Football Fusion Third-Person QB Challenge


In this video, I try to work on my ability to throw in third person by only using 3rd person.

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  1. Tak3aStepBack says

    I was gonna scrap this video, but fuck it ?

  2. DkIsAlsoDamian 69 says

    3rd person challenge? U qb in 1st your vid is like a left handed person writing with his right

  3. Crystal Coleman says

    Wait I play qb third person all the time and I'm on phone what's so hard about it tho

  4. intens3 _ r1bros says

    ayyy its kame house ?

  5. kevadub 2 says

    @14:32 I feel like sweats sound like this

  6. Greyson Webster says

    HogS GeT PoPpEd

  7. Foodie Mommies says

    Third person is better cus you can see the sneak rushers

  8. Levi Hirokane says

    W A L T E R

  9. Chrox says

    O play in first person and I can dime better than anyone?

  10. Christine Flaherty says

    BTW ass username i hate it

  11. crazychris gaming says

    Hay can me and u plz play football fusion please ive never played with someone famous please play with me my user is iplayontabletlol please play with me

  12. ItzaPandaYo says

    i know justin i was wr and i got the ball and he said "ez mosses" "that was me''

  13. Unlucky Revert says

    Bro when he dived forward on that bullet I died ?

  14. Melissa Bennett says

    Add me pls my name 29vam

  15. Rivon Blake says

    can i get the ff discord?

  16. Eliyas Alareqi says

    Lol don’t curse

  17. chris qt says

    who doesnt use 3rd person LMFAO

  18. Intelerit says

    is it me or do you sound like a Minecraft youtuber xD

  19. Rojelio Cuevas says

    Yeah I only play in 3rd person and I throw dimes in 3rd person. 1st person is like impossible for me to use.

  20. Dawn Parks says

    I always qb in 3rd person

  21. Oofablez says

    I play QB in third but yet I’m still worse than you

  22. Birendra Khatiwada says

    I’m his. YouTube my name is ksgs125 and my cuzen is ksgs123

  23. Thegaminghero says

    Yo said ez dimes like he thru that shit

  24. Txmplxz says

    I got banned can you unban me if there is a way

  25. kashi kashi says

    how is this a challenge LMFAO

  26. Joseph-_-? says

    Like this if football fusion is better than legendary football.R.I.P CABBLER

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