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Florence – A bustling Mediterranean city that is loaded with delicious Italian food and rich culture as it has been for thousands of years. Check out the best of Florence here.

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#Florence began 59 B.C. and has grown into a world-class city of culture and history. Today, the old Roman parts of the city are long gone, but the Piazza della Repubblica features a towering monument—the Column of Abundance—where the ancient Roman main streets met. Explore further at the Centro Storico. This area features a number of medieval buildings, like the breathtaking Florence Cathedral.

Continue your Florence #vacation by taking in some of the world’s most stunning religious art, much of it created under the Medici family in the 15th and 16th centuries. You’ll find statues in parks and fountains, as well as outside and inside buildings.

On the south side of the Arno River is Palazzo Pitti, one of the Medici family’s residences during the Renaissance. It’s now a large set of galleries, where you can view Medici heirlooms and prized artwork.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Mosaad Israel says

    Searching for Lorenzo de' Medici

  2. Roushdi Villalobos Maciel says

    wat is disis a trash

  3. Pause4 asurprise says

    2:27 lol

  4. The Vampire Queen says

    I wonder how Ezio would feel when he realizes that his beloved home city is plagued with the coronavirus. I'm pretty sure the black death was enough for him

  5. ohlalajeckostar says

    I hope Expedia remakes this video, don't get me wrong this indeed is a good feature on Florence but I think a little less than four minutes won't do much in showing what one of the most beautiful cities in the world can offer.

  6. Uncle Sam says

    As someone who has been to this beautiful city, I do have to point something out. Do not, I repeat, do not buy a hotel in Florence. The same thing goes for Pisa. If you’re like me and visiting from the US, take the train, or car, to Florence from Rome or Milano. It gives one heck of a view of the beautiful Tuscan scenery as a bonus. Florence is not a big city, it is easy to explore, so staying solely in Florence is pretty useless.

  7. Shubh VIMAL says

    I love Italian accent

  8. Michael Edward Reif says


  9. Frank Castle says

    I have lived in Florence for about 30 years…from about 1476 AD to 1492 AD.Amazing! I even met Leonardo and he was my best friend.

  10. Jaiden Hoto says

    who else came here because of Assassin's creed 2

  11. V L says

    i will live in florence one day;)

  12. Iupiter Bong says

    Prova a fa via Baracca con la macchina verso le 17:30 / 18:00 …..vedi come ti passa la voglia. …..

  13. De U says

    Artistically inspired city

  14. Mishiko Dvalishvili says

    Here is beautiful builds and places italy is good country and in italy is good places. Expedia this city is very good

  15. GiorgiPlays says

    it's a very good place and good buildings I like buildings ilike plorenc you like plorenc and buildings how do you live i live a Georgian please take 1 video a Georgian Georgia is a very good and very interesting city

  16. Ramishvili_TM says

    First of all, let me tell you I am in absolute love with your videos. There is an royal elegance & panache which has left me mesmerized. Who ever is your DOP or the team which selects a specific locations, please convey it to them that they have an Eye for beauty & detailing and i so happy leonardo davichi miqelanchelo draws

  17. Lizi Lizi says

    In this city the old basilic buildings are more or new buildings

  18. Lizi Lizi says

    The basilic charches are really awesome and i love this city because it is religiously loaded. The largest beauty os the city in this city is michael angelo's statues


    Georgia has a lot of museums of Georgian writers and you can take it. can you this


    Florence is a very beautiful country. He has beautiful sculptures, Leonardo davinchi statuate, Larva Museum and very beautiful streets with many spectators.

  21. Nino Kupatadze says

    Ohh my goodness!!???????This video is very good and exciting☺☺????? because this is one city which I like very much?????? and I want to go here✈✈?? I like here churchs ⛪?⛪?⛪?and lots of new building ??? I always wanted to go here ?????and I don't can but now I can and I think that I will go and left only101⃣0⃣ ?day because I want to go in the lots of country and I don't have time ⏳⌚⏰⏱⏰⌚⏳⏱⏲??????I like here churchs, buildings and lots of famous persons statues.????? I like oh no!!???? I don't like????????????????????❤? I love this country Also I think that very important is that here liveved my one favorite painter Leonardo da Vinci I love??? this man ???and I love??????? her pictures very much.

  22. mari gotoshia says

    wow! how beautiful is Florence! i always wanted to go there because i love art very much and there leaned Leonardo how to draw and also there is statue which made Miqelanjelo. it is so pretty in conclusion a Florence is great ? ??❤️???????????❤️??????????????

  23. ნ G says

    i especially liked architecture ❤️?? i very impressed by italy ❤️??

  24. lana xurcilava says

    it was a very interesting video. l liked florence very beautiful . many tourists visit this city. This town was home to leonardo da vinci ,michelangelo end other well known personalities ,from the art. so l would like to have a great pieasurein traveling to florence and visiting the entire city. l would like to thenk you for such good videos which a wakens my desire to travel there . l m interested in the year of the year is more beautiful end beautiful florence?❤❤❤❤?

  25. Luka Kapanadze says

    it's pretty city with smal and nice streets)) I think it is intereting to live here..

  26. G2 LTT says

    Ezio Auditore is probably hiding somewhere!


    I prefer France, but Italy is the second best country in the world. And Florence is my favourite city in Italy. Ti amo, Italia e Viva Francia.

  28. Jai Maa says

    Firennze is georgeous,

  29. Yinx says

    About to go assassins creed style if i go to Florence

  30. Bhuwan Magar says

    When u go for tour different places ,please take me with u.

  31. Pietro Ruggeri says

    You didn't show a looooot of things, like Florence is full of art and it needs a very long time to see all the beauties this city offers. I see videos on this channel that last more than 10 minutes and do you really think that 3:51 minutes is enough for Florence? No words

  32. sylvia585 says

    very nice

  33. Antonio Piccinno says

    Expedia ladri infami

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