FM20 Top Tips to try – Football Manager 2020


Here is a list of tips that may really help you succeed in Football Manager 2020. Some of these tips are timeless, some of them use the newest features introduced in FM20

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  1. Liam Logan says

    Only thing that comes up when I search attributes in preferences is sort player attributes using English language sorting

  2. Colin Kirkwood says

    love the video…been playing since champ manager on amiga….long time ago…thought i knew it all…got some good tips..thanks

  3. panashe_17 says

    Great video

  4. Ant Charnock says

    How do i get them tabs all down the left to say what they are instead of having to hover over it? I installed a skin etc but mine dont do that lol….anyone help please

  5. Team Tidy says

    The attributes thing doesn’t come up for me…

  6. darmate14 says

    Playing with celtic, bought rekik after I sold Ajer, to milan.. Mad

  7. jack wilson says

    I searched attributes and these colours didn’t come upv

  8. Keven Nielsen says

    GOOD one mate, especially with min. fee release clause

  9. Ferenc Toth says

    Hi. I need a good tactic.. I just can't score and win a game. Any idea?

  10. Aloha Tigers says

    Every point goes up by 5.1 = 1-52 = 6-1010 = 46-5015 = 71-7519 = 91-9520 = 96-99I like to put it like this:Green is goldYellow is silverRed is bronzeWhite is non rated

  11. Sqhuacky89 says

    On my preference side the only option available for "tweeking" is the "Diplay players' attributes popup on – hover or click". I have no options for editing those threshold values/colors.. Any tips?

  12. Veknes Waran says

    I just want to know how to know run the B team like for Wolfsburg. It gets tedious when they get morale downgrade when they have their own manager and take it out on you.

  13. Daniel Croarkin says

    When clicking continue how do you remove “hints and tips” and other teams results appearing in the calendar ? It’s slowing down my online game

  14. King6008 Youtube says

    Reserves time stamp?

  15. Andri Thor Andrésson says

    where can I change the wage setting ? I mean like from dollars p/a to pounds p/w ??

  16. Gruters7 says

    Completely new to fm. I really enjoy it! But where can you find the transferlist?

  17. Alex Justask says

    Fm 20 desperately needs update in newgen faces, for example there is no east Asian newgen faces, they have European faces instead also there is no newgen with braids or different hair styles. This seriously needs updates or a created mod for it, If anyone knows of any updates for this please let me know.

  18. thehopelesshelper says

    why is there no tackling option in training individually?

  19. Attila0507 says

    for anyone who can't find attributes when you search don't search that search Custom Skin Colour

  20. Mohamad Sadegh Rahimi says

    Got danke

  21. fish head gaming says

    @13:50 i type in attributes and i don't get the colour changes options.. why is this?

  22. Darwin Prieto says

    I can not buy the game it shows me an error with my card, i had tried several times with different cards but the issue still.How can I buy it?

  23. Black Hobby Junior says

    How did you get all the clubs and leagues ??

  24. Χάρης Δημητρίου says

    Nice video!I will try some of these stuff that i wasn't doing. One tip that i usually do, after 2-3 years in game, is searching players under 20 years old with at least 1 international cap. This way you can find good regens. Of course most of them will be in very bad national teams,so they will not be anything special, but there are a few wonderkids in there.

  25. Do I care about this? says

    I'm gonna have to download all videos here. Been active on ipad since 2017 and now addicted

  26. Zoltán Bereczki says

    This game's upgrades are sold every year as something completely new. Other games are developed too but they do it with FREE UPGRADES included in the price when you buy the game!

  27. warwolf9030 DT says

    Does anyone know if the switch version will be getting an in game editor

  28. Ahab The Gamer says

    changing the higher attribute range to include 15 is a great recommendation. same things with coaches, the difference between a 14 and 15 level attribute can make that coach have an extra .5 star rating on their best area, especially if its DET, MOT or Discipline

  29. John Dahlberg says

    My football manager does not find attributes color when i search. What could be wrong?

  30. mike dugg says

    Hey man probably won't see this but how do stats/ratings work?

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