1. Blaze says

    gs dude, thanks for putting my clip at beat c; also thanks for putting my elephant clips 😁

  2. EddiePlayz says

    Can I use the song?

  3. MateoPlays says

    what happen to 2nd cm

  4. yusuf abdi says


  5. Very Epic says

    Wow this is really good

  6. Billy Luong says

    GS GGG

  7. vJam Omega says


  8. Silky says

    U make a new account?

  9. Towers Wrld says

    1, add my cord so next time u make one ill send clips 2. niceeeee

  10. Floofy_Marshmello says

    ty for putting me in mighty, great job, hope to see more from you in the future.

  11. Txndruh says

    iMaGiNe NoT pUtTiNG aNY oF mY cLIpS iN nOOB

  12. Myles Jefferson says

    this man is a god

  13. AppleToastedCrunch says

    Best montage 10/10

  14. Soul says

    i don't care if i was in this or not. THis shit fire as fuck, nice mt son 🙂

  15. To goated Rj says

    I’m glad Ik on there

  16. Ice Mountain Water says

    Ur vids are so good can u add me 31kbanz

  17. mightylonez says


  18. vic 1 says

    ask an admin to unban u. thats what my friend did and she got unbanned.

  19. Climax says

    i cant stop replaying 1:32 no lie that body was smooth + the edit 🥓🥓🥓🥓

  20. Catchable says

    I’m in ur server in mossed I’m on console so I cant talk to u :((And I cant dive on console cuz it’s broken) I’m Catchable11Screenshot?Got itCan u add me?LOL GOATED

  21. MateoPlays says

    nice cm

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