FM19 Scouting | How to setup Football Manager 2019 scouting quickly


In today’s video Sam goes over how to set up your FM19 scouting so you can get the scouts working for you in. This will show you how to get it set up Football Manager 2019 scouting quickly, so you can see the benefits over seasons.

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  1. Samuel Oluwabori says

    Hi, I can't create new assignments for my scouts. What could be the problem?

  2. Dorjan Van says

    I don't have an option +Create New AssignmentDon't know how this is even possible…

  3. Haris Akhlaq says

    Can you use the short term focus to scout newgens/regens? For instance, if I know the youth intake day for a particular country is coming up, can I send all my scouts to that country? It's a pain having to do it indivudally/manually, so I was wondering if you could send all in one go.

  4. Ice says

    Thanks! Respect!

  5. Billy Kuan says

    My best scout and coach have the same player abilities, potential and tach knowledge (15,15,11) yet they do not agree on the players. I am 4 of 4 in bringing in four star players that turn out to be 2 and half stars. What is the point of researching when the outcome is wrong? I think I'm about to quit this. Very very frustrated by the peephole scouting that goes on.

  6. icycannonball says

    Should probably also mention that the "adaptability" and "determination" attributes can affect (or at least it used to) the number of players your scout(s) can find in a shorter time span. So with Tommy Moller Nielsen, his adaptability attribute of 20 and determination attribute of 17 will indicate that he should find you players not only in Scandinavia, but other countries that he doesn't have much knowledge in at a faster level compared to scouts with lower adaptability and determination attributes. At least this is what I always thought, so someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

  7. Vishal Jain says

    The face and voice don't match lmao

  8. Kris Conway says

    is there anyway way of finding players who are interested un joining certain clubs if so can you possibly explain how to find the players who are intetested in your club.

  9. Vish says

    Does the "scout recommendation" levels going from 50-100 have any bearing on what they find in a manual search where you put responsibilities of current/potential abilities? I dunno what the scout recommendation level ranging means, could someone help? cheers.

  10. Your Boy Mr Mac says

    Where is your accent from?

  11. Preston Northey-O'Riley says

    The only thing I do is scout continents instead of nations

  12. Preston Northey-O'Riley says

    Decent skats?

  13. Steven Wertyuiooo says

    The best thing you can do is send scouts in the U-19 of every national team!!!!This way you will get at least one great 16years old world class player every year!!!When I mean world class I mean first year youth team, second year rotation, third year first eleven, fourth year Ballandor winner!!!!

  14. Uriel Axel Espeleta says

    Wich management options I need to select to do the scout in this way, because I don't have that option in "scouting focus". I'm in charge of scouting, so, I need to change it to one of my chiefs?

  15. Dániel Panker says

    As YOu mentioned, if i wanna scout in France, do i have to load France league at the begining of the career?

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