qazi
Farhan Ali Agha
Adla Khan
Aisha Gul
Kamran Jilani
Mariyam Nafees
Zain Afzal
Sadaf Ashan
Raeed Muhammad Alam


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  1. Muhammad Ahmad says

    Thanks Miss I am looking

  2. Asad Naqvi says

    Fitrat kay ….
    Director uncle…
    Aab pakaney lag Gaye hoo…

    Bhai…khu lamba khich rehoo hoo….

    TRP gir rehe hai…

  3. Fatima iqra says

    Ab is drama ka end kar daina chahiye

  4. aamenah khan says

    I wonder who watch these faces

  5. Bushra Naveed says

    10 brainless people make 200 episodes of this dumb show And make us to be stupid and watch the shaitan ki Aant

  6. Muhammad Ibad says

    Beautiful ❤️. Drama.

  7. UMMUL BANEEN Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus says

    Happy to get a lot of U$C from PG2.ONLINE

  8. techno mind says

    میں نے کہا بہت صبر کیا کہیں ٹوٹ نہ جاؤں
    قرآن کہتا ہے: إِنَ ﷲَ مَعَ الصَّابِرِينَ
    بے شک ﷲ صبر کرنے والوں کے ساتھ ہے
    مرے چنیل کو سپورٹ کری____شکریا

  9. Waji Hassan says

    Or rafiya or arbaz ki b shadi kr doo

  10. Waji Hassan says

    Yh kya kr rhi ho or fariya ki sachai in donon k smny qn ni aa rhi k wo is ki beti ni hai

  11. sameer comedy1 says

    #all contact1

  12. Daily Enjoyment says


  13. itx aemi vlog says

    واٹس اپپ جتنا مرضی ڈیٹا لیک کر دے
    لیکن ہمارے رشتے داروں کا ریکارڈ توڑ نہیں سکتا

  14. Kashif Muhammad Yousaf says

    Now going lassi mey medani

  15. Willay Issac says

    Saboor py ye acting bilkul achi ni lg rhi misfit hai ye koi khubsurat actress hoti iski jga to zada acha lgta ye drama

  16. Australian parrots and amusement parks says

    Beast dramaertugrul

  17. Australian parrots and amusement parks says

    Beautiful drama

  18. Sparkle Xaidi says

    Maliha is playing nonsense…… Shahbaz is also missing track why they are not telling things to Rafiya

  19. Jejjs Hsjsjs says

    Please stop dragging this serial . comeon come to the end🙏

  20. Farhana Shukoor says

    What a foolish writer, director, channel , actors and we are all fools watching this now to see how it ends or how fariya gets her punishment

  21. Farhana Shukoor says

    Unnecessary drag. Within the next episode Harris changes his mind. What nonsense. Is it forbidden to go to darul amaan and ask about his daughter? Can shahbaz not go with lawyer or police to find out about his daughter in darulamaan.

  22. Maria Chaudhry says

    Ab thora ziada horaha ab khtam hojana chahiyay drama ya drama fazool na Kar dena nand ki trha

  23. zainab ali says

    Stop this nonsense now itna kyn bore kr dia is drama ko

  24. TEAM MAGICIAN says

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  25. Kernal Sher kalli Official says

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