FM20 Cheap Wonderkids Under £100k | Best Football Manager 2020 Wonderkids


Some of the best FM20 Cheap Wonderkids under £1m. How many of these Football Manager 2020 Cheap Wonderkids have you used on FM?

My set up –

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  1. Peter Weer says

    Nice video

  2. YOUNG STARS says


  3. Esteban Bernal says

    If there are enough players for a part 2, I need it

  4. Mammoths s says


  5. Nath R says

    Anyone retrained Rahim Ibrahim as a ball playing CB? Think his stats would be better there for my tactics, rather than DM…

  6. Jas Singh says

    Jasur Jaloliddinov 725p

    Paulo Victor 60k

    Bubacarr kibbeh 100k arrange friendly

    Mohammad Al Marmour 975p

    Steve Mvoue free transfer

    Kegan Joahns 100k

    Rahim Ibrahim 50k

    Tomas Netolicka 40k

    Wisdom Ubani 40k

    Bagbéma Barro 80k

    Mamadou Traoré free transfer

    Feisal Salum 80k

  7. Alex531h says

    All these players need a work permit for me

  8. YeahEsko says

    too bad I cant sign any since work permits

  9. Joshua Ralston says

    I can’t find these players why is that

  10. Matrix Matt says

    I can never find any of the players. I find their clubs (since I have a lot of leagues loaded), but whenever I look down the list of players they don't appear!! Someone help

  11. twitch tection says

    Im struggling to find them how do i search them up?

  12. Blitz Sports says

    None of these came up when a searched them

  13. Blonde Ape says

    must of set my game up wrong

  14. mickeyjupp says

    Thanks why can't I find any of these players? Do I have to start again with a brand new save?

  15. Bung Manadjer says

    hello i'm from Indonesia, i want to ask u about the FM 20 Mobile game. Can i coach two teams in the same time (club n country). please answer it..

  16. Kostas Pulokas says

    under 100k only eu citizens wil be nice")

  17. Korey Randall Music says

    where can i get your database?

  18. jon clark says


  19. Mcan polat says

    stanislav shopov upper £1m but so good bulgarian wonderkid

  20. Football Fumb says

    I like these videos, thanks, & nice style Jamie.

  21. John Celona says

    How much will this database slow down my game if I already want to have a fair number of leagues loaded

  22. Logan Z says

    Tan-zi-an, not Taz-ni-ah…..seriously dude

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