Football Heroes Turbo – Nintendo Switch Trailer


No other game combines NFL style gameplay with brawler style combat. Football players in this world come packing super moves that range from a simple speed boost to an earth shattering ground pound. You’re gonna pass! You’re gonna run! You’re gonna punch a dude so hard you’ll send him flying into the shadow realm! After you’ve won, coach your team by training up players, buying up free agents, and leveling up your franchise. The more you play, the stronger your team gets. As your team grows, increase your salary cap to afford a star player, pump up your training points to max out players’ super moves, and strategize a team that plays to your strengths.

Once you are on the field, it’s all action. Experience all the excitement of a football game with the added charge of a no holds barred beat ‘em up. Balance your super moves against smart football plays. Going for it on 4th down takes on a different meaning when you’re wearing rocket shoes and holding a lightning bomb.

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  1. Jeffy Jeffy says

    I have loved this game and it has been a joy to play through, however is there a reason for the multiplayer severs not working? Or is the game kinda dead

  2. Eli Kavan says


  3. allmightyjosh85 says

    Not many plays. Seemed like there was more variety on the iphone

  4. J4la says

    Are there any new characters?

  5. Jeremy Fox says

    Whoa this game looks like the most awesome game ever made! I'm going to buy a copy at full retail then buy two more for my time capsule even though this is a digital release! But seriously, it's cool. Check it out.

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