Food Belief #5: A journey to a healthier world


At Kellogg, we’re driven by five core beliefs that guide how we bring our food to you.

Food Belief #5: We believe in contributing to a healthier world.

See how we’re giving consumers more of what they want and less of what they don’t by lowering sugar in our cereal and reducing colors from artificial sources in our food.

Learn more about Kellogg’s other four food beliefs around the power of breakfast and our commitment to responsibly sourcing the best grains:

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  1. Bubble_ baby12 says

    @Kellogg's NYC Dear Kellogg's I think you should bring back the Frosted Rice Krispies because your original Rice Krispies taste nasty.? To make the original Rice Krispies taste better my sibling and I have to put sugar in it because you only put 4 measly grams of sugar in the cereal.? So I am suggesting that you bring back the Frosted Rice Krispies, I'm sure that there are a lot of people who agree with me. Thank You!?

  2. Bob Loblaw says

    Journey to a healthier world, STOP EATING KELLOGGS!Sign the petition!

  3. C H says

    Kellogs management are racists and there are lawsuits to prove it yet they believe Breitbart is racist with ZERO evidence to back it up. Typical liberal hypocrisy.

  4. 0331JARHEAD says

    Kellogg's smells and tastes like urine for some reason. Maybe this is why:

  5. 0331JARHEAD says


  6. superkiwistar says

  7. superkiwistar says

    Breitbart is healthier than left-wing Kelloggs

  8. Expat 2016 says

    Kellogg's puts rat poison in their food.

  9. Nya! says

    Kellog's……… Nothing says bigotry and hatred like sugary cereals.

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