Football goals but Mark Goldbridge is commentating



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In this video Mark Goldbridge commentates over football goals. He supports man utd and his streams are funny. I did have some trouble uploading this video due to copyright however, here it is hope you enjoy.

Mark goldbridge.
Career mode.
Man utd.

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  1. UltimateTrickZter says

    How you have only got 3k subs blows my minds. These videos are unique and so funny. Really good content mate

  2. Hot Wheels says

    BT should hire him but the problem is he’s not a Liverpool fan so they won’t

  3. Luisa Shikuku says

    He had me at le magnifique?????

  4. Luisa Shikuku says

    Tinner salmon watt???

  5. Realest Utd says

    Couldn't mark a toddler's spelling test I'm on the floor weak??????

  6. Zishan Khan says

    Slower than a snail’s funeral ??

  7. The Tyro of Toriyama says

    1:05 That mini desktop earthquake XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

  8. Mercy Football says

    0:01 “oh for fuck sakes, I don’t believe it”Lol

  9. R T says

    "Slower than a snail's funeral!"

  10. Brim says

    My top 2:Who loses to ArsenalLindelof can mark a toddlers test??????

  11. EYSL says

    Slower than the snail funeral

  12. Max_209 says

    Ya look like a tin of salmon ???

  13. T-Dog says

    You can’t miss this……………HES BLOODY MISSED IT, WHAT A PRAT

  14. Joe says

    s it just me or does he sound a bit biassd

  15. lenga's the name says

    Complete this statement: harder than….

  16. spinner mase says

    Can u pls do a part 2

  17. Barry Cooper says

    Brilliant ?

  18. Chickenice :0 says

    Make it longer

  19. Chickenice :0 says


  20. RafaePereira 2 says

    He Dropped Phil Jones Like a Little boy ???

  21. WhatWAsThatClip ! says

    Phil Jones is like air he will always be there ?

  22. Will Sevy says

    “Slower than a snails funeral”

  23. Jordan nadroJ says

    Fine examples of completely unbiased commentary

  24. Captain RoughPatch says


  25. Colin McDermott says

    Slower than a Snails Funeral ???

  26. ElectricalSpike says

    Lol lindelof can't mark a toddlers spelling test

  27. Milan Friedlingstein says

    1:12 Liverpool ?

  28. Dank Ammmz says


  29. See M says

    How is it that i am just now discovering this channel

  30. Randall Baker says

    The best thing is nuge in the thumbnail playing for the rams ??

  31. Nathan Merris says

    1:10 “u can’t loose to Arsenal, who looses to Arsenal” Liverpool fans: ?

  32. Davis Rothman says


  33. khedup losang says

    Hate him or love him, that's on you, but you just can't ignore this guy ?


    Bloody , who looses to arsenal?? ???

  35. M_ 2 says

    1:53 never seen ole so sad lol

  36. Warren Tate says

    Hif they want to play with it last night let's see them win it again let me know when let's focus on our game tonight we're gonna win I know we can do it

  37. Warren Tate says

    Let's swing by money taken but

  38. Jack Cain says

    On the Everton goal it goes from 27:44 to 28:52 and goes straight back to 28:23 ?? still love the vid I am subbing

  39. Joey Hussell says

    Couldn't mark a toddlers spelling test

  40. eden fowkes says

    You rams ? ❤️

  41. Jordan Knight says

    That Derby defeat was the final nail in Mourinhos coffin

  42. reubz 5k says

    Love this guy man??

  43. Boy Espinosa says

    Slower than snail's funeral???

  44. sivo 3991 says

    Do angry rantman commentating

  45. Riley Cruden says


  46. Jamiedrogba11 says

    You sir just earnt urself a sub

  47. dig bick says

    2:37 why does rashfords pen look so much further away than Phil Jones’s pen

  48. Clarence Gichohi says

    wow he may be the Gordon Ramsey of football

  49. Jake Whelan says

    Anybody else feel bad for Phil Jones

  50. The True Red says

    Kinda sad that United are doing well now compared to these days

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