1. Monali Gupta says

    People saying good about Mortal without any experience, but don't forget he is a CSGO pro that is why he is well aware of the tactics and strategies.

  2. Vibe Gaming says

    Smashing it! Great video. I'm hoping you'll get a kick out of our channel aswell 🎥👾

  3. Garvith Jain says

    Bhai kise mila hain 100000?

  4. Anonymous user says

    I didn't see the whole streamPC gamers ne Kya toxicity ki????

  5. Pratyaksh Nuna says

    sc0ut : lagging in 90fps – 60fps abd abusing his pcMe who plays valorant in 40-50fps with mid spec pc 🙏😭🤔Edit: (no offense i am also his fan)

  6. Biswaranjan Muduli says

    Pc community is same toxic as mobile…I think uss se v jyada toxic……Go below the comment section😂

  7. Vipul Patole - Stroky says

    Guys why is everyone so toxic?Mortal played very good…we appreciate that and we also liked the way he respected his opponents and dint used mic for spitting hatred or taunts for opposition…. Meanwhile scout was talking senseless stuff on mic which tilted all the players both in his team and opponents as well… Pc gamers should respect mobile gamers and vice versa….you know thousands of people are watching n listening to your mic coms….but still you be so rude and unprofessional…. That's not what we expect from mobile gaming bigshots…✌️

  8. Akanksha Tripathi says

    Ye jo pubgm ki scrims me hate failate the unke haatho me itne dino se khujli ho rahi thi ki kidar jaake hate failaye ab😂 khud kisiki PC khareedne ki aukaat nahi hai aur yaha aake gyaan denge. Inke to phone me bhi pubg medium pe chalta hoga😂

  9. DRAGON GAMER says

    I was thinking that Ipgc as more toxicity but I'm wrong..Bhai pc gamers ko mobile gamers Kya taklif hai.gamer=no limitation of games.aur AP jis community ke bando ke hate kare ho.vo apne Zindagi me big stars k sath collab Kar chuke hai jin tumlogo se ek selfie chahiye tume& first Indian esports awards me nominate is community se hai…pehle achieve Karo fir gyan pelo

  10. Ankur Nova says

    MOrtal joddd….being the least experienced and he just played the game 2-3 times before and only practiced hard this morning…still he played the best and with calmness……he is just an inspiration….his nature and positive attitude will lead him to a great future full of happiness..

  11. WHITE SUIT KEN says


  12. 52 Rahul Salunke says

    Mortal jod hai kya…. God aiming

  13. sahil op says

    59:40 Thug became out of control

  14. karan rawat says

    A big props too all these mobile players trying Valorant atleast better than emulator who still not playing real pc games .but a lil unprofessional talks from scout being a esports player .I hv never seen any one hater from them in the main tournament stop toxicity.🙏

  15. Rahil Chawla says

    Bhai jita kon

  16. ArpaN says

    Influences ki team h ye one-sided banaya ???? 😂😂😂 Team banani h influencers ki ye team banao nah Scout Mortal Hydra Raka PSY ye team ke sath unko khilao fir dekte h kiske gand me kitna guda h marne ka

  17. Elisha Whitehouse says

    Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  18. Nik rajput says

    Kya chutiya log hain be yaha bhi hate spread kar rahein.Mortal literally aaj 11hrs practice kara.Vo just 3-4 baar valo. khela hain.Scout ,zeref,rebel to OP hain he pehle se.Mortal ,Scout ,etc ye comment section dekhenge to kitna mind f ho jayega.

  19. AwaKen OP says

    Zeref op Rebel op Thug op Scout op But Mortal kya hi khela Bhai sabse Kam valorant Tu hi khela phir bhi kya hi khela Bhai most of the time mortal op chal Raha tha chat me mortal jod Bhai ❤️❤️

  20. devilian 07 says

    scout and mortal….❤️🔥ek jitna calm hai dusra utna hi bawal….🔥🔥 btw haters ki mkc 3 baar…🌚

  21. Bhaskar Sarma says

    What a legendary play by Mortal. He played very few games out of all but became top fragger in the two matches with almost 7-8 clutches. Mortal you are really zod. Its not easy to frag with supporting character sage.Rebel and zeref always plays good. Scout got bit rage at beginning but played well at end.In the end all matches they tried pistols and knife and killed thug with them..😂😂. Pc game lovers spreading hate. These gamers have represented india in pubg M and are doing good in this too. These were invited by valorant to promote. Thats their achievement. Mortal OP bro.

  22. Arjun Rajput says

    From mortal ko PC games khelna nhi aata to mortal jod ho kyaWow..mortal played good…. Scout last match Acha khela Zeref, rebel Jitna expect kiya nhi khele..But opponent team bhut experience thi so no compare.. Mortal❤

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