Football Highlights 2052 Review – with Tom Vasel


Tom Vasel takes a look at a football card game!

Intro 0:00
Overview 2:18
Final Thoughts 9:25

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  1. Jeremy Frost says

    Game boy geek gave this game a glowing review. Love the Dice Tower, but this review was unfair to what is otherwise a solid game.

  2. Rich's random stuff says

    Hockey Highlights… Slapshot/Phantoms of the Ice.

  3. Dustin Freund says

    Can we add this game to the list of worst box art of all time list? Why do we need three images of the same dude?

  4. Ilqr D. says

    Could have been an opportunity to iterate on the baseball game both visually and gameplay wise…it just looks like a HUGE turn off

  5. pikkdogs says

    I love baseball highlights, and probably one day will get football highlights. Am looking forward to it.

  6. victoria helburn says


  7. Manolis KK says

    Game boy geek said its the best game he played all year. Funny how opinions differ so much

  8. Luis Montes says

    If anyone ever doubted if Tom's reviews are impartial, this answers it. Him and his crew get put into the game and he still slammed it. Wow.

  9. Michael DallaValle says

    I have the game, and I was wondering if I was crazy because I could not figure out how to play it–even when I watched videos. Disappointing.

  10. MJ Kim says

    I agree baseball highlights is much easier to get into and enjoy right away, but football also is a good game. Football needs several games to understand and implement the strategies – app is a great help here.
    I see a critical error play in this video causing too much safety points, defensive minus yard has to be subtracted from the offensive yard – not from current position. With this error fixed, i say this game grasps good feeling of football for its weight

  11. Dave Bautistaroid says

    I loved Baseball Highlights so much and was pumped for the Kickstarter, but watching the videos and rules on it during that time, I did not end up backing it. To be honest, I kind of forgot about it since then. Baseball Highlights is amazing, stick with that, folks.

  12. John A says

    I haven't even played mine yet with how confusing and convoluted it was to figure it out. Glad to hear I'm not the only one struggling.

  13. hypnotoad55 says

    wow – that's too bad this didn't click with Tom. I own this game and really enjoy playing it with others and solo. Skip the rulebook, there are some very good how to play videos on you tube. I also enjoy Baseball Highlights.

  14. When Harry Met Board Games says

    Great review Tom! Keep up the good work!

  15. Justin Swaine says

    The gameplay becomes better the more you know the teams and the cards. The strategy DOES get deeper. I'd say it is good, but it does not reach the heights of Baseball Highlights. The rules – yes, I concede that they are structured poorly. And for first plays, yes, I concede that it would appear as though you're just "reacting" to the cards as they are put down – but their are more choices to make than appear to you on those first few games. I call this one good, but not great.

  16. 14stockfan says

    I've played the app version of both games, Baseball Highlights is the far better game. Football Highlights just feels too random and the graphic design is a mess.

  17. Boardgame Berserker says

    Sorry but I disagree. This game is a lot of fun. The more you play it you understand the strategy of deciding when to give and take. On the surface you just try to win every turn but that won’t win you the game. Sometimes it’s better to give up a 25 yard gain to be able to shut down the drive or to counter perfectly. Play the app and you’ll see.

  18. Shlomi Ben-Naim says

    Final judgment -fumble

  19. Josh Walton says

    While I agree that BH is a better game I really really like this one too. But I’m also a huge football fan, followed the development closely, and watched a lot of videos before I played it. So I totally get where Tom is coming from.

  20. This was I was hoping would be good, but sounds like its baseball highlights is the way to go.

  21. The Fighting Meeple says

    Dang, was hoping this was a bit better. I like the Football theme better than baseball…but I may try Baseball highlights now

  22. Gene Moore says

    I enjoy the game and I understand it well enough to see the strategy in it, but Tom is completely right about the rule book and components. It has some big issues.

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